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It’s FALL! Like really, truly the season of fall. We are welcoming cool weather, all day outside playtime, and pumpkin muffins for sure.

I could not be happier. There was even a chili dinner to ring in the season last night. We had a weekend of celebrating fall for sure. Unfortunately we lost Kyle to studying, but where we lose a Kyle… we gain…



Man, it’s fun to have cousins within driving distance. They don’t live right down the road, but when we get invited to a Fall Farm Showcase with them it’s an easy enough decision to drop everything and hit the road! Pregnant or not, I knew Leah would have the time of her life 1)just being with her favorite two friends and 2)petting all sorts of farm animals in gorgeous weather. And I knew it would take her mind off the fact that her dad was at work studying all weekend :(. Blah, we miss him! But we had such a fun time walking through corn mazes, looking at pumpkins, riding tractors, milking cows, and petting all sorts of animals.


We left there with one more trip up planned before you know who comes and changes our world. I would love to tell Leah so she can be so very excited, but it would be a disaster saying “later” for another couple weeks so I will wait. πŸ™‚

Fall isn’t treating all of us so well though. Kyle has horrendous fall allergies. Leah has horrendous fall allergies. And this just in…


Duncan learned he has horrendous fall allergies!

Why can no one in my family have my obviously superior genes and not have allergies. If I didn’t like them all so much, I would be seriously annoyed and grossed out by all the snot and eye goop around here.

Duncan has been losing more and more hair on his belly, and gaining more and more red bumps. He also wakes up with an eye full of goop every single morning. I’ve had suspicions of allergies for a while, but I’ve been a little busy around here to deal with it. Today, I decided to get him checked out. Good news is, they both love the vet.


I told Duncan to go sit by the door… Leah followed, ha. Obedient little creatures they are. Sometimes.

Leah loves taking Dunkie to the doctor, mainly because:


There are two cats who just wander the office πŸ™‚

I love our vet; he’s old fashioned.

So almost 90 dollars later he got himself an allergy shot, itch medicine, amoxicillan for infected red bumps, and we got ordered to give him a bath. Because that’s easy. This dog.


Look at these miserable faces. “Enough with the pictures, ma, let us play!”

Hopefully we can get all snot, itching, goopy eyes, and red bumps under control shortly. You should see the list of medicine I have to keep track of around here! Maybe Quinn will get her mother’s awesome non-allergy genes.

Wait, did you see that little word… QUINN!

She’s coming SOON! She comes in the fall… it’s the fall! 5 weeks and three days if you want to get specific, and I do.

It’s not all good though, this is about how it goes around here: “Kyle, we’re having a baby in 5 weeks!” “Ugh, I have a test in 5 weeks.” He just sucks the fun right out of everything. It’s always like that with these tests, I don’t know how it happens. “Kyle, we’re getting married in 5 days!” “Ugh, I have a test in 3 days.” “Kyle, we’re going on vacation in a month.” “Ugh, I have a test in a month.” These tests! Ugh! But, we’re about down to a month for both of these next two giant adventures… he’s got this nasty test on his brain, I’ve got this sweet girl on the brain. Our brains are full. I got an email telling me to start packing hospital bags. Yikes. Her laundry is almost done. It’s just kind of getting crazy… there will really be two of them. The little details have all been finalized. Even though we picked her birthday, she could surprise us so we have to be ready. Kyle has to start having (and answering his phone)! I have to start going to the doctor every week. Apparently we’re supposed to pack hospital bags. Duncan has to have his pre-baby professional bath scheduled. I have to schedule my pre-baby last one for a while hair cut and pedicure :). And oh yes, we all have to get Kyle ready to pass his test.


Fall is here!

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Big, Bigger, Biggest.

It’s been a while, no? Or at least it feels like it’s been forever. But when Nana comes for the weekend – the world stops. And then we need a day to get ourselves back together after all the fun. Nana, come backkk. What a perfect fall weekend in Missouri – God Bless cooler weather! Fall has been pretty high on my wish list lately, and I’m finally getting a taste of cool! But enough on all of that; I have news for you.

Big news. Bigger news. And the biggest news!

