Baby Fever.

Well there’s nothing like watching the Royal Baby news unfold to bring on a serious case of baby fever. C’mon, Quinn! Actually, you should wait. You’ve still got some time in there – but man I’m getting excited to see you, little girl.

Did you watch all the action? Or see replays? I happen to think it’s fascinating! Sure, it’s not American tradition, but who the heck cares – don’t be a Debbie downer, be excited! Kings and Queens go back quite a ways if I recall, and it’s pretty cool that it’s still going on. American’s just get to reenact all of our history, they’re still living theirs. And who doesn’t love a new baby??

I know I do! I have gotten real excited to see ours! I don’t know, seeing those new parents show off that baby to the world – very sweet. I’d be terrified if I was Kate, though – can’t imagine that pressure one day after giving birth, but my goodness if I could look that good that day after Quinn’s born. Ha! Please. (Although, I’d like the punch the next person who talks about whether or not she’s breastfeeding – I believe that’s her choice? Mom’s are so judgy, it drives me up the wall! I can’t imagine having all eyes on me with such a personal choice).

Anyways…. Back to our little princess.

I’ve just had baby on the brain full force these last few days. It started when we really got to work in her nursery this weekend. I could finally see it coming together, and can now start to picture her in there. So fun! And then these Royal people showing off their baby, and knowing the excitement that comes with having a new baby and reliving all of those experiences we had with Leah in my mind, and imagining what Quinn’s homecoming will be like. I’m just excited.

More specifically, I’m excited for:

The big day: Go on and judge me (because that’s what we do to mom’s), but I’m excited to have a c-section. And I’m excited that I kind of sort of know her birthday will be on November 1st. Unless of course she comes early, but she’s been instructed not to under any circumstances! What’s the night before like? The night before you know you’re going to wake up and meet your baby? I don’t know, but I bet it’ll be pretty exciting. Kyle will have finished his test, so we’ll have that pressure gone – also fantastic. I can’t wait for that night. I’ll let you know how it goes!

My mom to come: She’s on Leah and Duncan duty while we’re away, God help her. Maybe she can train Duncan while we’re gone. I’m just excited that she’ll be here when we get home. Nothing like having your mom around the house, especially under these circumstances. I’ve been planning some surprises for the three of them while we’re gone, and I’m getting excited to get everything together for her stay.

Fall: I’m just excited for fall in general. I love the new, cool, crisp air that comes with fall. The pumpkin spice smells. Pumpkin muffins! Windows open. Taking walks. Fall decorations. And oh yes, fall is when we have a baby.

Breastfeeding: I am the most excited about this. Like, giddy actually. Cannot freaking wait. I hope so much that Quinn and I have the experience Leah and I did. It wasn’t flawless, but we dug our heals in at times and made it a little over a year. I don’t think I’ll put a time limit on Quinn (you know, besides like 4), because I realize now just how much I miss it! I look at nursing stuff in the stores… just to look. And dream of those snuggly nights. I was incredibly fortunate to have an entire team around both of us throughout the entire year. I had my OB doc, who always encouraged me to try and congratulated me at my post baby appointment with giving it a shot and doing well. (Even at my appointment yesterday, I overheard the receptionist giving a girl 38 weeks pregnant a pep talk because she said she wanted to try but was nervous – I just smiled; what a great office). I had Leah’s doctor who at every appointment told me how happy he was that it was working and that Leah was doing wonderfully, and specifically gave me credit. Even when her weight fluctuated, he never said that I needed to supplement, simply that my body would kick it into gear when it needed to and if I fed Leah when she was hungry she would turn out just fine. And she did. I had my mom to bother with all my, “she’s not eating enough” problems who always calmed me down telling me over and over she would eat when she was hungry… and it finally got into my head enough to stick. I had the hospital lactation consultants on speed dial and called them constantly with ridiculous questions and they always reassured me, and always offered to watch her eat or to weigh her for my own piece of mind. And later, solved some of our teething and growing issues. And I had Kyle, who when we had our first full day home from the hospital tried to calm me down from freaking out that she was starving to death and eventually decided to drive us all back to the hospital so we could get some more help from the lactation consultant, and then even when Leah was 9 months old rubbed my back one night at 2am as I was feeding her, crying over her thanks to tooth 11 coming in and causing us both so much pain. It took a village. But no one (in my team) ever made me feel like I wasn’t doing a good job. No one ever said, “some mom’s can’t do it” “some babies can’t do it” – it was constant encouragement. And it helped me to disregard the “you should supplement” people completely; the biggest hurdle. Sometimes it was insanely hard and overwhelming. A lot of times it was peaceful and soothing. I can’t wait for all of it all over again. (Not to mention the 60lbs I lost while eating whatever the heck I wanted!)

Introducing Duncan: Oh man, we’ve got to get him trained. I can’t imagine walking in with a car seat and a tiny Quinn and a fresh incision and seeing that beast come barreling at us tail wagging, destroying everything in his path. But, I’m also very excited. He’s such a good brother, and I think he will be very interested in all that a new baby has to offer. I see lots of sniffing and cleaning :). I imagine him walking sleepily up the stairs with me at night to assist in the feeding, but Kyle seems to think he’ll continue on snoring, not to be disturbed. I suppose we’ll see. I can’t wait to watch a Duncan and Quinn relationship develop. I can’t wait for when she starts moving around and grabbing for his tail and ears. Learning to stand up using him as a table. Sweet thoughts with that boy of ours 🙂

The first look: Seeing what they look like for the first time is nothing short of fantastic. Nine months of waiting and wondering and then you get that first look and your heart melts. Will she look like Leah did? Bald? Tons of hair like her mama? 8lbs? 9?! Just so many questions!

Sisters: We all know about this one, I’m so stinking excited to have two little girls! I get really excited when I think about Leah watching and learning all about her new little sister. Coming to the hospital to meet her for the first time. Hopefully enjoying her. Maybe wanting to help me with her. To watch their relationship play out I think will probably be too much for my heart to handle. I think Leah will be the best sister, and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.

Being a new family: I just excited to see us as a family of four. Well, five. What will that dynamic be like? I feel like I’ll have kids coming out of my ears. How will it go when Kyle leaves us for work for the first time? Will Duncan have to go to the farm? Probably. But I’ll try my hardest to keep him around. What will I do when Leah and Quinn are both screaming for me? When do I shower? Sit? Eat? Ok, so maybe this should all go under the “I’m terrified” category, but I guess I’m a little excited, too. Just to see what it’s like. Just to see if we actually live through it. I was so excited to see what our family of three would look like and that one turned out pretty well, surely we can handle another?!

There are infinitely more than I have listed. New babies are just exciting in general. But these are the big ones. The ones that make my heart leap. The ones my dreams are made of.

A week and three months and we’re there!

Oh baby!


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  1. Gennifer

    So I know it’s not til November….but I won’t be working this year. While Bella’s in school, and when I don’t have her –I’m MORE than happy to come help you get a shower the first few weeks and to help pick up the house, vacuum, etc. Charlee will be 4 months old then, so hopefully we’ll be on a bit more of a regular routine 🙂 I know how hard it was with Jason working & having 2 kids here to take care of! But… I am so excited you’re having 2 girls — they are the best!!

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