Feeling Accomplished.

Aaaand exhale.

I feel like I can finally breathe a little bit. I’ve had this list in my head of things that have to get done, and it’s has gotten substantially smaller in the past week. Now, whether or not this stuff absolutely has to get done now, or it’s some kind of nesting freak out I don’t really know. But in my head it’s all the same. It’s all logical in there.

I’ve been just dying to get the room together. And it’s getting there! So we tore open all the boxes last weekend – and wouldn’t you know – the crib had a big hole in it, front and center. I almost died. We are assuming it happened during shipping, of course. So I called the company on Monday, and luckily they are sending another piece out to us and it should be here sooooon. (And it had better have no holes)! It just kills me to wait, but I suppose I’m surviving.

Kyle was gracious enough to put together both the dresser and changer for me though, so I can definitely rest a little easier.

Then we got the chair a couple nights ago! You know this chair, the one that absolutely, positively has to be comfortable and nursing friendly above all else. Well, it is, but it’s certainly not pretty. It’s actually not too ugly, but it definitely doesn’t match the room – which freaks me out. I can’t handle when things don’t match. So I’ve got five slipcover samples coming and they should be on my doorstep sooooon as well. In the meantime, I can sit in the chair while Duncan and Leah make a mess of Quinn’s room. It really is the most comfortable thing I think I’ve sat in. It just fits me. I went to four furniture stores and did a lot of sitting – and I found this ugly sucker at Sams! And the day we went to pick it up it was $50 off! If that’s not a sign I don’t know what is. I’m excited to give it a pretty shirt though. And maybe a throw pillow, too. It needs a lot of help.

And then last night, I capped off the week of accomplishments. Even though we don’t have the crib together, it was making me insane that we didn’t have a mattress for it. Just on the off chance the crib piece comes tomorrow (please UPS) I will need the mattress ready to go, so I can put the sheet and bumper on and see it all together, of course! And then, I gave myself a bonus and got the baby monitor. You might think we have one, but you are forgetting that Duncan ate our first one. And then you might think we bought another, but you are also forgetting that he ate the charger of the second one. That dog. His days are numbered.


Yes, you. You monster.

And then… then, I really got accomplished. I bought my first Christmas present! Well, Leah’s first Christmas present. I popped into Kohls to see if they had anything new since the last time I was in there 5 days ago. Of course they do. And of course it was on sale. BUT. I skipped a lot of things I didn’t neeeed – and got the one gift I did.

A disco ball light for my girl.

The kid loves a disco ball. They have one front and center at Lowes, and she and I have been in Lowes a lot lately with picking out paint, and electrical things, and curtains… yada yada. Every time we go in, she runs straight for it. And wants me to pick her up. She points at the colors and touches it, and she just smiles and squeals in absolute delight. “A ball! A ball!” It really actually melts my heart to see how happy it makes her, and I decided a while ago she would be getting one for Christmas. And today Kohls had one. On sale. And I was in the mood to get things done. Merry Christmas, Leah!

But then I started thinking, what kind of Christmas shopping will I be able to do between Nov 1 and Dec 25 having just had surgery (it’s not exactly easy to walk or stand after a c-section), and having two babies at home, one of whom will need me every couple hours?!

And just like that another list of freak outs is upon me. Christmas shopping starts now.


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