Big: I’m a whopping 33.4 weeks pregnant. What?! When did that happen? I went down a very slippery slope this morning in the quiet of the 4am hour. In a week and a half I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant. Then two weeks from that I’ll be full term, and although we have a date all scheduled for her, she could totally come at any moment. And then two weeks after that if she stays put (she will)… we will be holding her! Does that freak anyone else out? Or just me? Shew – we’re about to have two kids, ya’ll. Two little girls! Quinn is funny. From what I can tell so far she is going to be a gymnast just like her big sister. She loves to move and is particularly hard on my ribs. I remember Leah giving me a stiff right hook to the ribs a few times and me yelping in pain -but Quinn does it constantly. The other morning she kicked me so hard I was actually worried she may have broken her foot. Not to mention the pain I felt for quite a while. Leah was always super low, I feel like Quinn’s taking her sweet time to head downward – which is good for not going into labors sake – bad for my ribs sake. Cold and sugar put her into a complete frenzy always ending with a 10 minute session of the hiccups. She loves her big sister and will go absolutely crazy anytime Leah is talking/laughing/pushing/playing around my belly. It’s actually very sweet. I’ve been starving lately. It had subsided through the middle portion of the pregnancy, but it now back with a vengeance. I’d say we made another 8+ baby for sure. I’m also not sleeping well at all. Blah. I just lay awake thinking for hours on end. I’ve also been getting big doses of random nausea, but I remember that in the final weeks with Leah. Thanks, girls. I’ve been working on her laundry (well, everyone’s laundry); but gosh it’s fun to fold soft blankets and tiny socks. I also got a new diaper bag so her soft blankets and tiny socks won’t be covered in granola bar crumbs… at least for a while. I’m enjoying the end, a lot. Maybe more than I did with Leah. I’m enjoying the crazy nesting. I’m enjoying soaking up one on one time with Leah. I’m enjoying putting another little girls room together. I’m enjoying dreaming of holding her. I’m enjoying choosing newborn picture and coming home from the hospital outfits. Soon, little girl, soon.



It’s starting to look stressed out. You are welcome for me cropping my face out. No one needs to see that today.

And this is also big news:


Got the ear thermometer! Good news, no fevers! Leah and I had the best time playing with this fun little thing.

Bigger: What’s bigger than being 33 weeks pregnant and having a new ear thermometer? Being 33 weeks pregnant and having a CRIB for your baby to sleep in! A crib that is not damaged!


No holes! No spackle! No paint job! We can all breathe easy now, guys. She has a bed! And the bedding is washed! Which means Leah doesn’t get to jump in it anymore… no one tell her. It took not a day less than three months to get it after my initial call, but it’s here, and I can stop freaking out. She has a crib. And it is ready for a brand new baby.

Biggest: What is bigger than having a not broken crib? Only one thing that I can think of:


I’m going to be an aunt! Again!Β Finally, I can get that off my chest! This adorable little Asian bean is coming in the middle of April – yay! Quinn will have a friend her size. Just like Leah and Ali have each other (4 months apart). And Zoey; well, Zoey is mother to all of them – and I’m pretty sure would have it no other way.Β  πŸ™‚ My parents had two measly girls – and together, and in 5 years, we have given them 5 grandkids. We’re a couple of reproduction machines. This is why Leah needed a sister. I hope so much that someday she and Quinn can experience babies and motherhood together. When I got pregnant with Leah, Lauren was about 20 weeks pregnant with Ali. I asked her all of my scary “is this a miscarriage” questions and told her how much I puked every day and that I was in fact dying. Now I’m the one in front and she’s the one in the depths of puking and worrying. I like this angle better :). Although, I do want her better.

Soon enough she will be 33.4 weeks pregnant and getting ready for her third. And I will be hangin’ out with my almost three year old and my 5 month old and probably starting to have those asinine thoughts of… they sure are cute, I could do this again….

And round and round we go.


Here’s some pictures of the past few days, though. Enjoy.


Gymnastics. Can’t wait to bring Quinn in a few weeks and let her try a ‘basket hang’ like big sister πŸ™‚


Someone play with this dog. Between the muffin baking, laundry washing, house cleaning, baby growing, Leah playing… he gets a little left out.


Well, I guess he’s still got his pal. They love open window season.


Enjoying a perfect fall, outside lunch with Nana.

The End.

