Doctor’s Office Fun.

I think know that I had the most fun with Leah at a doctor’s appointment yesterday.

Hey, I was only a month and a week behind this time -go me! This was primarily her two year old check up, and frankly I just don’t care. I cared when she was two months. I cared that she was gaining weight. I cared to have reassurance about our parenting skills. And it’s not that I don’t care if she’s growing or not now – but I can see her thriving… so I don’t really care what a growth chart tells me. I don’t need to have her weighed. I don’t need him to tell me that she’s fine… I can see every day that she is more than fine. She can tell me when things hurt, so I don’t have to wonder. She can tell me if she’s hungry so I don’t need to obsess about if she’s eating enough. I trust her (as scary as that is) to tell me if she’s doing fine or not.

And don’t worry – he told us – she is. Of course.

It was pretty funny right off the bat. The second I told her we were going she got really excited and wanted to get in the car. What a goof. She is very used to going to my doctor’s appointments for Quinn now; so she knows the routine. She was certain they were going to check on the baby in her belly :). I told her he would also look in her ears and eyes and she got even more excited. She actually cried when we didn’t leave the second she woke up from her nap.

She got even more excited when we got there. When our nurse called her name she ran back, elbows flailing to the sides in excitement. She was so ready to step on the scale and wait patiently for the beep. Then she stood more still than I’ve ever seen her as they measured her – 3 feet on the dot! Oh, and 29.2lbs. Then she ran happily down to the room, hopped on the table, laid down, and lifted up her shirt!!

She wanted them to check her baby!

I almost died.

The nurse humored her after I explained the situation and gave her a couple belly squeezes. Then Leah sat up and got her blood pressure taken like a champ. I could tell she knew exactly what was happening thanks to seeing me do it every month for the past 7 months. She was such a big girl. Sat so still when she needed to and answered questions when she needed to.

When we got to see the doctor she wanted to tell him all about Duncan. And Duncan’s friend Evie. I’ve really rarely seen her so excited and talkative – even for Leah. She let him look in her ears and eyes and made sure he checked on her baby as well. She loved touching her toes while he made sure her spine was straight (unlike her mother’s). Then he asked to see her teeth and she gave him the biggest, cheesiest grin I’ve ever seen her give. It really was quite a show.

My favorite part of the trip, though, was when he asked, “does she have any interest in dressing or undressing herself yet?”

Ha! Doc. Let me tell you a little something about Leah… Would you like to see a picture? Or 5000?

He also asked if she had any interest in potty training. Again. Let me explain this kid…

Overall, he was impressed with her friendliness (it was seriously out of control), her vocabulary, and how much she seemed to move. Ha. And she showed off the potty skills by telling him she had to “poop.” He told me that when she really gets ahold of talking in sentences she’s going to be the one that talks all day long no matter who’s listening… perfect. Good thing she has Duncan :).

I was impressed by him though, as I usually am. Not some sort of infatuation or anything, I just like the way he thinks, which is good, because we specifically picked him hoping he would think like he does. That not everything requires medicine, not every kid is built the same, not all kids follow the same pattern, and milk is the devil. Ha, okay, not really. Somehow it comes up at every appointment, I suppose because we go over what she eats and doesn’t eat, drinks and doesn’t drink. We got a big thumbs up for Almond Milk. He was very happy we’ve never done cows milk – and I was very happy that he was happy with that. He gets it; I’ve told you this before. This is my number one reason I like having Leah in his care. He understands that we’re not trying to grow a cow – we’re trying to grow a Leah. And growing she is, at just the right pace for her body. She is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight, which technically, is perfect – she is perfectly proportionate. No cows needed.

My other tied for number one reason I like my kids (Quinn got signed up for him, too) in his care is vaccines. Vaccines are a very personal topic/choice. I would never tell you to vaccinate or not vaccinate your kids. I would highly recommend you not just do what someone tells you, however. Do your own research, do what makes sense to you for your kids. With Leah it was that she get one vaccine per appointment and starting at 4 months. Maybe 2 shots, depending. I even took her in on a couple occasions just to get a particular shot, so it wouldn’t coincide with another. He was willing to work with us, and able to see my side of the argument. That alone is a big plus in any doctor, for any topic. So Leah had one more left – chicken pox. The one I cared least about her getting; however, was ready to just get it over with. However, he told me he didn’t need to do it if I wasn’t comfortable with it due to the pregnancy. I was confused? Apparently, there is a small risk that I could get the chicken pox from Leah getting the vaccine, and then Quinn getting it which would be horrible. I had no idea! And I read a lot on this, believe me. He said we could do it today, the risk was small. We could do it after Quinn was born. We could do it when Leah was three. Or we could wait til she starts Kindergarten! Ha. Just the fact that he warned me was a big deal to me. I like that he thought of us as a whole family, instead of just sticking with the vaccine schedule (which we’ve botched up pretty good already). I’m just happy that he thinks, in general. He looks at the picture as a whole – me being pregnant, new baby, Leah not in grave danger of the chicken pox – all go together to make an informed choice.

So we will wait. Until she’s 3 or 5 I don’t know. But she got out of it today, you’re welcome sweetie. It was just a fun day at the doctor’s office all around. Everyone left happy.

Let’s just hope the next time we go is for Quinn’s 3 day (or so) check up!

And now you’re all updated on Leah’s medical history.



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  1. Gennifer

    I am in love with your doctor.

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