Ready To Eat.

I’m about to brag on myself, so if you don’t want to hear it stop reading.

Have you stopped?

Well then off we go. First, I’ll tell you the bad news. For my last doctor’s appointment ( a month ago) I stepped on the scale and learned I had gained 9lbs (nine) in one month. I was mortified. And not exactly sure how it happened. Of all the months to gain a lot of weight, that was not it. I did pretty well with eating/moving etc. My doctor said, “woah,” but not in a mean way. She told me that everything else was fine; I had no swelling, good blood pressure, and had been healthy throughout – so she wasn’t too concerned. She actually chalked it up to my boobs. I think she was just trying to make me feel better.

But I was still upset. So I set out on a mission. And I took my family with me. I declared on that drive home that we would not eat out for any meal until my next doctor’s appointment in a month. That I would have no sweets in the house. That I would stop making cakes and cookies every other day. That we would all become healthy; for my sake, for Quinn’s sake, but also for Kyle and Leah.

Now, we are not unhealthy people. We are not overweight. But we did enjoy a weekend meal at a restaurant. We do like sweets. But we found ways to manage. Hello muffins. I started cooking with vegetables a lot. I cram those suckers in anything I can find. I cut out sugar and replaced it with applesauce. Gave up orange juice for water. And gave myself one bar of dark chocolate and one pint of dairy free ice cream… a week. Which amounts to about a spoonful a night. I cooked every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 30 days (with one exclusion for Leah’s birthday). We’ve had a carb as a side with dinner twice in the last month. We eat something green every day. And it worked!

I hopped on the scale today hoping for 4lbs (1lb a week) – and learned I gained one. ONE POUND. And actually, Quinn was supposed to have gained a pound, so I give it to her. Which means I gained no pounds! I’m pretty freaking proud of myself. It wasn’t easy to cook so much, or to not go out just for fun, or to not eat cake several times a week like I wanted; but it was worth it today. And this was the month with three birthday parties full of food and cake! Talk about self restraint!

This is how I controlled my pregnancy with Leah. I was hard on myself for Leah’s sake. I read every ingredient, counted every mg of sodium, and watched every single little shred of food that went into my mouth. And I gained 29lbs and she was almost 9. We were a healthy pair. It took me 20 weeks, but I’m finally on track with Quinn, and she deserves the same treatment. She deserves mama to be healthy. It’s not as easy with her, though. She really likes cake. Leah could take it or leave it. Quinn could eat it all day every day. So I have to be harder on her (and yes, I know it’s actually on myself). I really have to focus. I really have to say no! My new goal, since gaining more in the beginning with Quinn, is to end up at the same weight I was with Leah. If I can gain just one pound a week for the remainder of the pregnancy, I will have three to spare (since I only gained one this month). We can do it Quinn!

I’m actually very much into the groove right now. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. And we had 30. I’m there. Today I actually started the day telling myself I’d get Wendy’s after the doctor’s appointment, but then just decided I’d rather skip the fat and sodium and just eat my chicken salad I made yesterday. And have my crumb of dark chocolate. Funny how your brain can just transform. It’s easier to say no to cake than it was a month ago. I’m enjoying trying lots of new recipes (and watching Kyle’s faces as he eats them). I’m loving baking my brown and green muffins packed full of good crap. It’s been an adjustment to not go to a restaurant on a weekend, but I actually didn’t even think of it this weekend. It’s just not an option until this baby comes out. And Leah and Kyle have tried lots of new things, too! They are healthier as well. Because if they don’t eat what I cook… they don’t eat. I’m in charge of the menu around here, so it’s up to me to keep them healthy. My favorite part of this little month long journey was when I decided to make Leah some normal muffins one day. I was so excited to make her a “special treat.” The only good thing in them was blueberries (and I threw in some flax), but they were made with white flour (gasp) and white sugar (double gasp) – and she wouldn’t eat them! She took one bite and said nope! However, she’s a sucker for my carrot, apple, honey, wheat, flax, green machine, muffins! I’m changing her little taste buds one muffin at a time :).

With all that being said, we are going out this weekend for our now monthly trip to a restaurant. And I’m already drooling over the menu. It will be fun to have someone else cook, and to eat something with salt, I’m not gonna lie. And then to get a little ice cream to top it off. But the day after, it’s back to the grind. And we’ll all live longer because of it. I’m kind of happy with my 9lb gain to kick myself (and family) into gear. This pregnancy is so different than Leah’s it’s incredible. The cravings are out of this world intense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t end with the same healthy results.

C’mon Friday, I’m ready to eat my one bad for me meal!

In case you’re wondering, tonight will be my first crack at Stir Fry. Kyle’s already raising his eyebrows. But, in case it goes sour, I bought fortune cookies! 🙂

Oh, and the rest of the doctor’s appointment went fine. Quinn kicked the doppler for the first time, just like Leah did every time. It was a fun little memory. And I got official word from the doctor that her ultrasound was complete and her little heart ventricles look fine 🙂


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