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The End.


Well, Leah counted the doctor’s for the last time today. A little sad, a little… wonderful. I was greeted by the receptionist with a, “alright, you don’t get to come back anymore.” Good! I can’t believe it actually, can you?? I mean… 2 freaking days. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I guess nothing. I guess I’ll just sit and stew with Kyle.

Actually, my life should be pretty smooth sailing for the next 2 days. Nana moves in tomorrow! Which means Duncan and Leah will be fully occupied… and I will have someone to talk to while Kyle is a shut-in in his office. Eeeeek! That test! You’re saying your prayers, right? Cause that’s still pretty stinking high on the priority list. I’ve got an anxious husband.

So here’s where we are at 2 days before D-Day:


I told Kyle I deserved some sort of reward for carrying this thing around. He told me I’d get it on Friday :). Although, I’m not sure if she counts… she’s just gonna yell at me for the next three months…. and not let me sleep… and demand food. Doesn’t sound like my kind of reward. Regardless. She’s a heavy girl, but she’s happy (I’m assuming) and crazy active. She’s been a fun one. Her heartbeat today was 155; at least she’s slowed a little. I gained a grand total of 37lbs. Blah. I gained 29 with Leah; the good baby. Although, I still came out 2lbs under my ending weight with Leah… that’s gotta mean something, right? Here’s to losing weight at a record speed like I did with Leah. It shouldn’t be too hard considering I’m about to deliver a 28lb baby :).

Everything is finished. Done. DONE. I realized over the weekend I hadn’t gotten a nightlight for her room – gasp! Don’t worry, I took care of it ASAP and now we can all breathe easy.

Here it is… this time next week it’ll probably be a mess, so enjoy:

photo(313) photo(314) photo(315)

A room fit for a Quinn. Get it, like a Queen. A little 39 weeks pregnant humor for you on this Tuesday. Her room makes me so happy. “Quinn” screams purple to me. And well, it’s purple. And light. And airy. And sweet. Everything little girls should be. Please ignore the dog; he loves to lay in the sunlight in her room. It’s actually very sweet – can’t wait to see him with a newborn! God help us all. Leah helped me get out the diapers and fill her changer the other day. 1) It was weird seeing diapers again (especially tiny diapers) and 2) that kid is so stinking excited to help me change a diaper and to throw it away. I can’t wait for this big-sisterness.

I don’t have much else to day besides that our bags our packed. Our doctor said see you Friday. Kyle’s finished with work for quite a while. Nana comes tomorrow. Duncan goes to camp for a special new baby sister bath Thursday. We’re having a baby, ya’ll! Another baby. Family of 5 status. But I will leave you with this because it’s doing such crazy things to my heart that I have to share:


Joan and Jenna… you have made me one happy Mama. I love people with talent.

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The Last Time.

Here it comes! Here comes the week when I annoy everyone around me, and even myself a little. The week that I will be consumed by,

“This is the lasssst time…”

The last weekend without Quinn. The last Monday with just Leah and I. The last dinner as a family of three. The last doctor’s appointment. The last time I’ll sleep through the night (ok, so that ended a while ago, but you get it). The last night only putting one sweet girl to bed. The last time Quinn goes crazy in the shower. The lassssst…. the incredibly long list will get even more obnoxious as the days drag on. I will pick at everything to find any sort of meaning and excitement at all.

We’re on the 10 day forecast (always my judge of when something is close). We’re at 39 weeks; we won’t see 40. We technically have “less than a week.” I mean, it’s getting a little intense.

It doesn’t seem like such a profound statement when you first say, “we should have a (another) baby,” until these very moments. When the end is so close – then you kind of wish someone would have smacked you the second you said those words – just to make sure you realized how much of a big deal it actually is. You make your baby, take your pregnancy test, get really excited, plan and eat and wait your way through 10 months and then all of a sudden you realize (like you’ve never realized before) that in less a week there will be a new baby in your arms. And in our case, another new baby. Even writing that, with italics, doesn’t begin to capture how huge this all is. She’s coming. As in this time next Friday while you are all going about your business – I will be holding the little Quinn God created, we put into action, I grew, and the doctor handed to Kyle… perfectly gooey.

Huge, guys.

