Weekend Recap.

Did you forget what the kids look like? Well, no one worry:


Leah still sleeps naked on the floor.


Duncan is still obnoxiously sweet.


And Quinn is still huge.

I love a low-key weekend. One where we have no where to be and nothing that absolutely has to get done. We can just kind of piddle along as a family at our own speed and lots of little projects get finished in the mix of it all. I, for one, felt extra productive this weekend. It all started Friday when Leah and I took a long walk in our downtown area. It’s quickly becoming my favorite thing with her; we walk at our own pace along cobblestone streets and she bobs in and out of little shops and up and down old stone steps. This is my number one way of tricking myself into exercising cause it’s just so easy. So we did that in the early morning then came home and yours truly put together a pack and play should baby Quinn ever need a nap downstairs. I’m completely a “babies sleep in cribs” mom, and I sincerely hope to stick to that, but I’m just not sure how any of it will go with our bedrooms being on different floors. And of course, I wanted to be ready with a Plan B. Then every piece of dirty clothes in this house got washed, dried, and put away because apparently laundry is my new nesting obsession. See ya, muffins. I’d now rather spend my time washing anything and everything I can find. Leah’s, Quinn’s, Kyle’s and mine, bedding, shower curtains, throw pillows… you name it… it’s getting washed. I’m actually loving this kick since laundry is my least favorite chore – so it’s nice to be able to enjoy it. And always having clean clothes is a really nice bonus. Kyle actually made the comment, “I’m really liking this nesting – it’s nice to have everything clean.” Ha, like we lived in some sort of crack house before? But seriously, I hear him. I’m constantly finding things to clean and it really does just make everything more enjoyable. And I made a promise to myself that the next time I’m pregnant in the first trimester I will not be so hard on myself about not cleaning, because I know that in the third trimester I will completely make it up to everyone! 🙂


I love a Friday morning with this naked nut.

Don’t worry, we had clothes on for our walk.

So Friday was cleaning and walking and, oh yes, Leah’s first pony tail:


How darling, right?!

She is 100% obsessed with playing bay-ball with her dad (seriously has already asked me 45 times today to play when he gets home). Friday night was no exception, but it was hot and her hair was completely unruly so I had to do something. Her bangs aren’t quite long enough, but I tried just throwing up the back and this adorable look was the result. She’s too big.

Then, let’s see. Saturday we split up the gang and I got to go to Hobby Lobby to get my crafty and fall decorations fix, and the athletes of the family went next door to Sports Authority to work out and play with every ball they could find:


This is what I found when I went to pick them up.

I just don’t fit in with them, but they’re fun to watch. And I’m happy with my shopping trip. I’m so ready to decorate for FALL this weekend. It might not be 60, but I’m banking on the fact that 98 is leaving for good – and that is good enough for me! Not to mention Nana is coming up to see us and I need a reason to get everything together.

Then there was church and Target. The perfect Saturday night. 🙂

Sunday started as all Sunday’s should… with pancakes. Well, first with two loads of laundry and then with putting the dishes away, and thennn with pancakes. Then there was lots of bounce house jumping and bay-ball playing and cleaning baby sister’s room. Then in the afternoon… a dip in the pool:


Ok, a dunk in the pool. Ha.

She was having so much fun, I couldn’t bare to turn the hose off. My apologies to all of you who care about water preservation. It was one of those days where it was hot in the sun, but doable in the shade so I was able to sit with her for a long time and just let her and her brother go crazy. It’s been too hot for me to even be outside lately, so I enjoyed the fresh (hot but tolerable) air as much as they did. And their dad got to watch football in peace. And as much as I am hoping that summer will soon come to an end, I had fun watching the kids live it up maybe one last time:


No clothes are ever on inside, yet fully clothed for a swim?



I really could just eat her little face up.


Told Duncan to smile. 🙂


Next year we’ll need a bigger pool for sure.

Then there was dinner. And then there was gymnastics practice:



She will never be upright again once she actually figures out how to do a cartwheel.

And then the three crazies had a family game of chase:


I really don’t fit in around here.

And now you know. I might not have facebook anymore, but we’re still the same Proebsting’s doing the same ol’ same ol’.



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