I have nothing left to clean. I have no laundry (shower curtains included) to wash, dry, or put away. I am crazy exhausted. Yet somehow I am dying sitting on the couch doing nothing.

Sometimes I wonder if every pregnant girl gets this nuts with the nesting/third trimester stage? Or if this kind of psychosis is only reserved for yours truly because I was naturally born with a dose of impulsiveness and obsessiveness. I guess I’ll never know because I’ll never be another pregnant girl, nor will they be me – but I know that I’m slowly (and happily) killing myself over here.

Today’s dose of crazy started when I decided to forgo the mall and clean the tops of the ceiling fans instead. Dose of crazy indeed, my friends. When’s the last time you dusted the tops of your ceiling fans? That job is a very conflicting one. On the one hand I was gagging my way through it at the sheer volume of dust that was undoubtedly being spread around the house every time we turned them on. On the other hand I was happy as a peach knowing they were getting a thorough cleaning and we would all be breathing better because of it. Like I said, I’m driving myself nuts over here, I’m completely spent by the end of every day. I can’t stop, either, but I’m very proud of the cleanliness that surrounds me.

Today I literally made myself take a mental picture of our kitchen – I think I actually saw it sparkle. I wanted to remember this day and this feeling because I know in just six weeks all of this will be forgotten. The dishes will fill the sink. The mail will litter the counters. The crumbs will fill the floor. And Kyle will walk in to not a clean house, but a pit with an exhausted wife with outstretched arms full of newborn and a two year old running towards him hoping for an energized playmate. But I will have today’s picture in my mind. The day I cleaned the ceiling fans, washed not even a complete load of laundry just so there would be nothing on the floor, made strawberry banana muffins, cooked a hot dinner, decorated for fall, and played with my kid. And my dog.

Obsessive, yes. Productive, absolutely.

My obsessions are manifesting themselves in other ways, too, it’s not limited to cleaning. Do you remember with Leah when I had to have a very specific kind of diaper cream? And I couldn’t find it anywhere. And I got more obsessed by the day? I wanted a medicine cabinet full of baby medicine, really, but I was just absolutely dying without diaper cream. Well, this time it’s an ear thermometer. God Bless. Now, I will say that I’ve wanted this little thermometer since Leah’s first fever, I just never got around to getting it. Now all of a sudden – you guys – I gotta get this thermometer. It’s eating me alive. I search for it online as if I look at it enough it will just appear in my lap. Well the day has come, tomorrow Leah and I are getting ourselves a new thermometer and I can check that one off the list.

I’m also kind of going crazy with what will they need all winter? Clothes wise. I’m not really a seasonal shopper, I’m more of a grazer. My sister has her kids closets filled until they are both 10, but I just don’t operate that way. (I wish I did these days). I buy a few shirts here and a few there and sometimes I’ll really load up. But honestly, at the rate Leah outgrows clothes it’s just not smart for me to buy tons in one size at one time. She’s slowing down some, but she’s still getting crazy tall by the second so shirts are always a toss up. I just don’t know how homebound I’ll actually be this winter. I hate leaving in the cold as it is, and add two kids to that and I might just not ever leave. So I’m trying to stock up on clothes for both of them. Does Leah have enough shirts? Pants? Socks? Jammies?? Yes, I know she sleeps naked (or in a skirt which was her choice for today’s nap) but it doesn’t mean I can’t try. I feel like the cooler weather will warrant me to at least try to get her in some pajama pants. With all the tights she puts on herself maybe I’ll start with long underwear for her :). And what does Quinn need? How many footies? Church clothes? Just how long will she be in Newborn clothes (if she’s like her sister less than 2 weeks). I don’t know at what point I’ll be satisfied with their closets, but I do know I have a few clothes items on each of their lists that will drive me insane until I see them in their closets.

This goes hand in hand with Christmas – which – is actually almost finished! What?? Thank you, obsessiveness. I keep trying to get Kyle to tell me what he wants and he keeps avoiding me, but other than that I’m seriously almost done. And it feels so good. I don’t know why I don’t shop this early every year. I need the stores to start carrying wrapping paper so I can get everything wrapped before I can no longer bend forward either from a gigantic belly or a fresh incision. Either way, I’m on the lookout for wrapping paper. And matching Christmas picture outfits for two little girls, is that too much to ask in September? Apparently.

And there you have it. I’m nuts, you don’t need to tell me. I fully understand that all of the above is completely out of whack.

I know.

I just can’t stop it.

There’s a baby bird coming soon and I’ve gotta make a nest (complete with an ear thermometer).


The following has nothing to do with the content of this blog, but look at the trouble I found playing happily together at the top of the stairs…


She was more than likely feeding him play-doh.




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3 responses to “Obsessive.

  1. Vicki

    I am inspired to Christmas shop!

  2. Ellen Rossi

    I clean the tops of my ceiling fans once a month and I don’t even use them.

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