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I have nothing left to clean. I have no laundry (shower curtains included) to wash, dry, or put away. I am crazy exhausted. Yet somehow I am dying sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if every pregnant girl gets this nuts with the nesting/third trimester stage? Or if this kind of psychosis is only reserved for yours truly because I was naturally born with a dose of impulsiveness and obsessiveness. I guess I’ll never know because I’ll never be another pregnant girl, nor will they be me – but I know that I’m slowly (and happily) killing myself over here.

Today’s dose of crazy started when I decided to forgo the mall and clean the tops of the ceiling fans instead. Dose of crazy indeed, my friends. When’s the last time you dusted the tops of your ceiling fans? That job is a very conflicting one. On the one hand I was gagging my way through it at the sheer volume of dust that was undoubtedly being spread around the house every time we turned them on. On the other hand I was happy as a peach knowing they were getting a thorough cleaning and we would all be breathing better because of it. Like I said, I’m driving myself nuts over here, I’m completely spent by the end of every day. I can’t stop, either, but I’m very proud of the cleanliness that surrounds me.

Today I literally made myself take a mental picture of our kitchen – I think I actually saw it sparkle. I wanted to remember this day and this feeling because I know in just six weeks all of this will be forgotten. The dishes will fill the sink. The mail will litter the counters. The crumbs will fill the floor. And Kyle will walk in to not a clean house, but a pit with an exhausted wife with outstretched arms full of newborn and a two year old running towards him hoping for an energized playmate. But I will have today’s picture in my mind. The day I cleaned the ceiling fans, washed not even a complete load of laundry just so there would be nothing on the floor, made strawberry banana muffins, cooked a hot dinner, decorated for fall, and played with my kid. And my dog.

Obsessive, yes. Productive, absolutely.

My obsessions are manifesting themselves in other ways, too, it’s not limited to cleaning. Do you remember with Leah when I had to have a very specific kind of diaper cream? And I couldn’t find it anywhere. And I got more obsessed by the day? I wanted a medicine cabinet full of baby medicine, really, but I was just absolutely dying without diaper cream. Well, this time it’s an ear thermometer. God Bless. Now, I will say that I’ve wanted this little thermometer since Leah’s first fever, I just never got around to getting it. Now all of a sudden – you guys – I gotta get this thermometer. It’s eating me alive. I search for it online as if I look at it enough it will just appear in my lap. Well the day has come, tomorrow Leah and I are getting ourselves a new thermometer and I can check that one off the list.

I’m also kind of going crazy with what will they need all winter? Clothes wise. I’m not really a seasonal shopper, I’m more of a grazer. My sister has her kids closets filled until they are both 10, but I just don’t operate that way. (I wish I did these days). I buy a few shirts here and a few there and sometimes I’ll really load up. But honestly, at the rate Leah outgrows clothes it’s just not smart for me to buy tons in one size at one time. She’s slowing down some, but she’s still getting crazy tall by the second so shirts are always a toss up. I just don’t know how homebound I’ll actually be this winter. I hate leaving in the cold as it is, and add two kids to that and I might just not ever leave. So I’m trying to stock up on clothes for both of them. Does Leah have enough shirts? Pants? Socks? Jammies?? Yes, I know she sleeps naked (or in a skirt which was her choice for today’s nap) but it doesn’t mean I can’t try. I feel like the cooler weather will warrant me to at least try to get her in some pajama pants. With all the tights she puts on herself maybe I’ll start with long underwear for her :). And what does Quinn need? How many footies? Church clothes? Just how long will she be in Newborn clothes (if she’s like her sister less than 2 weeks). I don’t know at what point I’ll be satisfied with their closets, but I do know I have a few clothes items on each of their lists that will drive me insane until I see them in their closets.

This goes hand in hand with Christmas – which – is actually almost finished! What?? Thank you, obsessiveness. I keep trying to get Kyle to tell me what he wants and he keeps avoiding me, but other than that I’m seriously almost done. And it feels so good. I don’t know why I don’t shop this early every year. I need the stores to start carrying wrapping paper so I can get everything wrapped before I can no longer bend forward either from a gigantic belly or a fresh incision. Either way, I’m on the lookout for wrapping paper. And matching Christmas picture outfits for two little girls, is that too much to ask in September? Apparently.