And this is the last Friday we will have without her in color. Something tells me my horrible sleep isn’t going to be improving in the next six days…

I’m not the only one excited (not by a long shot); but Quinn’s big sister I think is about to bust. I actually do think she gets it. She knows what babies are. She knows that our baby is in my belly. She knows the doctor checks on her. She knows that she is coming out soon. And I think she’s actually really, very excited to see her. We’ve been reading Leah’s baby book a lot. It’s a shutterfly book I made when she was born; basically telling her her birth story with lots of pictures. And we’ve read it a million times in the past few months… and we explain that just like the doctor took Leah out of my belly… the doctor is going to take Quinn out of my belly. She’s a smart kid, and that’s not too hard of a concept… she gets it. I think at this point she’s just ready to get the show on the road. She’s probably about to call my bluff, I mean how often can you say, “soon.” Yesterday she lifted my shirt and said, “baby dance and clap our hands, too?” (Ps, dancing and clapping is her thing right now). And today asked if the baby wanted some fruit loops. Ha. God love her. And as if she’s reminding herself, she says multiple times a day, “baby coming soon, soon, soon.” I just can’t take it anymore! I can’t wait to see these two together! In less than a week!

So in my last week of pregnancy… I’m ready. Can you tell? Ha. I am large. Quinn is large. Quinn is strong. It’s painful to sit and rest because of the feet and elbows that are constantly protruding from my ridiculous looking midsection. I pee every 5 minutes, and the minutes in between I constantly feel like i have to pee. I don’t sleep without Tylenol PM. I walk up the stairs and have to catch my breath for 10 minutes. I get at least 7000 braxton hicks contractions a day. I cleaned the bathroom and thought I was in labor. Drinking a cold glass of water (actually a big craving) makes me grimace because I know the beating that’s coming as soon as it hits her snug and comfy body. I don’t sleep with covers, and usually wake up sweating and have to separate my stomach which involuntarily lands on my legs, which feels about as good as ripping hot, sweaty legs off of a leather seat. If I eat more than a fistful sized meal it stays in my esophagus/throat for at least three hours. It’s a pretty good time I’m having over here. But really, it’s hard and uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t trade it. I still weirdly like being pregnant and whining about all of the above. I love watching the circus that goes on in my belly. I love that her heartbeat is still as strong and as fast as ever. But I love that the end is near 🙂

I’m dying to see this kid. I’ve had five dreams of her… she had hair and looked the same in every one of them. I had three dreams of Leah and she had no hair and looked about like she did in real life so that is making me extra anxious. Will they look alike? Complete opposite? Will she be 16lbs? Easier or harder than Leah? Will she sleep ever (right now it’s a firm no). Will she do everything early like big sister or will she be my favorite lazy child? And oh my God, how will we all handle teething again. Those memories are still vividly planted in my brain.

It’s going to be a week of remembering Leah’s birth, of saying this is the lassssst to anyone that will listen, of counting days and hours, of packing and repacking, of trying to find sesame seed bagels (seriously, where are they?!) for one very needy Nana, of studying, of stewing, of not sleeping because of excitement… and a little fear… and a little discomfort, of imaging Quinn, of imagining Thursday night and Friday morning, of imagining Leah holding Quinn, of imagining bringing this sweet girl home and her brother barging at us – of warm, and wonderful and scary and exciting thoughts.

This is the last week, guys. The countdown is truly on.

Wanna do something fun? Kyle and I placed our bets on how big this kid will actually be. To give you a reference, I said 9lb 8oz. And I think I guessed under, ha. But who knows, maybe I’m just a wuss this time around and she’s only 7lbs. Wanna place your bet? If you live close to us – you will win a cookie that is a specialty of mine and Leah’s. If not, well, you can have pride in yourself. You can leave your guess in the comment section.

Here are some helpful hints:

Kyle was 7.11

I was 9.9

Leah was 8.8

Duncan is 89



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And then there was ONE.

