It’s FALL! Like really, truly the season of fall. We are welcoming cool weather, all day outside playtime, and pumpkin muffins for sure.

I could not be happier. There was even a chili dinner to ring in the season last night. We had a weekend of celebrating fall for sure. Unfortunately we lost Kyle to studying, but where we lose a Kyle… we gain…



Man, it’s fun to have cousins within driving distance. They don’t live right down the road, but when we get invited to a Fall Farm Showcase with them it’s an easy enough decision to drop everything and hit the road! Pregnant or not, I knew Leah would have the time of her life 1)just being with her favorite two friends and 2)petting all sorts of farm animals in gorgeous weather. And I knew it would take her mind off the fact that her dad was at work studying all weekend :(. Blah, we miss him! But we had such a fun time walking through corn mazes, looking at pumpkins, riding tractors, milking cows, and petting all sorts of animals.


We left there with one more trip up planned before you know who comes and changes our world. I would love to tell Leah so she can be so very excited, but it would be a disaster saying “later” for another couple weeks so I will wait. 🙂

Fall isn’t treating all of us so well though. Kyle has horrendous fall allergies. Leah has horrendous fall allergies. And this just in…


Duncan learned he has horrendous fall allergies!

Why can no one in my family have my obviously superior genes and not have allergies. If I didn’t like them all so much, I would be seriously annoyed and grossed out by all the snot and eye goop around here.

Duncan has been losing more and more hair on his belly, and gaining more and more red bumps. He also wakes up with an eye full of goop every single morning. I’ve had suspicions of allergies for a while, but I’ve been a little busy around here to deal with it. Today, I decided to get him checked out. Good news is, they both love the vet.


I told Duncan to go sit by the door… Leah followed, ha. Obedient little creatures they are. Sometimes.

Leah loves taking Dunkie to the doctor, mainly because:


There are two cats who just wander the office 🙂

I love our vet; he’s old fashioned.

So almost 90 dollars later he got himself an allergy shot, itch medicine, amoxicillan for infected red bumps, and we got ordered to give him a bath. Because that’s easy. This dog.


Look at these miserable faces. “Enough with the pictures, ma, let us play!”

Hopefully we can get all snot, itching, goopy eyes, and red bumps under control shortly. You should see the list of medicine I have to keep track of around here! Maybe Quinn will get her mother’s awesome non-allergy genes.

Wait, did you see that little word… QUINN!

She’s coming SOON! She comes in the fall… it’s the fall! 5 weeks and three days if you want to get specific, and I do.

It’s not all good though, this is about how it goes around here: “Kyle, we’re having a baby in 5 weeks!” “Ugh, I have a test in 5 weeks.” He just sucks the fun right out of everything. It’s always like that with these tests, I don’t know how it happens. “Kyle, we’re getting married in 5 days!” “Ugh, I have a test in 3 days.” “Kyle, we’re going on vacation in a month.” “Ugh, I have a test in a month.” These tests! Ugh! But, we’re about down to a month for both of these next two giant adventures… he’s got this nasty test on his brain, I’ve got this sweet girl on the brain. Our brains are full. I got an email telling me to start packing hospital bags. Yikes. Her laundry is almost done. It’s just kind of getting crazy… there will really be two of them. The little details have all been finalized. Even though we picked her birthday, she could surprise us so we have to be ready. Kyle has to start having (and answering his phone)! I have to start going to the doctor every week. Apparently we’re supposed to pack hospital bags. Duncan has to have his pre-baby professional bath scheduled. I have to schedule my pre-baby last one for a while hair cut and pedicure :). And oh yes, we all have to get Kyle ready to pass his test.


Fall is here!


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