And there you have it. I’m nuts, you don’t need to tell me. I fully understand that all of the above is completely out of whack.

I know.

I just can’t stop it.

There’s a baby bird coming soon and I’ve gotta make a nest (complete with an ear thermometer).


The following has nothing to do with the content of this blog, but look at the trouble I found playing happily together at the top of the stairs…


She was more than likely feeding him play-doh.



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Weekend Recap.

Did you forget what the kids look like? Well, no one worry:


Leah still sleeps naked on the floor.


Duncan is still obnoxiously sweet.


And Quinn is still huge.

I love a low-key weekend. One where we have no where to be and nothing that absolutely has to get done. We can just kind of piddle along as a family at our own speed and lots of little projects get finished in the mix of it all. I, for one, felt extra productive this weekend. It all started Friday when Leah and I took a long walk in our downtown area. It’s quickly becoming my favorite thing with her; we walk at our own pace along cobblestone streets and she bobs in and out of little shops and up and down old stone steps. This is my number one way of tricking myself into exercising cause it’s just so easy. So we did that in the early morning then came home and yours truly put together a pack and play should baby Quinn ever need a nap downstairs. I’m completely a “babies sleep in cribs” mom, and I sincerely hope to stick to that, but I’m just not sure how any of it will go with our bedrooms being on different floors. And of course, I wanted to be ready with a Plan B. Then every piece of dirty clothes in this house got washed, dried, and put away because apparently laundry is my new nesting obsession. See ya, muffins. I’d now rather spend my time washing anything and everything I can find. Leah’s, Quinn’s, Kyle’s and mine, bedding, shower curtains, throw pillows… you name it… it’s getting washed. I’m actually loving this kick since laundry is my least favorite chore – so it’s nice to be able to enjoy it. And always having clean clothes is a really nice bonus. Kyle actually made the comment, “I’m really liking this nesting – it’s nice to have everything clean.” Ha, like we lived in some sort of crack house before? But seriously, I hear him. I’m constantly finding things to clean and it really does just make everything more enjoyable. And I made a promise to myself that the next time I’m pregnant in the first trimester I will not be so hard on myself about not cleaning, because I know that in the third trimester I will completely make it up to everyone! πŸ™‚


I love a Friday morning with this naked nut.

Don’t worry, we had clothes on for our walk.

So Friday was cleaning and walking and, oh yes, Leah’s first pony tail:


How darling, right?!

She is 100% obsessed with playing bay-ball with her dad (seriously has already asked me 45 times today to play when he gets home). Friday night was no exception, but it was hot and her hair was completely unruly so I had to do something. Her bangs aren’t quite long enough, but I tried just throwing up the back and this adorable look was the result. She’s too big.

Then, let’s see. Saturday we split up the gang and I got to go to Hobby Lobby to get my crafty and fall decorations fix, and the athletes of the family went next door to Sports Authority to work out and play with every ball they could find:


This is what I found when I went to pick them up.

I just don’t fit in with them, but they’re fun to watch. And I’m happy with my shopping trip. I’m so ready to decorate for FALL this weekend. It might not be 60, but I’m banking on the fact that 98 is leaving for good – and that is good enough for me! Not to mention Nana is coming up to see us and I need a reason to get everything together.

Then there was church and Target. The perfect Saturday night. πŸ™‚

Sunday started as all Sunday’s should… with pancakes. Well, first with two loads of laundry and then with putting the dishes away, and thennn with pancakes. Then there was lots of bounce house jumping and bay-ball playing and cleaning baby sister’s room. Then in the afternoon… a dip in the pool:


Ok, a dunk in the pool. Ha.

She was having so much fun, I couldn’t bare to turn the hose off. My apologies to all of you who care about water preservation. It was one of those days where it was hot in the sun, but doable in the shade so I was able to sit with her for a long time and just let her and her brother go crazy. It’s been too hot for me to even be outside lately, so I enjoyed the fresh (hot but tolerable) air as much as they did. And their dad got to watch football in peace. And as much as I am hoping that summer will soon come to an end, I had fun watching the kids live it up maybe one last time:


No clothes are ever on inside, yet fully clothed for a swim?



I really could just eat her little face up.


Told Duncan to smile. πŸ™‚


Next year we’ll need a bigger pool for sure.