Just like so many days before, Leah and I shared in yet another doctor’s appointment today. A couple times lately, I’ve been able to schedule them late enough so that Kyle can stay at home with her and I can go by myself – which is nice in theory, and definitely easier – but I must admit, I kinda like having her with me more. She’s pretty funny, and she gets really excited by anything doctor. She loves to “check on the baby” as we call it, and loves to hear her heartbeat. The times when Kyle did stay home with her I lied and told her I was going to the grocery store (to which she gave me a list of: blueberries, grapes, orange juice, hot dogs, noodles, and coffee). I just couldn’t bare to tell her I had to go to the doctor because I knew that she would want to come. Then I felt bad for lying. Needless to say… I was happy to have her back with me today.

We go through a whole process. First, she asks to run to the elevator. Then she must “push da budon.” Then she counts the doctors on the flier in the elevator (there’s three), then she jumps. Then we stop by the drinking fountain before going into the office. Next we wait and read books. Then the real fun starts. She makes sure I get my cup to pee in, and once we actually get in the bathroom she hands it to me and says, “here ya go, mommy!” Then she ever so awkwardly watches me. Then she tells me to put it in the little window, “right here, mommy”, however, today she made sure to say, “that’s a wotta potty mommy! A wot!” Then we go wait and I hand her snack after snack so she’ll sit in the chair by herself. She listens intently to Quinn’s heartbeat and covers her ears and says it’s “too woud.” Then I give her my phone to shut her up while the doctor comes in. Then we go schedule the next appointment and she unashamedly asks for not one, but two stickers. And we leave.

See what I mean… difficult… yet entertaining. All that to say…

We only have one more left. We’ve been doing this routine since February, and next week the fun will all be over. Kinda crazy, right? So how about that heartbeat that’s always, “too woud?” Well – today it was 175. 175! That sparked comments from both the nurse and the doctor. The nurse said, “wow, she’s not settling down anytime soon is she??” You see, they’re supposed to get so big they can’t move as much… my girls just make more room at their mother’s expense. Then the doctor said, “looks like she’s got a really strong heartbeat.” She’s got a strong something alright. Or a strong everything. It was a fun appointment for that and many more reasons, though. She gave me the rundown on our rules for getting to the hospital and what they’ll do before, during and after. When I might leave, etc. Again, kinda crazy that this is all going down next week.

So in this next jam packed week – what’s a family to do?? Well, Kyle will study. He’s already stewing, God help us all. He has a pattern with these tests; I’ve picked up on it over the years. In the beginning, he’s just overwhelmed by all the new material. He says things like, “this is just all so different from anything else.” Then he gets into it a little more and starts worrying about just the sheer volume of it all and wondering how he’s going to be able to get himself ready. Then he hits the point where the test is close, but he still has some time. This is when it’s hardest… for me. He gets so hard on himself for not knowing more than he does and says things like, “I don’t know how I’m going to be ready.” To which I say things like, “just keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get there.” (Because I know the pattern now). And, “You can’t possibly study any more than you are, just a little longer, you’ll get it.” Which is true. And now we’re in the last phase… when the test is close and anxiety is at it’s peak. He is consumed by “I hope I know enough,” and, “what’s going to be on this stupid thing?!” And I say things like, “you’ve been working your tail off, you got this,” and, “you can do it, put your back into it,” and, “our prayers are that you’re learning the right things for your test,” and, “do you wanna go walk around Target?” (You know, to help with the stewing). It’s in this last phase, though, that I get to see some glimmers of hope. He’s still incredibly hard on himself, but sometimes he will come downstairs half excited and feeling confident in himself. Those little moments give me reason to breathe and know that he is the smartest guy on the planet and he will be fine. But just know, as excited as I am for this little (gigantic) bean to come out and say hello next week… we (Kyle) first has to get through this monster of a test. So go ahead and start praying that he has been studying exactly what he needs to pass this thing. And that the little moments of confidence will increase ten-fold (or a million fold) by this time next week.

And then while he does all the work, Leah and I will lay low. And probably make cookies. I need to get a master grocery list together to get ready for next week when Nana comes… and the week after that… when we’re home with two little girls! I have a few more dinners I want to make ahead. I need to get the house a little more in order. All little things – but they must get done so that when Friday rolls around I can just think about having a baby and not how much laundry is on the floor at home. Or that Nana and Leah are starving.

Eeeek. One more doctor’s appointment!


This is what I deal with.



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Hey, Baaaaaaaaabe?!

And here starts the last full week of having an only child.

