I never knew so many words could come out of such a little mouth at one time.

We are talking, you guys.

Really, really, really talking.

Like, don’t say anything you don’t want repeated talking.

I got called “babe” tonight, first by my husband… and two seconds later by my two year old.

Just in the last two days it seems like something has switched on in Leah’s little brain. She’s been talking for a while, obviously. She can get her point across no matter what. But in the last two days something has changed dramatically with her speech. She has gone from rattling off new little words every day to repeating and coming up with full blown, big people sentences! What?! She’s all of a sudden turned four without me knowing it. It’s pretty fun though, as we’re not quite to the, oh my gosh be quiet, phase yet :).

And what comes with a lot more speech? A lot more speech impediments – my favorite! Seriously. I love a kid with a lisp or that can’t say their L’s. I mean really, is there anything cuter? Maybe it’s just me. But I’m a happy mama, because today Leah has said:

  • I’m wayin’ down (I’m Layin’ down)
  • I’m wookin, too! (I’m Lookin’, too)
  • Weave it (Leave it)
  • Woah, mommy cweaned up dirt! (Cleaned up dirt-Ha -that’s what she says when I vacuum).

And my personal favorite:

  • WEAH (Leah!)

It took her 26 months but the kid finally says her own name. For for.ev.er all we got was, “me.” “What’s your name?” “Me.” Neat. Now we get WEAH! Hahahahah. Man I’m glad we gave her an L name. Obviously, we will enunciate for her, and obviously I don’t want her to have a speech impediment for her whole life, and obviously we will get her tongue working the right way soon enough – but for right now I am so going to enjoy the W’s.

I just wove it. A wot.

And to make it even cuter (if that’s possible) she calls a W a “double do.” Ahhh – so many funny things coming from such a sweet little girl. Two is officially my favorite age, ever.

She knows all her letters, has a big list of words she knows by sight recognition, and is really into spelling – I think it’s no coincidence that all of this letter/reading/speaking is happening all at the same time. Something is going absolutely crazy in her little head right now and it’s just pouring out of her little mouth. Makes me such a happy mama to hear the things she thinks every day.

She is smart!

I wove you, Weah Caroline!

And all of the thinks you can think. And now say!


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