Then there was dinner. And then there was gymnastics practice:



She will never be upright again once she actually figures out how to do a cartwheel.

And then the three crazies had a family game of chase:


I really don’t fit in around here.

And now you know. I might not have facebook anymore, but we’re still the same Proebsting’s doing the same ol’ same ol’.


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I never knew so many words could come out of such a little mouth at one time.

We are talking, you guys.

Really, really, really talking.

Like, don’t say anything you don’t want repeated talking.

I got called “babe” tonight, first by my husband… and two seconds later by my two year old.

Just in the last two days it seems like something has switched onΒ in Leah’s little brain. She’s been talking for a while, obviously. She can get her point across no matter what. But in the last two days something has changed dramatically with her speech. She has gone from rattling off new little words every day to repeating and coming up with full blown, big people sentences! What?! She’s all of a sudden turned four without me knowing it. It’s pretty fun though, as we’re not quite to the, oh my gosh be quiet, phase yet :).

And what comes with a lot more speech? A lot more speech impediments – my favorite! Seriously. I love a kid with a lisp or that can’t say their L’s. I mean really, is there anything cuter? Maybe it’s just me. But I’m a happy mama, because today Leah has said:

  • I’m wayin’ down (I’m Layin’ down)
  • I’m wookin, too! (I’m Lookin’, too)
  • Weave it (Leave it)
  • Woah, mommy cweaned up dirt! (Cleaned up dirt-Ha -that’s what she says when I vacuum).

And my personal favorite:

  • WEAH (Leah!)

It took her 26 months but the kid finally says her own name. For all we got was, “me.” “What’s your name?” “Me.” Neat. Now we get WEAH! Hahahahah. Man I’m glad we gave her an L name. Obviously, we will enunciate for her, and obviously I don’t want her to have a speech impediment for her whole life, and obviously we will get her tongue working the right way soon enough – but for right now I am so going to enjoy the W’s.

I just wove it. A wot.

And to make it even cuter (if that’s possible) she calls a W a “double do.” Ahhh – so many funny things coming from such a sweet little girl. Two is officially my favorite age, ever.

She knows all her letters, has a big list of words she knows by sight recognition, and is really into spelling – I think it’s no coincidence that all of this letter/reading/speaking is happening all at the same time. Something is going absolutely crazy in her little head right now and it’s just pouring out of her little mouth. Makes me such a happy mama to hear the things she thinks every day.

She is smart!

I wove you, Weah Caroline!

And all of the thinks you can think. And now say!

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Frosted Flakes.

Ahh, Home Improvement – just one of the things I’ve found to occupy my time without facebook. And I’m not talking handy man projects, I’m talking one of the best shows to come out of the 90s. Where it was rare before, it’s now become kind of fun for me to sit down and watch an actual show. I’m not a huge TV person, I rarely get deeply into any shows, but it is fun to relive my childhood with this gem every afternoon. Duncan also got some one on one hose playtime the other day. I had absolutely nothing to do during her nap so I took the mutt outside to live out his most fun dream – killing the hose. He’s such a nut, but he had the time of his life. It was fun for me, too, I must admit. And at the end of it all, I had a tired puppy – the goal of any day around here. And yesterday the truly crazy thing happened – I took a nap! WHAT. You guys, I haven’t napped since… I don’t know, I was in the hospital having just had Leah? It really doesn’t ever, ever happen. I can’t do it. I can’t just shut down in the middle of the day – but yesterday I did – hooray! So what if it was only 30 minutes, it was fun to just rest, something my body is definitely needing these days. We’ll see if I can make it more of a habit. And this hasn’t happened yet, but it will soon – I’ve found a recipe for homemade honey wheat bread – yum, right? I love the smell (and taste) of homemade bread – hurry up cooler weather so I can try it out!

