Blogging is getting tricky now that I have two (well, kind of three) kids to talk about. If I wrote about all three of them in one blog it would be incredibly long, and when I split it up I can only write one so often without getting burnt out so it takes a while. However, I must tell you about Quinn.

Quinn Charlotte.

Chuck. (You remember – Charlotte, charlie, chuck).

She really is something. This entire pregnancy has been in stark contrast to Leah’s. And I could never get a feel for just what I was carrying. Leah I thought crazy and silly from the beginning. I just seemed to know about her, and so far I’ve been right. Quinn has been a different story. She’s something new every single day, and I haven’t been able to peg her down to a single word… until today.

She is intense, my friends.

She is a crazy mover, probably more so than Leah. Definitely tied. At the last doctor’s appointment she beat out Leah’s all time high heartbeat. She is always very close to the high side of the heartbeats – which is good, she’s strong – but she’s intense. My biggest craving, hot sauce, is about as intense as the condiments get. The crazy, violent, out of nowhere throwing up – pretty freaking intense. Let me remind you of the time I threw up all over myself driving down the road because there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. My weight gain… intense. My chest gain… intense.

Just as big sister did, Quinn does not stop moving. I wake up in the middle of the night – she’s up. Sitting on the couch in the middle of the afternoon – she’s up. Walking Duncan – she’s practically walking inside me. I really did expect her to be my lazy baby.

She is not my lazy baby.

Maybe that’ll be try number three.

So today we had another ultrasound – because the first one she was far too intense for anyone to see anything. The moving was truly out of control. I was almost embarrassed at how much she was misbehaving. Leah laid like a perfect little angel and let everyone see just what they needed to, when they needed to. Quinn let no one see anything the first time around. We didn’t even see her face because she covered it with her hands every time we tried to peek. So today was try number two after try number one was ruled incomplete. I was really hoping she would shape up this time. She didn’t. She was still a nut, absolutely. However, since they had to see her heart this time around we just had to wait her out. At one point the ultrasound tech just laid the doppler on my belly and said, “I’m just gonna sit here and wait her out.” And we did. And eventually she came around. God bless her, she’s a mess. This time was much more fun though, because although she was crazy, we got to see her cute little button nose that matches Leah’s. And her big belly. And I watched her leg kick me and felt it at the same time. She did a few flips and twists for us, and most importantly, everyone got to see her heart working so hard to keep up with her. At the end we got great pictures to show off, and I left feeling that things are officially real.

I got to see her face.

So with that we forge ahead. I had a minor (ok, major) freak out with Kyle yesterday. We are three weeks away from the third trimester (that’s the end!) and we have very little done. There is a dresser in her room that needs to get.out. I have to pick paint. Kyle has to paint. We have to put furniture together. I have to get my chair. I need a breastpump. Things just all of a sudden came crashing down on me. At this point with Leah she could have come and we had everything ready and in order. If Quinn came tomorrow… well. She better not. I guess it’s the poor second child syndrome – but man, I want to avoid it as much as possible. Leah and I bought her a few long sleeved things today to make me feel better, because really that’s all I can contribute at this point. Kyle has to help with the rest. And unfortunately (but extremely fortunately) he has a job.  So I’m left to sit all day and watch the two birds living in our Christmas wreath mock me as they make a perfect nest for their babies and I do nothing.

The good news is her bedding came today! Which means I can pick paint tomorrow! And Kyle can paint sooooon. And then furniture can go up. So I can see it coming together – it just needs to get there. I saw her face, now I’m desperate to make a home for her. Because I have a feeling when she comes… things are going to get intense around here. Tornadoes, firecrackers, tidal waves… in.tense. We need to be ready.

The world will need to be ready.


I teared up when I saw her little face. I love her in my belly, and she needs to stay put until November, but man my arms are crying out for her. 1lb 7oz of intensity. Wonderful intensity I might add. She makes me laugh just as much as Leah did. Why must we make maniac babies?!?! I blame their father, Lord knows I try my very hardest to be lazy all day long.


Proof that we are getting somewhere in getting prepared. She has bedding.


This shirt also made me tear up. Perhaps I’m just emotional today. But man I’m getting excited for sisters!


This picture is my absolute favorite from Leah’s birthday party. And here’s why: the entire time we were singing Happy Birthday (well, the entire day) Quinn was up to the usual crazy in my belly. When we were finished singing she was seriously out of control. I remember this moment so clearly, and I’m so happy it’s on camera so I can see what it looked like from the outside. Because inside I was so happy to be singing Happy Birthday to my big two year old, but I was also using my mind and my hand to tell her little sister to calm the heck down. That she would get cake soon. And that in November everyone would throw a big party just for her. But for now, to just settle down. I was feeling oh, so fulfilled at this very moment. Two happy, healthy, crazy little girls. I love them both so much.




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