Heads Up.

I’m not sure that there is a better looking pantry in America right now.

This ridiculously hot Friday (90 at 9am, really?!) started with a trip to Sams. Sometimes I love that place, sometimes I hate it. Today I loved it. Probably because I was starving when we went, so it was exciting just to see food. But when we got home the real fun started.

I needed a place to put all of that food – and realized just how dirty and cluttered the pantry was. Unacceptable. A dirty nest is not okay these days. So Leah and I got to work. She loves jobs where she can just empty things; this was definitely her kind of task. So we gutted it. I threw away a lot of really old food – pretty embarrassing – but it felt good, nonetheless. Then we restocked, and that felt even better. Everything has a place now, with space left over! It’s amazing what a little organization will do for a person. I’m pretty proud of the job we did, and man it feels good. Quinn will be very happy to come home to a neat pantry. If only I can keep it that way for 8 more weeks.

8 more weeks! Ahh! Ok, not really just 8. 8 weeks and 6 days :). She is a very crazy little thing; and seems to be the most crazy in the shower? I don’t know what it is but she really gets going when I take showers. She also loves the nighttime hours, grrrreat. She almost always plays dead the second Kyle touches my belly, no matter how crazy she is acting. Something Leah never did. She is somewhere between 3.5 and 4lbs. They think. I’ve started laundry – oh boy! Nothing too special, I’m starting with all the boring stuff. I don’t want the bedding or clothes to get re-dirty sitting around these next 8 weeks. But it’s still fun to wash little things. I threw a couple new things on the walls. I’m currently searching for the perfect diaper bag. The one I used/still use for Leah is pretty gross after two years of solid use so I just kind of feel like starting over. I would hate to put a new little coming home from the hospital outfit in a bag with granola bars stuck to the bottom. Right? So we’ll see what I can come up with. As far as her mom, my back hurts. A lot. Probably because of all the crazy nesting. It just hurts constantly. Today I woke up and my leg was tingly, that was fun. It’s pretty hard to get comfortable sleeping – I remember this stretch well from Leah. If I think about drinking water I have to pee. I’m still enjoying it though. I still like her in my belly, although I’m very excited to see her. I’m trying not to wish these last weeks away though 1) because staying home with two is slightly terrifying 2) I want to soak up all the alone time with Leah I can, realizing it’s never coming back and 3) because Quinn is a fun little womb-mate, she keeps me laughing. And just like with Leah I’m enjoying hosting her. Time is flying, I guess it’s my job to focus on cherishing it.

But here’s what you really need to know:

Do you like this blog? Do you like seeing pictures of Leah and Duncan? Are you excited to see what Quinn looks like? Are you anxious to see if Kyle will pass his test? Are you enjoying reading about all the new things I’m organizing every day? Well then you’re gonna need to become a follower. Or write the website down. Or something. I’m not going to post links to this anymore on facebook – because I’m not gonna have facebook anymore. So unless you become a follower and get the email that I’ve posted – you’re not gonna know.

Just a little heads up.

I will detail all of that in the next blog – that you will see and click on through your email should you become a follower. If not. Well.



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