That thought is kind of blowing my mind. I know I’ve been talking a lot about Quinn, and pregnancy, and two babies, etc, etc., but I promise I’m not completely ignoring Leah these days. I’m not ignoring her at all, actually. She wouldn’t dare let that happen. It’s just that so much is happening in her little life that I get overwhelmed trying to write it all down; let alone remember everything new she does in a day. I literally cannot keep up with this child. This, being two thing is no joke. I mean every single day there are multiple new skills, new words, new thoughts, new games, new ideas, new… everything. I wake up with a newer, better version of my kid every single day. And I am excited for newborn cuddles and coos, but man if I don’t think two is the best age ever.

Two means independence. At least in Leah’s world.

Me! Me! ME! ME DO IT! ME DO IT, MOMMY! She must do everything by herself from potty to eating to dressing to opening doors to finding toys… ME DO IT. It’s exhausting, and time consuming, and sometimes frustrating; but I kind of like it. A lot. She makes me laugh (on the inside) because she is so me. If I could get away with screaming ME DO IT to people my age and older, I totally would. I hate help, I’ve said that a million times before. And, well, I suppose I’m getting a dose of my own medicine with this child. Do you know that the other day she was screaming at me, “ME DO IT!” to put her pants on and I was ignoring her because we really needed to get out the door – I got them all the way pulled up and the little stinker pulled them right back off and then pulled them up back on by herself – that’ll teach me to ignore her. She’s gonna figure this world out with utter independence; her mother can just sit and watch her. Because I feel like I know what’s she’s dealing with in this area I try really hard to let her do everything. We both love the most when she is fighting and fighting to do something herself and finally pulls it out with no help – gosh, to see her little face filled with pride makes me so happy; and I know that she is over the moon pleased with herself. Big time parenting rewards in those little moments.

She’s a pretty funny little thing, though, and her personality just seems to get bigger every day. My favorite, absolute favorite, thing she does is to yell through the house at either Kyle or myself,

“Hey Baaaabe?!”

I guess she’s heard it a time or two. I yell up or down the stairs to him, or through the house when I need something. He does the same. And now when our two year old needs something we hear it – same inflection and all. God bless her; you should all be able to hear it.

I also really love the help I get when we’re grocery shopping – or if I tell her I’m going to the store. She always has a list of suggestions for me. Her list always includes the following: blueberries, grapes, hot dogs, orange juice, noodles, and coffee. Every single time. One day she threw in cupcakes and waffles – but for the most part, she always insists I get those six staple items. I don’t know if all two year olds are easy to grocery shop with, but it’s seriously one of my favorite things to do with her. She doesn’t shut up in a grocery store and keeps me laughing for sure. She likes to “read” me my list, and direct our path through the store, and pick out her dads apples, and always makes sure he gets peanuts. And, I used to think it was bad, but now I completely accept that fact that everyone from the shelf stockers to the bakery workers to the cashiers know who we are…

She loves her dad these days. And all days before these days. And all days after these days. It’s exhausting how many times a day I have to say, “daddy will be home later.” “You can play with daddy later.” “Daddy just has a litttttttle more work then you can play bay-ball.” Man, she loves him. From the second he gets finished studying she wants him… and only him. She makes sure to tell me, “no mommy,” I am not allowed to jump with them, or play with them, or the other night she took it to a new level and told me I wasn’t allowed to eat dinner with them. It would really hurt my feelings if it wasn’t so stinking precious. I suppose it’s a wonderful problem to have. She’s a lucky girl.

She’s just a happy kid. I don’t know if we’re just that good of parents (probably), or we got lucky in the personality department, or she’s actually really awful and we don’t realize it because she’s so cute – but it’s rare that she has a bad day. She’s pretty stinking happy from 7am on. I would pay big money to wake up with the energy she has every single day. She needs little discipline – but we do completely ignore the things that come out of her that are less than desirable. She’s kind of like a lab in that sense; she thrives off making us happy and if she doesn’t get attention for something she usually won’t repeat it. So far it’s an easy fix. Listening is the name of the game these days – “Leah, listen to mommy.” “Listen to daddy.” “Honey, lisssssssstennnnnnnn.” We must sound like a couple of broken records. I know I get sick of saying it, but hey, she’s two; listening when you don’t want to is part of being a two year old.

