Two Months.

We’re adjusting to life without facebook rather well around here. Granted, it’s been two days, but still. Think of how much I’ve missed?! Here’s the fun part though: I haven’t really missed it much at all. Instead, I keep thinking of the things that I don’t have to roll my eyes at anymore. Selfies, overly in love couples, drunken night stories, overly political statuses… the list could go on. I was rattling them off to Kyle this morning. I miss parts of it I guess, but I feel like those parts will disappear as time goes on and I adjust to not thinking about it. It is, however, very weird to not think about it. To not even have the app on my phone. To know that I won’t be getting anymore notifications. But that’s enough about that – I deleted it to stop thinking about it – and so I shall!

Do you wanna know what I’m thinking about at this very moment?

Well, in exactly two months I will be holding my Quinn. Ahh! Well, it should be exactly two months if she behaves herself and waits until after her dad’s test. How exciting the thought of having two of them, and better yet, another little bitty warm snuggly thing! That can’t run away from me when I need to put underwear on her! I’m so excited to relive the newborn stage over again – it’s so exhausting, sure – but it’s so warm and fuzzy at the same time. I’m ready for that baby girl, even the emotional roller coaster that will come with her. And my back is really excited to get her out. 🙂 We’ve been planning out how we want it all to go – it’s just crazy how we’re already to that point. Wasn’t February yesterday?

And then when I’m not thinking about holding Quinn in two months, I’m thinking about the fact that exactly this time one year ago we were meeting Duncan for the first time! Seriously, time, stop. We had driven the three hours in a hurricane to go pick him up, and we had finally made it. Gosh we were excited to get our hands on his fuzzy little body. I go back and forth on my feelings on him in any given day (or even hour). He drives me insane and his behavior can be maddening, but I also love having him around. He really is a lot of fun. It all boils down to the fact that I’m happy he’s a Proebsting. And I’m very certain God created him just for Leah. I will always be grateful that he doesn’t bite her face off when I’m sure most days he wants to. She pulls his tail, grabs his nose, puts pants on him, covers him with blankets, hits him with baseball bats, rams her stroller into him – and he doesn’t bat an eye. In that regard, he’s the best dog in the entire world. And we should give him more treats.

It’s probably been a month or so by now, but a while ago Leah was having a hard time falling asleep. It’s completely unusual for her to need help to get to sleep, so I offered her Duncan. I asked if she wanted him to stay in her room with her while she fell asleep – and of course she said yes. So I crossed my fingers and left the two of them alone. I walked downstairs and all was quiet for a while, I thought it had actually worked! I was even excited to go up and take a picture of them sleeping soundly. However, about 30 minutes later I hear what could only be Duncan running his gigantic body in circles around her room. I bolted out of my seat and up the stairs – half laughing, half terrified. What I saw when I opened the door was better than anything I could have ever imagined. The lights are on, for one. I see Leah standing in her rocking chair, facing the wall, about to mess with the light switches – she freezes and stairs at me. Then I see Duncan. Who looks like he had just run a mile – bending down on his two front paws with his butt in the air in full on I’m crazy mode. Both ears flipped back. Leah breaks her frozen pose, turns to Duncan, points, and says, “Dunkie.” As if it was all his idea. I wanted to run out of the room and laugh and laugh and laugh. But I had to be a mom. I turned Leah’s light off, scooped her up, and said, “you have to go to bed now,” and put her in her bed. Then I pointed at Duncan and said, “git!” and pointed to the door. I closed her door and smiled for so long.

What a mess they are. I’ve never seen a dog be so in tune to the needs of a two year old, or seen a two year old care so much about something not even her own species. They really are remarkable together – and I hope for at least 20 more years of Duncan and Leah (and Quinn and _________) adventures. It’s been a really fun year for Leah, learning all about just what dogs do. Kyle and I watched a video the other night of her saying “dut dut” as he laid on the floor beside her – he was only 10 weeks old. What a lot of growing up together they’ve done over the past year.

Thanks for your service, Duncan.


Right after we claimed his as ours. I mean he’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, right? He was that size for a day.


And today (well, yesterday). A girl and her horse.


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