The Rest of ’em…

There’s more to this family than Quinn and I, believe it or not. And they are quite a motley crew. Busy, busy, all of them! I’m the lone, lazy duck in this family. So here’s the update on the rest of the Proebsting’s…

Kyle: Is studying. Lots. I believe it’s 94 days til the test (95 til Quinn!). He’s home from work early every day now, but don’t let that fool you… we still don’t see him til supper. Well, except to greet him in the driveway, Leah’s favorite part of the day. This test is gonna be a doozy (aren’t they all) – so any sort of praying, crossing fingers, lucky wishes, thoughts, etc you want to send this way, please do. Because, you’ll remember, if he passes…. done! (Kind of, but that’s a story for another day). His updates are kind of boring because he wakes up at 4:30 to study, then goes to work, then comes home to study… not a lot else going on in his little life.

Duncan: This dog. THIS DOG. He ate my dress the other day. While in his cage! He pulled part of it through the wires in the cage, and had himself a good time with it. Some days I swear I could beat him. He doesn’t realize that there isn’t a whole lot to my wardrobe these days. Leah still likes him (probably because he doesn’t eat her clothes). They are playing together so well lately, it really is a treat to watch. They can really entertain each other – which is a bonus for me. I mentioned in a blurb the other day how we are “doorbell desensitizing” him. And, actually, it’s going pretty well! He really is a smart, willing to please dog – we just have to work with him… a lot. So this doorbell thing, basically he turns into an uncontrollable (but happy) monster any time the doorbell rings or someone knocks – it is such a pain. Most of the time, I chase him around the wood floors cursing his name, while he tries to dig his claws into our slippery floors. Usually, I end up grabbing him by the neck and throwing him into our bedroom… and continue on to greet whomever is at the door red-faced and sweaty. If it’s a regular at our house, we would just turn him loose… fend for yourselves, friends. But if it’s a mailman or UPS or someone else… it’s a workout for me. So I finally just started actually training him – imagine that! Now he must sit in his bed and stay patiently while we get the door. He’s not allowed up, and he’s not allowed to greet anyone. It’s so hard on him, I can tell. His tail wags so hard, and his butt pops up constantly, but if I stay on him… he will sit there and behave himself like a good dog. Then if he completes the process and remains seated he gets a treat. So far so good! I’m ready for the day I don’t have to say, “stay” a million times, but we’ll get there. He’s smart. Yesterday I was able to open the door and retrieve a package only having to say stay once! That’s his big news, he’s such a disaster. But he’s a good boy, too, I suppose.

Leah: My favorite two year old. She’s doing a million new things every day, of course. The talking is really picking up, it’s so fun to have little conversations with her. She is starting to say some pretty funny things, too, I’m gonna have to start writing them down. It’s funny to hear just what is going on in her head. She has one word though, that stumps me… I believe it’s “deek” – I have no idea what it could mean! And she says it often! And in different contexts… I’m at a loss. Maybe she doesn’t even know, who knows. I can’t wait for the “ah ha” moment with it, though. Deek! What does it mean?! She is on an ABC roll lately! It’s actually a lot of fun. I am most certainly not the parent that was going to teach my two year old the ABCs, and actually, the parents that do get on my nerves. They are two… there’s plenty of time for ABCs. I want her playing and exploring right now, I don’t care if she’s learning the alphabet or learning to count. However, she is very drawn to letters – so we go with it. She doesn’t know all of them, and she most definitely will never sing the song… but she is learning them one by one. I think right now she knows A B E O S P. “Knows” as in, when she sees them anywhere she makes sure everyone knows she found one. O and P are her favorites. She knows what sounds they all make, too. For instance, if she sees an S she will point and say ssssssssss. Today we were talking about “P” and we asked her what started with P and I said, Pooh, and Kyle said, Proebsting, and Leah said, “Poop.” So, you know, we’ve got that going for us. I don’t need her to know all 26, and we don’t have sit down lessons, but she’s learning them and having a lot of fun doing it. She’s going to love reading some day. She’s also eating quite the variety of foods lately – thank goodness! Her tastebuds have really blossomed, and I give all credit to the millions of hours I spend pregnant, barefoot, and in the kitchen lately. In the past couple weeks she has tried ham, hot dogs, more chicken, corn, green pepper, and hamburger. I love when she’ll give something a try, and she’s learning that it’s fun and there’s no pressure involved. She gets real excited about corn now. She’s obsessed with the outdoors, and all things “ball.” Soccer, basketball, baseball… if there’s a ball involved, she’s playing. She can hit a ball off a T, let me tell you. She also loves to swing. With the exception of getting a shirt off, she can pretty much dress and undress herself whenever she sees fit. Shoes, pants, undies, shirt on… she can do it all. She makes my life pretty easy sometimes.

And there they are. Studying, staying, spelling bunch of Proebsting’s I have.


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