All of the above to say – life outside of facebook is pretty stinking productive. It’s been almost a week already! Ha, I realize I sound like some sort of addict in a 12 step program, and I can assure it was not that bad, but it did suck up a good portion of my time – and most of the past week I have been more refreshed having not had it to look at. I guess I’ll give myself another week without it. πŸ™‚

If I had facebook, though, I probably would have told you that Leah is trying her hardest to do cartwheels now. God love her. She’s got the form down, the actual flipping over is causing her some problems. Good thing it was gymnastics day – lots of extra practice! And it’s a really good thing her dad can do everything athletic, because her mother sure cannot, cartwheels included. I suppose as she grows up they will bond over bay-ball and soccer and gymnastics and she and I will bond over baking goodies and organizing closets. πŸ™‚ I would have told you that when we go grocery shopping now, she can voice what she wants/needs. It’s like an audio list for me, really very helpful. For instance, “daddy’s apples!” “hot dogs, apple juuuuuice, coooookie (said in an insecure whisper as if she’s politely asking). And she can’t say it yet, but she pointed to the peanuts and said, “daddy’s this!” Sure enough, I would have forgotten them, but thanks to her he got some peanuts for the week. I probably would have also told you that I’ve started washing some of Quinn’s things. Just little stuff for now, the clothes will get started in the next week or two I’m sure. This is my favorite part of nesting – when I start to feel like she’s actually coming soon! And I probably would have told you that tonight the Proebsting’s are having Frosted Flakes for dinner! Yum, right? I just can’t do chicken tonight, nor do I care to be creative. Kyle asked that we also include bacon and eggs and toast; so I guess it’s not completely pathetic, right? Or is is more pathetic to try and dress up frosted flakes with bacon and eggs? Either way – we’re eating it and I’m excited.

That’s about all for today – I’ve got a dirrrrty bathroom calling my name.

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In the Books!

Yesterday was Labor day. Ha. I wish.

Would you take a look at what I’m carrying around every day:


And now full frontal:


She’s a growing girl, and getting heavier by the day. Right now we are 31.5 weeks pregnant – and really getting excited for her to be on the outside. We had another doctor’s appointment today – always exciting with Leah. She knows exactly what to do from telling me to pee in the cup to getting my belly measured, she is on top of it in there. It’s not easy to take her just because she is so involved, but I will say it’s entertaining. She loves to “check on the baby” as we call it, and loves to hear the heartbeat which she always says is loud. Today’s appointment was exceptionally fun for a few reasons. 1) I thought I had gained way over what I should have, and I was a good amount under (while still being healthy) and 2) the really fun part, we are officially in the books! November 1st there will be a family of Proebsting’s in that hospital just ready to get this little thing into our arms. So exciting! We got a very early appointment, which is what I wanted. I want the morning to be for us meeting Quinn, getting somewhat recovered, and getting all the routine stuff out of the way. I don’t want to look out of it for Leah; I’ll need the morning to get myself together for sure. I don’t want her to think that I’m in pain or something scary happened; only that we finally had the baby we’ve been talking about for so long. Only happy things. So then the only visitor we will have that entire afternoon is going to be a two year old ready to meet her little sister :), well, and her nanny for the weekend, Nana. Gosh I can’t wait for that moment. She’s getting really excited these days, and loves talking everything baby, so I hope she will like what she finds when she walks in our room :). I have six doctor’s appointments left – and then it’s the big day! Eeeek!

I sure hope she waits. Are you as anxious about that part of it as we are?? You should be. It’s a little terrifying. If she comes early, she will come right before Kyle’s big test! And then what do we do?! I guess we survive, and I guess Nana moves in with us – but man it would be nice if she would wait. I keep banking on the fact that Leah never showed one inkling of a thought of coming out willingly, so I’m hoping Quinn has the same thoughts.

For now I am going to try my hardest to get through the next week of heat. Seriously, Missouri, get ahold of yourself! What is this nonsense:


In case you can’t see it, that says 105! How is that acceptable at all?! It’s not easy being pregnant these days, folks. Leah and I barely left the house last week and if we did it was all before 9am and it still killed me. Blah. Today was wonderful; but it looks like the heat is coming soaring back before we hopefully have another break next week. Hopefully we’ll start going downhill after that. Kyle and Leah have both told me that the house is cold, ha. Sorry bout it guys – mama’s hot.

I went a little crazy in Gap Outlet yesterday – the girls got some fall clothes as I dreamed of being cool – now we just need fall.


Hoodies all around. Leah was actually very excited by her sweatshirt as she could spell it out :). And she seemed excited that they both had the same shirt (Quinn’s says it, too, it just doesn’t show up as well). Gosh I can’t wait to get these kids in coordinating outfits!

