Getting Somewhere.

I’m only blogging right now because I know if I don’t take this next 1+ hour to sit, my body will hate me by the end of the day. I told you I was going to go crazy when we got back from Poplar Bluff, and well, I wasn’t kidding. The nesting is in complete overdrive; this morning it included cleaning the basement! The unfinished basement. The basement where all we do is jump, and throw toys, and stack plastic tubs full of crap. The basement people rarely see is now pretty stinking clean and organized. And it feels so good. I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with the overpowering need to nest. My back is incredibly upset with me now, but the rest of me feels so darn refreshed. We’ve got quite the stack of crap ready for the trash man! And just like when I nested with Leah, a lot of Kyle’s stuff didn’t fare too well.

But I am not here to talk about the basement. I have much more enjoyable things to talk about. We are getting somewhere with this baby! In just three days, I’m amazed at the amount of things I’ve been able to accomplish. With a lot of help from my little girl. She is loving working with me in Quinn’s room. It keeps us both occupied for a good chunk of the day. And that is good because the heat wave of the summer is going on outside and my 31 week belly is not about to go out there. We have had lots of little sorting/folding/organizing parties to do over the past three days, but we’ve also had some big, fun projects! Like this:


She has a bouncer! Put together all by yours truly and a two year old. She was very excited to get the batteries in and turn it on… and off… and on… and off. πŸ™‚ Sweet girl.

Then I tackled this one all by myself:


I took this sucker apart piece by piece, cleaned it, disinfected it, washed the cloth parts, and reassembled it. Not easy my friends, not easy. But it’s done! And clean! And:


Ready for a game of Peek-A-Boo in November! And:


Fully protected from the elements.

Car seat: check.

Then I really got crazy.

Yesterday I called to check on the crib, whatdoyouknow, it’s still on backorder! And they have no idea when they’ll get it in! Which means they have no idea when it will ship! Which means I have no idea when I will get it! BUT, instead of throwing the fit I wanted to – I calmly walked to the tool box, got out the spackle, found some white paint, and went to work. Which I should have done two months ago.

It had to go up. It just had to. This baby has to have a bed. And I realize that we still have 9 weeks left and that it easily could still come before she is born; however, I cannot live with parts and tools on the floor anymore. And it’s already been 8 weeks and I still don’t have it, sooooo. I couldn’t take the bedding just sitting around taking up space for one more second. I had to get it together. And if the new part comes before she is born, great, I’ll take it apart and put the new piece on. But if it doesn’t… my spackle/paint job looks pretty darn good and I could care less at this point.

She has a bed!

Do you want to see it?!


Not too terrible, right?! Can you see my spackle job?? I’m so excited that it’s all together and no longer spread all over the floor! With the completion of this lovely little piece of furniture – we pretty much have a room! Want to see the rest?


Walking in. It turned out just how I hoped it would. I just saw purple when we named Quinn. I feel like the room fits the name. They say the second kids get the shaft a lot of the time… not this time. She got the better nursery. πŸ™‚

And now we’ll go the other way:


I have things left to hang on those walls so I can’t quite call it finished… but I can definitely sleep at night now.

Then there’s this guy – who is getting very excited for another little sister:


And big sister, not to be outdone in a picture:


They are very relieved that Quinn has a bed. And very excited big siblings. πŸ™‚

This weekend baby girl will get another swing, and her mom will raid her cousin Ali’s closet for fun clothes. I called my insurance yesterday and my FREE breastpump is in the mail! My Christmas present stash is growing by the day. Big progress this week – big progress.

We’re getting somewhere now, folks!


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