Ano’er More.

Well, I’ve got some things to tell you. And I don’t want to do laundry. And all of it is random. So enjoy the following bullets:

  • Duncan’s birthday week starts today! He will be one a week from today, whatta big boy. We love him a lot around here, and we really love birthdays – so Leah and I are happy to throw him a little party. She insists there be cake. And Kyle even wanted to get him a new bed since he has eaten both his others! For day one of birthday week, I let him eat his birthday hat.
  • KYLE PASSED HIS TEST! If you’re friends with me (or him) on facebook you knew that, but if not – we’re pretty stinking excited. Today he got his actual score… he got a 10! Out of 10! And this isn’t your average math test you guys. What a little smarty, overachiever he is. He has one more exam to take, a 5 hour one. And it’s the day before Quinn is scheduled to arrive, God help us. She best not come early. He’s already studying like crazy, and it’s only gonna get worse. But whatever Leah, Quinn, Duncan, and I can do to help him, we will. Cause if he passes on try one – HE IS DONE. (Well, there’s a paper to write, but no more tests)!
  • I am a nesting fool. Like everything with Quinn, nesting has been intense. Or at least my drive to have everything finished. I think it’s a mix of intense nesting instincts, knowing Kyle is going to start studying even more so I will lose help, and knowing that we are far behind where we were with Leah at this point. However, he (and his parents!) painted Quinn’s room for me this past weekend, and he says we can put furniture together next weekend. Yesssss. And I found the chair. It’s really coming together.
  • Leah has a new phrase, and it’s my favorite thing to roll out of her mouth. “Ano’er more” – as in another more. As in two. Not another one, or more, “ano’re more.” If she sees one car, and then another car she will squeal in delight – ano’er more! Makes me smile every time. Two is a lot of fun.
  • I sent Kyle this text this morning, “Lowes has those vent covers for like 2 bucks I think I’m gonna get a couple for the girls’ rooms so we can switch out the brown ones.” Do you see what’s so special about that sentence? I didn’t until after I sent it – and then my heart skipped a beat. The girls’ rooms. Girls! Two of them! Sisters! It just sounded so official, the girls’ rooms. I don’t think anyone could truly understand how excited I am. I don’t even know why I’m so excited myself, but I am. The girls, ahhh. Be still my heart.
  • Leah eats chicken now! Hallelujah. We have a very not forced eating policy in this house. No one has to finish a plate or eat something they hate. Everyone is, however, encouraged to try everything… a lot. And after two years (well really just one) she is finally chewing and swallowing chicken! It’s the first step in inviting meat into her life. Persistence is key; never give up.
  • I’m a muffin making fool. I learned in the last month just how much crap you can shove into a muffin without anyone knowing it. And by crap, I mean vegetables. My family has eaten zucchini, carrots, spinach, broccoli, flax, and whole wheat every single day without questioning it. I need ano’re more muffin pan!
  • I went down in the basement today and tore open Leah’s plastic tubs full of newborn-3 month clothes. There’s not a ton I can hand down to baby Quinn thanks to the difference in seasons, but I did find more than I thought I would. It was so fun to look through all of them though. I had a nice little emotional trip down memory lane. Mainly, I left with arms full of little footie jammies and a heart full of happiness that we get to enjoy a running, talking two year old and a squirmy, cooing newborn.
  • Quinn is still a nut, let no one forget. She works herself into great fits and then ends with giving herself the hiccups. I seem to remember that exact scenario playing out over and over when Leah lived in my belly. These girls. I’m not sure what to do with them.
  • Kyle and I have been researching trees and redoing our patio to make our backyard a little more comfortable and inviting. It’s a little weird that we’re old enough to enjoy looking at different trees and estimating the shade they’ll provide, and considering asking for stones for Christmas, but mainly it’s fun. I like playing house with him.

Alright, now you’re caught up and I’m feeling really guilty that no one has clean clothes.

See ya.


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