A lot of times I wonder what she really thinks about this baby we talk about all the time. Does she actually know she’s coming out? That she will be a big sister? Maybe, but probably not. However, I do know that she is excited for something. She knows something is coming, and that something is definitely making my belly get, “big, big, big!” She loves to lift up my shirt and say, “I see baby!” and then rub it like a genie will pop out. It’s pretty sweet, and makes me very excited for her to see this little thing in color. I think she will really embrace the big sister role.

There are a million more things I could write… if I could remember them all. But time is flying at the speed of light and I have a serious case of pregnancy brain so my recollection of what she did even two hours ago is pretty limited. Just know that we love her and think she is pretty stinking funny. The things that roll out of her mouth are golden. I’m grateful to Kyle every single day that I get to be here with her every day to watch her little life unfold – and even to remind her to lisssssten! I’m excited to soak up the next 10 days with an only child before this little intruder comes around and ruins our fun :).

Leah Lately…


Miss independent making her own sandwich. And yes, this was lunch. And yes, she’s using the knife. And yes, she’s wearing her pajamas still. And yes, she eats lunch ON the table most days. We do what we want 🙂

photo(304) photo(310)

She still likes her dog quite a bit.

photo(306) photo(309)

She loves to be outside. And pick her outfits. She’s currently training to climb Everest.

photo(305) photo(307)

Happy. Almost always. The other day I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me, “dance and clap our hands.” Ha. So we did.


Just hangin’ out with her sister.


She was confused by what I was doing so I told her my back hurt… She went to get her doctor kit to help 🙂

Sweet, sweet girl we have.

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How Did We Get Here?

Woah, baby. Almost 38 weeks now.

Kyle struck me with a very casual question last night as we were talking about the next two weeks. How did we get here? Not literally how, but just how is it already the middle of October? How is the sand running out on his studying clock? How has it already been nine months since I saw two little pink lines?

How did we get here?

And then naturally, my mind went crazy. February. Somehow we got from February 17th to October 15th in no time at all. What filled all of those months? Well, allow me to share.

How did we get here? Here’s how:

Probably literally day one, we spent an awfully fun day in the ER with an awfully sick buggie.


God bless her she was sick. They say stress is not good for a pregnant lady – sorry, Quinn.

photo(127) photo(126)

We recovered in time for Valentine’s Day. Two Valentine’s for life: Daddy (who beats her with pipe cleaners) and Dunkie.

IMG_5731 IMG_5972

February 17th. The magic day. And then the 6 magic days after that. That’s when time started racing.


With a lot of pink lines as proof – we decided to upgrade to Minivan status. They gave us a balloon for free.

photo(155) photo(177)

With a baby coming we decided to turn the first baby into a toddler 🙂


Ultrasound take 1: We saw our bean and made it official.


There was a freak, late season snow storm and Kyle hit Leah in the head with a shovel full of it.


We celebrated Easter.


We enrolled in gymnastics! (And haven’t missed a day yet!)

 533565803366724 534050023318302

We took both girls to visit Great Grandma in Buffalo.


We celebrated three happy, filled years.


We got the kids a toy.


Ultrasound take 2: We learned she was a Quinn and saw her fingers.

017 040

We celebrated America.

021 068

We celebrated our firstborn 🙂


Ultrasound take 3: We saw her face.

419634171426555 photo(189)

We celebrated our second born.


Ultrasound take 4: We really saw our girl.

photo(242) photo(240) photo(244) photo(238) photo(188)

We got prepared.


We planted a tree.

photo(276) 064

We ushered in fall with many a’ festival.

But basically…


Kyle studied.

516722251717746 photo(301)

And I grew a little girl.

And in 2 weeks and 2 days all of our hard work will be over.

That, my friends, is how we got here.

All of that.

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A Couple Weeks.

This little Q-Ball I’ve got in my belly doesn’t mess around.

She is large and in.charge, friends. Maybe I’ve forgotten how big Leah felt at the end, or how much she moved, or just how much space she took up – but wow – I’m being reminded every second of every day that there is a little girl hanging out in my mid-section.

23 days. Just 23 of ’em! Holy crap – I should be doing something other than blogging.

