Two Little Girls.

Production is the word of the day today.

This mama is on it today.

I’ve been getting these crazy bursts of energy at night of all times – thank you, Quinn! With a sleeping Leah and a sleeping Duncan and a studying Kyle it makes it really easy to actually accomplish things. For instance, my floors got cleaned for the first time in quite a while over the weekend. And they stayed that way for at least 10 hours while everyone slept – a record! Last night got a dose of piddling in Quinn’s room, unpacking some things, folding some new blankets, organizing slowly filling drawers. And then, it even got a fresh batch of carrot muffins for this morning. And because I’m really out of control – clean sheets! Last nights energy is still overflowing and we were up and at the grocery store before 8:30, I made a batch of chicken salad, did two loads of laundry, updated the budget (per Kyle’s request of course), and sorted through some mail.

And yes, I’d like my gold star. Things like the above certainly do not happen every day. Or often.

Leah is currently sleeping upstairs in the middle of her floor, face down, with no pants on. She also says Kangaroo now. My favorite. And sounds out, “ddddd daddy!” “ddddd dunkie!” She has added F and K to her list of favorite letters. Whenever she sees a flag she shouts opf! (Her version of F). She is seriously loving letters. She can also give a thumbs up and snap (well, kinda snap). She’s a lot of fun, that one. She has a very fun activity lined up for this evening – can’t wait to see if she has as much fun as I think she will!

Quinn is a nut. Always on the go – where to, I have no idea. I’m constantly thinking of this little girl, really, because she gives me no other choice. Between the hiccups and punches, my stomach is constantly moving. Our girls and hiccups, I don’t know what it is. Leah was just as bad – 45 times a day – at least. Kyle and I are both at the “oh my gosh, what is she going to look like,” phase. Ready for her in our arms. Trying to get things done. Do you know the crib piece is on backorder – just shoot me. I really shouldn’t be so dramatic, however, they are certainly not helping my need to get things accomplished. As I suspected, she got a lot of boxes last week. There’s only a couple more things on my list that she “needs,” and I’m hoping to knock one out this afternoon. We’re getting there!

Really, I just wrote all of the above so I could have a place to put these two pictures:



Two little girls! I’m just going to die dressing them every day. I never thought I’d be a “matchy” mom – turns out – I can’t get enough of it. With those first two dresses, they’ll be wearing them in the winter which also means tights.

God bless. I’ll need to get a job just to keep them in matching outfits.



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