200 Days.

Today’s kind of a big deal, we’re doing a little bit of celebrating. I have been carrying a Quinn around for 200 days now.

200 days!

Now, I didn’t just sit around and count up all the days; I have a pregnancy app to do it for me. For those of you that don’t sit around and count days, and also don’t have pregnancy apps – 200 days ago was February! Pregnant or not – that’s a lot of time gone by! Where did this year go, my goodness. I swear they go faster and faster.

I’m so happy to be here. To have 200 days of a second healthy pregnancy under my belt. To be anticipating the next and final 80 with just pure joy. I’m just in a really wonderful fog; have been since last night. The beautiful weather is also helping this wonderful fog.

We got to hang out with the little nut last night. No worrying about a heart. No guessing her gender. No hoping they see what they need to. No worrying about defects. Just going to see our baby Quinn, and to watch her be herself for 45 minutes.

It was so much fun!

With Leah, we did maternity pictures. And, I suppose I’m happy to have had them taken, however, I’ll probably never do them again. You just can’t hang pictures of your giant belly in the middle of the living room. Well, maybe you can. But I can’t. It just seemed awkward everywhere I tried to put them. A bit of a waste of money in that regard. We shoved a couple in the bathroom and one on my nightstand and Kyle took one to work – but for the money we paid – well – we probably won’t do that again. Live and learn. So we decided to put our pennies towards actually seeing who’s inside my belly. The much better choice. If you’re a grandparent looking for a gift to new parents, or a friend with money to blow on someone you love, or an aunt or an uncle or you’re carrying a baby right at this very moment – go buy one of these packages either for yourself or someone you know. I don’t know how they do them elsewhere, but where we went there was a giant room, with a comfy table for mama, appointment only so no waiting, no full bladder required(!), nothing was rushed – definitely not your doctors appointment ultrasound. It was just all about getting to know your baby. Getting to know our baby.

Getting to know Quinn.

And get to know Quinn we did.

This kid is funny! I told myself if I came away with one good picture I would be happy. And if I got a smile I would be over the moon. You guys, I got about 20 smiles. We got a tongue stuck out. We got a roll. We got an umbilical cord across the face which prompted a big stretch from little miss to get it off! We got a case of the hiccups. We got a flexed bicep for daddy. We got cute feet and crazy hands. We got open eyes (creepy!). We got drinking amniotic fluid – which prompted the hiccups. It was just a regular circus in there. I can’t explain to you how cool it is to just know what’s going on in my belly. To have a face to put with all the jabs I feel throughout the day. To know that when she gets the hiccups it’s probably because she just took a big drink. To know that she has the tiniest bit of peach fuzz on the top of her head. To know that she pretty much looks like her sister. To know that at least for last night her head was in my ribs and her feet were tucked right by my belly button. That her hands wave all over the place, and that is what I probably feel most often. That she likes to sit with her legs crossed at the ankles. That her umbilical cord gets in her way a lot and she gets rather annoyed and gives herself a good stretch to get it the heck off of her; probably what’s happening when I get a big move. That she is a real freaking baby. Weighing in at three and a half pounds – bigger than she should be at this point – just how mama likes her girls. 🙂

200 days with her and I feel like now I know her. When she rolls all over my belly like she is right now, I can imagine her little smile or perhaps her getting mad at her cord again. Maybe her smiles are involuntary muscle spasms to you, but to me they mean she is happy and she likes my uterus an awful lot. That she’s enjoying all the muffins. She seems to have a personality, with still 11 weeks left to grow. I wish we could do that every week. But I suppose the next time we see her it will be in real life – and that will trump all. For now I will look at these 83 pictures over and over and over again. I will continue to go over them with Leah trying my hardest to explain that this little thing is coming out someday soon and will be here to play with her for the rest of her life.

Now I suppose I will spend the next 80 in faithful prayer that all will go as it should. That at the end there will be a healthy, happy baby in my arms. That she would wait until November 1, even though she’s growing a couple weeks ahead of schedule. Things are about to get frantic – I can feel it coming. Kyle has already upped the studying hours. Although the list of things she needs has dwindled considerably, the few left really need to get done. I’ve started to sit down and really do a clothes inventory figuring out how much of what she needs for when. I would like a crib in the next 80 days please and thank you, UPS. I’m at the point where I pee constantly, waddle, must eat when I must eat, and my beginning maternity clothes aren’t quite cutting it – we’re getting to the end. I can feel it coming. 200 days flew, and I have a feeling the last 80 aren’t about to slow down.

It’s been quite the 200 days. But I’m excited for the final stretch!

I was in a side by side kind of mood today; so enjoy the following:


Day 1. Day 200. Can I still call it bloating??


That lovely little face is just hanging out in that lovely little belly.


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