Big, Bigger, Biggest.

It’s been a while, no? Or at least it feels like it’s been forever. But when Nana comes for the weekend – the world stops. And then we need a day to get ourselves back together after all the fun. Nana, come backkk. What a perfect fall weekend in Missouri – God Bless cooler weather! Fall has been pretty high on my wish list lately, and I’m finally getting a taste of cool! But enough on all of that; I have news for you.

Big news. Bigger news. And the biggest news!

Big: I’m a whopping 33.4 weeks pregnant. What?! When did that happen? I went down a very slippery slope this morning in the quiet of the 4am hour. In a week and a half I’ll be 35 weeks pregnant. Then two weeks from that I’ll be full term, and although we have a date all scheduled for her, she could totally come at any moment. And then two weeks after that if she stays put (she will)… we will be holding her! Does that freak anyone else out? Or just me? Shew – we’re about to have two kids, ya’ll. Two little girls! Quinn is funny. From what I can tell so far she is going to be a gymnast just like her big sister. She loves to move and is particularly hard on my ribs. I remember Leah giving me a stiff right hook to the ribs a few times and me yelping in pain -but Quinn does it constantly. The other morning she kicked me so hard I was actually worried she may have broken her foot. Not to mention the pain I felt for quite a while. Leah was always super low, I feel like Quinn’s taking her sweet time to head downward – which is good for not going into labors sake – bad for my ribs sake. Cold and sugar put her into a complete frenzy always ending with a 10 minute session of the hiccups. She loves her big sister and will go absolutely crazy anytime Leah is talking/laughing/pushing/playing around my belly. It’s actually very sweet. I’ve been starving lately. It had subsided through the middle portion of the pregnancy, but it now back with a vengeance. I’d say we made another 8+ baby for sure. I’m also not sleeping well at all. Blah. I just lay awake thinking for hours on end. I’ve also been getting big doses of random nausea, but I remember that in the final weeks with Leah. Thanks, girls. I’ve been working on her laundry (well, everyone’s laundry); but gosh it’s fun to fold soft blankets and tiny socks. I also got a new diaper bag so her soft blankets and tiny socks won’t be covered in granola bar crumbs… at least for a while. I’m enjoying the end, a lot. Maybe more than I did with Leah. I’m enjoying the crazy nesting. I’m enjoying soaking up one on one time with Leah. I’m enjoying putting another little girls room together. I’m enjoying dreaming of holding her. I’m enjoying choosing newborn picture and coming home from the hospital outfits. Soon, little girl, soon.



It’s starting to look stressed out. You are welcome for me cropping my face out. No one needs to see that today.

And this is also big news:


Got the ear thermometer! Good news, no fevers! Leah and I had the best time playing with this fun little thing.

Bigger: What’s bigger than being 33 weeks pregnant and having a new ear thermometer? Being 33 weeks pregnant and having a CRIB for your baby to sleep in! A crib that is not damaged!


No holes! No spackle! No paint job! We can all breathe easy now, guys. She has a bed! And the bedding is washed! Which means Leah doesn’t get to jump in it anymore… no one tell her. It took not a day less than three months to get it after my initial call, but it’s here, and I can stop freaking out. She has a crib. And it is ready for a brand new baby.

Biggest: What is bigger than having a not broken crib? Only one thing that I can think of:


I’m going to be an aunt! Again! Finally, I can get that off my chest! This adorable little Asian bean is coming in the middle of April – yay! Quinn will have a friend her size. Just like Leah and Ali have each other (4 months apart). And Zoey; well, Zoey is mother to all of them – and I’m pretty sure would have it no other way.  🙂 My parents had two measly girls – and together, and in 5 years, we have given them 5 grandkids. We’re a couple of reproduction machines. This is why Leah needed a sister. I hope so much that someday she and Quinn can experience babies and motherhood together. When I got pregnant with Leah, Lauren was about 20 weeks pregnant with Ali. I asked her all of my scary “is this a miscarriage” questions and told her how much I puked every day and that I was in fact dying. Now I’m the one in front and she’s the one in the depths of puking and worrying. I like this angle better :). Although, I do want her better.

Soon enough she will be 33.4 weeks pregnant and getting ready for her third. And I will be hangin’ out with my almost three year old and my 5 month old and probably starting to have those asinine thoughts of… they sure are cute, I could do this again….

And round and round we go.


Here’s some pictures of the past few days, though. Enjoy.


Gymnastics. Can’t wait to bring Quinn in a few weeks and let her try a ‘basket hang’ like big sister 🙂


Someone play with this dog. Between the muffin baking, laundry washing, house cleaning, baby growing, Leah playing… he gets a little left out.


Well, I guess he’s still got his pal. They love open window season.


Enjoying a perfect fall, outside lunch with Nana.

The End.


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