In the Books!

Yesterday was Labor day. Ha. I wish.

Would you take a look at what I’m carrying around every day:


And now full frontal:


She’s a growing girl, and getting heavier by the day. Right now we are 31.5 weeks pregnant – and really getting excited for her to be on the outside. We had another doctor’s appointment today – always exciting with Leah. She knows exactly what to do from telling me to pee in the cup to getting my belly measured, she is on top of it in there. It’s not easy to take her just because she is so involved, but I will say it’s entertaining. She loves to “check on the baby” as we call it, and loves to hear the heartbeat which she always says is loud. Today’s appointment was exceptionally fun for a few reasons. 1) I thought I had gained way over what I should have, and I was a good amount under (while still being healthy) and 2) the really fun part, we are officially in the books! November 1st there will be a family of Proebsting’s in that hospital just ready to get this little thing into our arms. So exciting! We got a very early appointment, which is what I wanted. I want the morning to be for us meeting Quinn, getting somewhat recovered, and getting all the routine stuff out of the way. I don’t want to look out of it for Leah; I’ll need the morning to get myself together for sure. I don’t want her to think that I’m in pain or something scary happened; only that we finally had the baby we’ve been talking about for so long. Only happy things. So then the only visitor we will have that entire afternoon is going to be a two year old ready to meet her little sister :), well, and her nanny for the weekend, Nana. Gosh I can’t wait for that moment. She’s getting really excited these days, and loves talking everything baby, so I hope she will like what she finds when she walks in our room :). I have six doctor’s appointments left – and then it’s the big day! Eeeek!

I sure hope she waits. Are you as anxious about that part of it as we are?? You should be. It’s a little terrifying. If she comes early, she will come right before Kyle’s big test! And then what do we do?! I guess we survive, and I guess Nana moves in with us – but man it would be nice if she would wait. I keep banking on the fact that Leah never showed one inkling of a thought of coming out willingly, so I’m hoping Quinn has the same thoughts.

For now I am going to try my hardest to get through the next week of heat. Seriously, Missouri, get ahold of yourself! What is this nonsense:


In case you can’t see it, that says 105! How is that acceptable at all?! It’s not easy being pregnant these days, folks. Leah and I barely left the house last week and if we did it was all before 9am and it still killed me. Blah. Today was wonderful; but it looks like the heat is coming soaring back before we hopefully have another break next week. Hopefully we’ll start going downhill after that. Kyle and Leah have both told me that the house is cold, ha. Sorry bout it guys – mama’s hot.

I went a little crazy in Gap Outlet yesterday – the girls got some fall clothes as I dreamed of being cool – now we just need fall.


Hoodies all around. Leah was actually very excited by her sweatshirt as she could spell it out :). And she seemed excited that they both had the same shirt (Quinn’s says it, too, it just doesn’t show up as well). Gosh I can’t wait to get these kids in coordinating outfits!

Annnnyways – that’s enough outta me for tonight. Loving my big girl more and more these days (if that’s possible) and getting more and more excited to hold my little girl (if that’s possible).



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