On Sunday, Kyle and I were watching football and I casually said, “in a couple weeks you’ll get to watch football with Quinn.” And then I freaked out! A couple weeks! I go through a range of emotions with that kind of a timeline; on the one hand… get her out! She’s huge, I’m in pain and tired. On another hand… Am I ready to wake up constantly and hang out with 2 (3) of them all day long?! And on a third hand… Give me that sweet, sweet baby girl – I’ve been saving a very special kiss for her. Sometimes I’m sick of it all, sometimes I enjoy the jumping off my hips and ribs, sometimes I’m terrified of what’s coming… mostly…

I’m so stinking excited and ready to get her in my arms!

The plus side for this week has been an improvement on sleep. Let no one think I’m sleeping well… but I’m sleeping. And because I wasn’t sleeping at all the two weeks prior, I will take this rather botched attempt at rest every night. Some hours of sleep is better than no hours of sleep, am I right? And yes, I realize that in a couple weeks the sleep will again leave. However, I maintain that being up with a snuggly (maybe fussy) baby is always better than lying awake in pain, having to pee, or thinking unending thoughts of nonsense.

What a fun weekend we were able to carve out for ourselves though – and with me even having energy! We kicked it off with apple picking with Leah’s Nonna and Papa on Friday. It was hot; but seemed like a very October thing to do. And YUM apples. Then Saturday… you guys… I just spent the past 5 minutes trying to remember what we did Saturday and came up with absolutely nothing. I even looked over my facebook to see if I took a picture of anything. God help me, I shouldn’t be left alone with Leah all day with this absent mind. So I guess I’ll just assume it was a low-key day at home? But Sunday; Sunday’s where the real fun started! It was cold for one, can I get an amen?! Man, I’ve been waiting for this – and it did not disappoint. We took both kiddos to the pumpkin patch to try and squeeze in one fun family activity while Kyle still has a very little bit of not studying time. So fun, so windy, so cold, so FALL! Then we came home and just got to relax with football, baking, carving, and playing outside. Ok, so very little of that was actually relaxing – but it was relaxing in a cuddly, wonderful, fall kind of way. My back and body hated me by the end of the day but I ignored them both.

I have actually really tried to change my tune around here – when I start hurting and my back starts screaming to sit – I listen most of the time these days. It’s really hard because my crazy nesting mind is still screaming for me to get up and do something; but the sore back is winning more of the battles. For instance, I only made one batch of muffins when I wanted to make two. And I needed to go to Sams and Target, but just went to Target and saved Sams for when Kyle could go and help. I wanted to clean the bathroom but… well I didn’t do anything… I just didn’t clean it :).

She’s a heavy one, this Quinn, and I’ve adopted the motto of “screw it” for these last 23 days. Healthy eating, laundry, cleaning be damned. Ok, not really. I’m still trying – but I’m not trying as hard as I was. Leah and I are baking a lot more cookies and a lot less Zucchinis. We’re eating out on days I can’t stand to stand on two feet. And I’m back to doing laundry twice a week instead of every single day. It feels good to slow down. I have a feeling I’ll need to be as rested as possible in a couple weeks.


Now if you’ll excuse me – Quinn has a Christmas present that needs wrapping.

(See, I’m still kinda nuts).

Oh wait, before I go…


I’m not sure what was going on here. I had the door open for 10 minutes while Leah and I put away groceries… He would not come in. Or go play in the yard. He just stood there like the door was closed. Weirdo.


Leah finally felt bad enough for him and sat with him.


Yesterday’s nap choice. PJ shirt, swimsuit bottoms, zebra leg warmers. God love her.

For the record, when I put her to bed she had a T shirt and pj pants on…

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Oh boy, Oh boy.

This is gonna be one heck of a blog; can you handle it? Most of it probably won’t make sense. It’ll be grammatically incorrect. There will be random bullets. But that’s just kind of life over here; we’re a scattered bunch of Proebsting’s trying so very hard to make it through the next 29 days!

29 days!

As in the 20’s.


As in, the next time we start a month it will be with a brand new baby girl in our arms!

I have been trying for the past week to get a blog out to you, it just wasn’t happening. I can hardly think straight. I’m doing things like leaving meat out over night, or putting it in the crockpot and forgetting to turn the crock pot on. Or, oh yes, leaving my van door open for the entire hour Leah and I were in Target. (Please, no one tell Kyle that last one). There’s a lot going on in my head.

