Third Trimester Shock.

Well it happened. We hit the beginning of the end.

How is that possible?! The end, really? We’re closer to the end than the beginning?? It’s just mind boggling. I’ve had to change my thinking a lot lately. Things have been getting harder and harder for me and for the past couple weeks I’ve been so curious as to why. For instance, showering isn’t really a relaxing break from two crazies anymore – it’s more of a get in, get clean, get out operation. By the end (heaven forbid it’s a shave the legs day) I need a nap. Playing with Leah – the up and down and up and down and up and down that child demands is next to impossible these days. And I’ve been so hard on myself, constantly thinking, you are such a wuss, you are only 8 weeks pregnant. This is not that hard. And finally it hit me over the weekend, I am most certainly not 8 weeks pregnant. I am 26 weeks pregnant, with only 14 to go. Third trimester status. This sweet child o’ mine is 2lbs and 9inches, think “head of lettuce.”  There is not a lot of room for breathing or bending these days. It’s completely acceptable for it to be getting harder.

In true third trimester fashion, yesterday almost killed me. It was a constant fight to put one foot in front of the other. I hurt everywhere, was exhausted, lazy, starving, emotional and just overall not in a good mood. And then Kyle suggested we go on a walk – why I decided that’d be a good idea I have no idea. It was not fun. I was very close to death by the time we got home. Walking is not normally a struggle for me, even pregnant, but yesterday everything was a struggle. But I recovered, fell asleep sitting up at 8:30 last night, and woke up much better today. Hallelujah. I even went grocery shopping, played with my girl and my dog outside all morning, and made a new batch of muffins. More days like this, less like yesterday, please.

So what’s the star of the show up to? Well, growing. Lots of her big projects – growing organs, developing lungs, breathing, opening eyes, getting a circulatory system are now complete! Now she just needs to perfect the lungs and breathing and get some fat on her bones! Go, Quinn, go! The braxton hicks contractions with this child are out of control. I feel like I get them constantly, and they are much stronger than Leah’s were. However, my doctor and google seem to think that’s normal for a second baby so I suppose I’ll keep myself from checking into labor and delivery for a little while longer. She’s a nut though – always, always on the move. She loves to kick me the second I touch my belly, however, the second her dad touches my belly she plays dead. It drives me nuts. Yesterday, though, she gave Leah a good couple of kicks for the first time! Pretty fun experience. She’s now in the ripple stage and will swim all over my insides. Her little limbs and feet and fists and rump stick out of various spots on my belly – my favorite. I love guessing what it is – and then poking it. Leah would always move when I poked her, Quinn just sticks out further. She’s a mess. Also, she’s doing a number on my bladder these days – I feel like I spend 85% of every day in there. It gets pretty annoying, let me tell you.

At the end of last week and into the weekend, Quinn got lots of new toys thanks to online shopping. The UPS people and I will become close friends by the end of this week. (Which is good, because we are really working with Duncan to not be a complete spaz when the doorbell rings). I’m hoping that by the end of the week we have the crib piece… and everything else :). Even though things are really coming together for her arrival, I’m still ready for everything to be completely in place. After all, this is the beginning of the end. She got a new bouncer, and some swaddles, and a blanket, and a changing pad, and a sling, and lots of other fun things she’ll care nothing about – however, the most fun for me was this:


For one, it’s been four months since I’ve bought a box of diapers, crazy! And I must admit, I really kind of missed it. I always liked buying diapers, I don’t know why. Made me feel like a mom, I guess. And since there is a diaper void in my life right now, and Target had a $10 gift card if you bought two boxes… why the heck not?

We’ll be opening them in no time at all!


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