Bird Biscuits.

Guess who was up at 5:30, and baking a fresh batch of muffins at 5:45am?

This girl.

I am so welcoming energy and a good mood into my life today. The weekend was rough. I was completely pregnant this weekend, and had very little fun. For starters, I was in this lovely little pattern of waking up with a headache every day for four days – that alone will wear a person out. But I was also nauseous. Exhausted. Sore. In a bad mood. And emotional. Oh yes, and then I fell on a street while holding Leah. I hate those days so much, especially when they’re on the weekends, but I have Leah’s pregnancy to remind me that they won’t last long. That all will return to normal soon. And to just get through it. I will enjoy being pregnant again soon.

And soon came! This morning! I’m back to smiling at the massive lump in my midsection instead of cursing it.

First things first with my energy, I had to get my muffins in the oven! I’m not sure how to quite explain this compulsive need to bake constantly – but it’s overpowering. I’m quite literally obsessed. Anyone want anything? So I made some muffins in the quiet of dawn, started a load of laundry, washed some dishes, made Kyle eggs, packed his lunch, and cleaned the kitchen.


Those things didn’t happen all weekend, yet somehow all of them happened in 30 minutes this morning. Pregnancy is weird.

And then Leah woke up (to warm zucchini, apple, flax muffins and a banana), we had breakfast, worked in Quinn’s room (her new favorite thing is sorting lil sisters clothes), and were out the door for an oil change.


Mind you, it’s not even 8am. We don’t normally get off the couch until 8:30. It’s a day I’m thankful for, that’s for sure. I have to store these days up in my brain and remember them on days like I had over the weekend – to remind myself that there are ups and downs for sure in the 10 months of growing a baby. Take advantage of the ups, and just get through the downs.

So we walk into the oil change place – maybe my least favorite activity ever – and we’re met with a new (clean) waiting room and a kids area complete with a Winnie the Pooh foam letter puzzle laid out on the floor. Leah and I both squealed a little I think. We were in and out of there in no time flat (because it’s just that good of a day) and home to play outside with the mutt.

Then my favorite thing happened. I got an itch to bake. Four hours after the first itch I had to bake. And when you get an itch, you have to scratch.

Whole wheat biscuits for dinner – because brown rice tastes like dirt.

I asked Leah if she wanted to help – as always I got a smile, a jump, and a YA! Love that little helper. She always thinks we make cake, too, which helps with her enthusiasm. I cleaned off the table and we got to work.


I love cooking with this kid. So much. And today she said Teaspoon πŸ™‚


The pastry blender is great fun.


Then we strettttch it out.


And now we add the birds. I had this great idea – because the recipe suggested it – to let Leah pick whichever cookie cutter she wanted to use instead of just a circle biscuit cutter. She very excitedly picked the bird. She wanted Bird Biscuits. And she called them her ducks.


First duck goin in!


And onto the pan he goes. She did this process all by herself. She’s quite the baker.


Our first duck πŸ™‚ Tasty little suckers.


The whole flock. Yum! She is very excited to give one to her dad later.

(Nevermind the one top left, we ran out of enough dough to make a last duck).

Then we sat down with some butter and some honey and enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

Biscuits are always a good idea.


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