S T O P.

The buggie needs an update. Her little life is just going by so fast. I find myself doing that mom thing more and more; you know, where you just sit and stare at them wondering when the heck they grew up? She might still be two, but she is just running through her days of being little – literally.

I’ll start with today. Today when I got my socks blown off. So, we all know she’s on a letters kick. I think she may know them all by now? She knows too many for me to keep track of, I know that much. Maybe she doesn’t know “v” – we don’t talk much about that one. But the rest, she’s got’em down. Letters are fun! I love it, and she is loving learning and playing with them. So, it’s not uncommon for us to be driving now and I hear from the backseat, “D – Dunkie!” “L – Me!” “P – Pooh!” She knows what letters go with what words, and she loves to find them. Car riding is a whole new adventure. Today we were driving out of the neighborhood, stopped at a stop sign and I hear a squeal of delight from the back, “S!” I look in the rearview mirror and see a little finger pointing straight at the stop sign. I say, “ya! good job, what else do you see?” And she continued on with, “T O P.” I was just blown away. Is that reading? Ha. I’m calling it reading. Smart little thing. I told her it said, “stop” and she stuck both her hands out as if to freeze – or stop. And now we are obsessed with stop signs.

It’s just things like that that make me stare at her for an awkwardly long time while we’re eating or watching TV. In one more blink she’ll be reading books to her baby sister.

She’s also started in with four word sentences. Let the record show, the first was, “daddy cleaned up car.” Does that tell you how dirty the van was? He cleaned it for me one night after she went to bed and the next morning when we got in it she waved her little hands around and said, “oooooh, this!” I told her that her daddy cleaned it and all day she reminded me, “daddy cleaned up car!” Very sweet, but at the same time can I get an “oooooooh” every time I unload the dishwasher? Or do a load of laundry? Or clean the house every single day!? His one cleaning project, and she’s still talking about it. Last night I cleaned her playroom while she was taking a bath and when she got out and saw it she said, “daddy cleaned this!” Leah, MOMMY CLEANS, TOO! A LOT.


She’s cute though. It’s fun to hear her talk and talk and talk. And watch her use her imagination. The kid can pretend play like it’s nobodies business. It took us 45 minutes to get ready today, because not only did Leah have to go potty and brush her teeth and comb her hair – but so did Pooh. And that bear doesn’t do anything quickly. Pretend food might be her favorite; we spend a lot of time eating air. And drinking TEA – which is a favorite to say. She loves her shadow. I’m not sure there’s anything more innocent than watching a toddler play with and get excited by their shadow. It just makes me mush every single time. It takes us forever to move forward if heaven forbid her shadow is behind her. She also loves to find the moooooooooooon.

In the world of sports – one remains elite around here – gymnastics. We’ve done soccer for three weeks now, and well, we’re all a little bored. I’m excited that there’s just one week left, I’ll admit it. She has fun going, and she loves doing it with her dad; but it’s in no comparison to gymnastics. She’s been showing less and less interest as the weeks go by. It’s a two year old soccer class, so obviously there isn’t going to be a lot of soccer, but even the things they do – she doesn’t want to participate in. She likes the running and the kicking – when she wants to. Other than that she runs away from her dad or the class or anywhere. I think we’ll do it when she’s old enough to be in a real class/team atmosphere, but now it’s just not at all worth the money. Gymnastics though; I would sell a kidney to keep her in gymnastics. We’ve been doing it since April and I don’t ever get sick of taking her – and she certainly doesn’t get sick of going. She is excited, and happy, and crazy every single week. She runs from activity to activity squeezing in as much movement as possible in the 45 minutes we’re there. I’m amazed at her every single week, too. She just gets better and better. She’s learning about moving her body, she’s getting more flexible, more coordinated, more social, more everything! It’s just a good place for her to be. She does something a little more challenging every week. Outside of scheduled classes though, she is loving playing baseball in the backyard with her dad. I get even more of those mom moments where I watch the two of them from the kitchen window while I get dinner ready and think, “is this real life? Is he really that good of a dad? Is she really that adorable? Those two out there swinging and running around are mine? Forever?” It’s a little overwhelming the good feelings that happen when I get to watch them. Straight from the movies moments. It’s hands down her favorite time of every single day. We talk a lot all day long about, “daddy bay ball, me?” “yup! you and daddy baseball when he gets home.” “ok!” She’s asks constantly if it’s time yet, and then she brings him his tennis shoes when he does get home and ready to play…


Just in case he would ever forget.

I wish Quinn had a little peephole in my belly, so she could see just what kind of a dad she’s getting. She’d be pretty stinking excited to know what’s coming her way.

The sweetest news as of late, however, is that she is getting excited for Quinn. We had a conversation the other day about how Quinn will come out of mommy’s belly soon – and will play with Leah! That perked her interest real quick. She suggested they wee together (swing). I said sure she can swing with you and she got even more excited. Then I asked what else she’d like to do with baby Quinn and she said, Dunkie, and ball, and jump – but mainly wee. She just gets the sweetest, most excited little voice when she starts talking about playing with her sister. She really thinks about what they’ll do together. I hope Quinn comes out walking, or it’s gonna be a long wait for the jumping partner. For now until Quinn comes out we are taking the “you’re gonna have a playmate!” approach – it’s working splendidly so far.

And that should be about it.

Letters and sports sum up our days.




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