This growing a baby while raising a toddler business is no joke. I’m not sure why people ever think it’s a good idea to have more than one kid. This past week has not been pretty. I’m not sleeping. Ever. Well, I slept the night before last (thank GOD), but other than that it’s been a week of 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Absolutely awful. I also got swarmed with mosquitoes over the weekend leaving about 75 bites on my butt alone. And then some up my back and down my legs. It’s not pretty. I have giant blisters on my heels because my shoes don’t fit, just as they didn’t during the last months of pregnancy with Leah. But at this point it’s stupid to buy new ones, right? My back can’t handle any sort of activity before screaming at me to sit — which means very few muffins are being made. Among other things.

And then there’s Kyle. Or I think there’s Kyle; I don’t really see him. 29 days to go means he is a studying maniac. His eye is twitching and watering, he’s restless constantly, when I do get to talk to him I know he’s not hearing a word I say. He’s confined to his office for the most part of every single day.

Geez, whine much? Ya, I do. But it’s all warranted, we need a little sympathy around here.

But let’s not stay negative for too long, I don’t want to bum you out.

We are getting so close! A month from today Quinn will already be a day old! Or even older if she chooses not to wait! Does that thought just make your heart skip a beat? Cause it does mine. I’m ready for her. Totally and completely ready. With Leah, I was never really over the pregnancy phase. I wanted to see her, but I loved being pregnant. With Quinn… welll… I’m kinda done over here. I do still enjoy being pregnant, I really do, there’s nothing like it. And she’s a funny one; I love to drink ice water and watch her freak out :). But it’s hard having this kind of a belly and taking care of Leah (and Duncan) at the same time. Bending over to put little shoes on, sitting on the floor to play, getting no sleep but still being expected to function the next day – it’ll wear a girl out. Unfortunately, this time around we can’t try to force her out, either. I have to try to keep her in until the bitter end! So I guess I will suck it all up and get through these final days – and try to help Kyle get through his final days. In the words of Leah, “oh boy, oh boy!”

Even with no sleep and constant back pain, I’ve managed to get some things checked off the continually growing list:

  • Baby bathtub – cleaned
  • Hospital bags – packed
  • Hair appointment – on the calendar
  • Duncan camp day – scheduled
  • Final room decorations – hanged
  • Laundry – complete
  • Christmas picture outfits for a family of 5 – chosen
  • Christmas presents – purchased
  • Christmas presents – partially wrapped
  • Leah’s Big Sis shirt -crafted
  • A few freezer meals – frozen (more to come)

Those things were all pretty high on my priority list, and I’m happy to see them checked off. And don’t make fun of my Christmas projects – I had to get things in order before I can no longer bend, stand for long periods of time, or thing straight. And we’re combining Christmas and newborn and family pictures all together; so the outfits need to be ready and waiting. We’re not doing Halloween this year, so Christmas is getting all the attention. There’s really not too much else to do to “prepare” other than to keep growing this child and to keep up with the day to day. But those things alone are suckin’ the life outta me.

But before I go, here’s some other news:

  • We bought a tree. Because we need something else to take care of? Actually, we bought it for shade – you know – in 20 years when it’s big. We are pretty excited about it, though, does that mean we’re old? It should be delivered/planted any day now!
  • Leah now says “oh shoot” on a consistent basis. Comes out more like “oh chute.” She learned it from me as I was missing a turn the other day in the car. Great. Not that it’s a horrible phrase; but just an eye opener that we need to watch our mouths. Kid talks non stop.
  • I’m trying to convince Kyle to fix my vacuum or let us buy a new Dyson :). Somehow I think neither will happen. Sorry for the mouthfuls of dirt, Quinn.

And some pictures:


She likes her dad. A lot.


She likes her dog a lot, too.


He’s getting very little attention these days, so he’s made a new friend.


At least they have each other.


Mommmmmmmmmmmm, play with meeeeeeeee.


Breakfast with her friends 🙂


Ready for her hospital visit.


Ignore the belly. Focus on the mirror and ribbon.




Mom seriously, whenever you’re ready. I’ll be here. With my ball.

Someone come play with our poor dog.

The end.

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