Cake Day!

It was doctor’s appointment day – you know what that means…

Now it’s cake day!

Ever since 21 weeks I’ve been busting my tail to keep myself in check. Blah. I’ve told you this, so I won’t go into grave detail, but just know that it’s paying off. My last appointment, I had gained one pound – yes! This appointment I had gained 3 – yes! My goal for every appointment starting after 21 weeks has been to just gain the one pound a week. And so far, I’ve done good enough to have four pounds left over! Now, you should know that I am absolutely, positively not dieting. I’m not running marathons. I’m not starving myself (or Quinn). I eat when I’m hungry or she gets real mad. I understand that I’m growing a baby and that she needs food – so I will eat. But, it’s amazing what healthy choices can do for a person. What not eating out can do. What cutting out cake and adding in muffins will do. It’s changed our entire way of thinking around here. It’s now easier and more fun to get crazy in the kitchen than it is to go out and feel guilty… and stuffed.

So today is the day we celebrate! Actually, remember when I said we’d go out once a month after these appointments? Well, scratch that. I’m having too much fun cooking and figuring out new, healthy recipes! So tonight, instead of going out, we’ll have a somewhat unhealthy/carb loaded chicken parmesan! Yum! I gave Kyle three choices of what he’d want and told him to tell me his top two and then I’d pick the final. Well, chicken parmesan was not in his top two, but I’m the pregnant one and doesn’t it sound so good?! He said he didn’t actually care, but was curious as to why I gave him a choice in the first place. Ha. I’m not sure. I was trying to be polite, I suppose. Until he picked the wrong answer. 🙂

But then. After dinner. I’m gonna sit down with a big, fat, piece of cake. With real icing and no vegetables inside.

Y U M.

Is it bedtime yet? I’m already drooling.

The rest of the appointment was good. Quinn was well behaved and had a 150 heartbeat. She’s been rather sleepy today; which makes sense because yesterday she had an extra dose of crazy. I learned I passed the glucose (diabetes) test with a perfect score (all the more reason to eat cake). I’m not anemic. Blood pressure good. No damage from our fall over the weekend. Measuring on track. No swelling. The ring still fits. Light stretch marks. Faint brown line. All in all, we’re entering the 30 week mark in perfect condition. Yay!

Today was the last of the four week appointments. Now we go every two weeks! You know what that means – this baby is getting closer and closer to coming out! We’re gonna be in the 30s in two days. Things are going by at the speed of light. I could really use a crib. They said it should ship at the end of this week, perhaps next week. It takes everything I have not to call and check on it every single day. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Leah and I are taking a little trip to the forest this weekend – yay Nana and Grandpa! Kyle owes me big time for taking my big belly and constantly full bladder on a two and a half hour car ride with a two year old so that he can play golf all weekend with his friends. But I’m excited nonetheless, and Leah will be excited when I tell her (when we’re 5 minutes from their house). She loves exploring everything the country has to offer. And don’t worry, I’m bringing muffins.

When we get back, however, it is game on with this baby. The room will get finished. The laundry will get started. The last minute things will get purchased. The breast pump will get ordered. The decorations will get hanged. Even the Christmas presents will start to get ordered. I realize I’ve still got 10 weeks (well 9 after we get back), but you never know what could happen. You never know who will come down with some sort of sickness. I don’t want to wait any longer. The studying around here is about to pick up even more, see ya, Kyle. As much as I can get done now while I’m still capable of moving, the better I will sleep at night.

Fun times are ahead!


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