Annnnyways – that’s enough outta me for tonight. Loving my big girl more and more these days (if that’s possible) and getting more and more excited to hold my little girl (if that’s possible).


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Two Months.

We’re adjusting to life without facebook rather well around here. Granted, it’s been two days, but still. Think of how much I’ve missed?! Here’s the fun part though: I haven’t really missed it much at all. Instead, I keep thinking of the things that I don’t have to roll my eyes at anymore. Selfies, overly in love couples, drunken night stories, overly political statuses… the list could go on. I was rattling them off to Kyle this morning. I miss parts of it I guess, but I feel like those parts will disappear as time goes on and I adjust to not thinking about it. It is, however, very weird to not think about it. To not even have the app on my phone. To know that I won’t be getting anymore notifications. But that’s enough about that – I deleted it to stop thinking about it – and so I shall!

Do you wanna know what I’m thinking about at this very moment?

Well, in exactly two months I will be holding my Quinn. Ahh! Well, it should be exactly two months if she behaves herself and waits until after her dad’s test. How exciting the thought of having two of them, and better yet, another little bitty warm snuggly thing! That can’t run away from me when I need to put underwear on her! I’m so excited to relive the newborn stage over again – it’s so exhausting, sure – but it’s so warm and fuzzy at the same time. I’m ready for that baby girl, even the emotional roller coaster that will come with her. And my back is really excited to get her out. πŸ™‚ We’ve been planning out how we want it all to go – it’s just crazy how we’re already to that point. Wasn’t February yesterday?

And then when I’m not thinking about holding Quinn in two months, I’m thinking about the fact that exactly this time one year ago we were meeting Duncan for the first time! Seriously, time, stop. We had driven the three hours in a hurricane to go pick him up, and we had finally made it. Gosh we were excited to get our hands on his fuzzy little body. I go back and forth on my feelings on him in any given day (or even hour). He drives me insane and his behavior can be maddening, but I also love having him around. He really is a lot of fun. It all boils down to the fact that I’m happy he’s a Proebsting. And I’m very certain God created him just for Leah. I will always be grateful that he doesn’t bite her face off when I’m sure most days he wants to. She pulls his tail, grabs his nose, puts pants on him, covers him with blankets, hits him with baseball bats, rams her stroller into him – and he doesn’t bat an eye. In that regard, he’s the best dog in the entire world. And we should give him more treats.

It’s probably been a month or so by now, but a while ago Leah was having a hard time falling asleep. It’s completely unusual for her to need help to get to sleep, so I offered her Duncan. I asked if she wanted him to stay in her room with her while she fell asleep – and of course she said yes. So I crossed my fingers and left the two of them alone. I walked downstairs and all was quiet for a while, I thought it had actually worked! I was even excited to go up and take a picture of them sleeping soundly. However, about 30 minutes later I hear what could only be Duncan running his gigantic body in circles around her room. I bolted out of my seat and up the stairs – half laughing, half terrified. What I saw when I opened the door was better than anything I could have ever imagined. The lights are on, for one. I see Leah standing in her rocking chair, facing the wall, about to mess with the light switches – she freezes and stairs at me. Then I see Duncan. Who looks like he had just run a mile – bending down on his two front paws with his butt in the air in full on I’m crazy mode. Both ears flipped back. Leah breaks her frozen pose, turns to Duncan, points, and says, “Dunkie.” As if it was all his idea. I wanted to run out of the room and laugh and laugh and laugh. But I had to be a mom. I turned Leah’s light off, scooped her up, and said, “you have to go to bed now,” and put her in her bed. Then I pointed at Duncan and said, “git!” and pointed to the door. I closed her door and smiled for so long.

What a mess they are. I’ve never seen a dog be so in tune to the needs of a two year old, or seen a two year old care so much about something not even her own species. They really are remarkable together – and I hope for at least 20 more years of Duncan and Leah (and Quinn and _________) adventures. It’s been a really fun year for Leah, learning all about just what dogs do. Kyle and I watched a video the other night of her saying “dut dut” as he laid on the floor beside her – he was only 10 weeks old. What a lot of growing up together they’ve done over the past year.

Thanks for your service, Duncan.


Right after we claimed his as ours. I mean he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, right? He was that size for a day.


And today (well, yesterday). A girl and her horse.

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