Oh boy, Oh boy.

This is gonna be one heck of a blog; can you handle it? Most of it probably won’t make sense. It’ll be grammatically incorrect. There will be random bullets. But that’s just kind of life over here; we’re a scattered bunch of Proebsting’s trying so very hard to make it through the next 29 days!

29 days!

As in the 20’s.


As in, the next time we start a month it will be with a brand new baby girl in our arms!

I have been trying for the past week to get a blog out to you, it just wasn’t happening. I can hardly think straight. I’m doing things like leaving meat out over night, or putting it in the crockpot and forgetting to turn the crock pot on. Or, oh yes, leaving my van door open for the entire hour Leah and I were in Target. (Please, no one tell Kyle that last one). There’s a lot going on in my head.

This growing a baby while raising a toddler business is no joke. I’m not sure why people ever think it’s a good idea to have more than one kid. This past week has not been pretty. I’m not sleeping. Ever. Well, I slept the night before last (thank GOD), but other than that it’s been a week of 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there. Absolutely awful. I also got swarmed with mosquitoes over the weekend leaving about 75 bites on my butt alone. And then some up my back and down my legs. It’s not pretty. I have giant blisters on my heels because my shoes don’t fit, just as they didn’t during the last months of pregnancy with Leah. But at this point it’s stupid to buy new ones, right? My back can’t handle any sort of activity before screaming at me to sit — which means very few muffins are being made. Among other things.

And then there’s Kyle. Or I think there’s Kyle; I don’t really see him. 29 days to go means he is a studying maniac. His eye is twitching and watering, he’s restless constantly, when I do get to talk to him I know he’s not hearing a word I say. He’s confined to his office for the most part of every single day.

Geez, whine much? Ya, I do. But it’s all warranted, we need a little sympathy around here.

But let’s not stay negative for too long, I don’t want to bum you out.

We are getting so close! A month from today Quinn will already be a day old! Or even older if she chooses not to wait! Does that thought just make your heart skip a beat? Cause it does mine. I’m ready for her. Totally and completely ready. With Leah, I was never really over the pregnancy phase. I wanted to see her, but I loved being pregnant. With Quinn… welll… I’m kinda done over here. I do still enjoy being pregnant, I really do, there’s nothing like it. And she’s a funny one; I love to drink ice water and watch her freak out :). But it’s hard having this kind of a belly and taking care of Leah (and Duncan) at the same time. Bending over to put little shoes on, sitting on the floor to play, getting no sleep but still being expected to function the next day – it’ll wear a girl out. Unfortunately, this time around we can’t try to force her out, either. I have to try to keep her in until the bitter end! So I guess I will suck it all up and get through these final days – and try to help Kyle get through his final days. In the words of Leah, “oh boy, oh boy!”

Even with no sleep and constant back pain, I’ve managed to get some things checked off the continually growing list:

  • Baby bathtub – cleaned
  • Hospital bags – packed
  • Hair appointment – on the calendar
  • Duncan camp day – scheduled
  • Final room decorations – hanged
  • Laundry – complete
  • Christmas picture outfits for a family of 5 – chosen
  • Christmas presents – purchased
  • Christmas presents – partially wrapped
  • Leah’s Big Sis shirt -crafted
  • A few freezer meals – frozen (more to come)

Those things were all pretty high on my priority list, and I’m happy to see them checked off. And don’t make fun of my Christmas projects – I had to get things in order before I can no longer bend, stand for long periods of time, or thing straight. And we’re combining Christmas and newborn and family pictures all together; so the outfits need to be ready and waiting. We’re not doing Halloween this year, so Christmas is getting all the attention. There’s really not too much else to do to “prepare” other than to keep growing this child and to keep up with the day to day. But those things alone are suckin’ the life outta me.

But before I go, here’s some other news:

  • We bought a tree. Because we need something else to take care of? Actually, we bought it for shade – you know – in 20 years when it’s big. We are pretty excited about it, though, does that mean we’re old? It should be delivered/planted any day now!
  • Leah now says “oh shoot” on a consistent basis. Comes out more like “oh chute.” She learned it from me as I was missing a turn the other day in the car. Great. Not that it’s a horrible phrase; but just an eye opener that we need to watch our mouths. Kid talks non stop.
  • I’m trying to convince Kyle to fix my vacuum or let us buy a new Dyson :). Somehow I think neither will happen. Sorry for the mouthfuls of dirt, Quinn.

And some pictures:


She likes her dad. A lot.


She likes her dog a lot, too.


He’s getting very little attention these days, so he’s made a new friend.


At least they have each other.


Mommmmmmmmmmmm, play with meeeeeeeee.


Breakfast with her friends 🙂


Ready for her hospital visit.


Ignore the belly. Focus on the mirror and ribbon.




Mom seriously, whenever you’re ready. I’ll be here. With my ball.

Someone come play with our poor dog.

The end.


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