A Couple Weeks.

This little Q-Ball I’ve got in my belly doesn’t mess around.

She is large and in.charge, friends. Maybe I’ve forgotten how big Leah felt at the end, or how much she moved, or just how much space she took up – but wow – I’m being reminded every second of every day that there is a little girl hanging out in my mid-section.

23 days. Just 23 of ’em! Holy crap – I should be doing something other than blogging.

On Sunday, Kyle and I were watching football and I casually said, “in a couple weeks you’ll get to watch football with Quinn.” And then I freaked out! A couple weeks! I go through a range of emotions with that kind of a timeline; on the one hand… get her out! She’s huge, I’m in pain and tired. On another hand… Am I ready to wake up constantly and hang out with 2 (3) of them all day long?! And on a third hand… Give me that sweet, sweet baby girl – I’ve been saving a very special kiss for her. Sometimes I’m sick of it all, sometimes I enjoy the jumping off my hips and ribs, sometimes I’m terrified of what’s coming… mostly…

I’m so stinking excited and ready to get her in my arms!

The plus side for this week has been an improvement on sleep. Let no one think I’m sleeping well… but I’m sleeping. And because I wasn’t sleeping at all the two weeks prior, I will take this rather botched attempt at rest every night. Some hours of sleep is better than no hours of sleep, am I right? And yes, I realize that in a couple weeks the sleep will again leave. However, I maintain that being up with a snuggly (maybe fussy) baby is always better than lying awake in pain, having to pee, or thinking unending thoughts of nonsense.

What a fun weekend we were able to carve out for ourselves though – and with me even having energy! We kicked it off with apple picking with Leah’s Nonna and Papa on Friday. It was hot; but seemed like a very October thing to do. And YUM apples. Then Saturday… you guys… I just spent the past 5 minutes trying to remember what we did Saturday and came up with absolutely nothing. I even looked over my facebook to see if I took a picture of anything. God help me, I shouldn’t be left alone with Leah all day with this absent mind. So I guess I’ll just assume it was a low-key day at home? But Sunday; Sunday’s where the real fun started! It was cold for one, can I get an amen?! Man, I’ve been waiting for this – and it did not disappoint. We took both kiddos to the pumpkin patch to try and squeeze in one fun family activity while Kyle still has a very little bit of not studying time. So fun, so windy, so cold, so FALL! Then we came home and just got to relax with football, baking, carving, and playing outside. Ok, so very little of that was actually relaxing – but it was relaxing in a cuddly, wonderful, fall kind of way. My back and body hated me by the end of the day but I ignored them both.

I have actually really tried to change my tune around here – when I start hurting and my back starts screaming to sit – I listen most of the time these days. It’s really hard because my crazy nesting mind is still screaming for me to get up and do something; but the sore back is winning more of the battles. For instance, I only made one batch of muffins when I wanted to make two. And I needed to go to Sams and Target, but just went to Target and saved Sams for when Kyle could go and help. I wanted to clean the bathroom but… well I didn’t do anything… I just didn’t clean it :).

She’s a heavy one, this Quinn, and I’ve adopted the motto of “screw it” for these last 23 days. Healthy eating, laundry, cleaning be damned. Ok, not really. I’m still trying – but I’m not trying as hard as I was. Leah and I are baking a lot more cookies and a lot less Zucchinis. We’re eating out on days I can’t stand to stand on two feet. And I’m back to doing laundry twice a week instead of every single day. It feels good to slow down. I have a feeling I’ll need to be as rested as possible in a couple weeks.


Now if you’ll excuse me – Quinn has a Christmas present that needs wrapping.

(See, I’m still kinda nuts).

Oh wait, before I go…


I’m not sure what was going on here. I had the door open for 10 minutes while Leah and I put away groceries… He would not come in. Or go play in the yard. He just stood there like the door was closed. Weirdo.


Leah finally felt bad enough for him and sat with him.


Yesterday’s nap choice. PJ shirt, swimsuit bottoms, zebra leg warmers. God love her.

For the record, when I put her to bed she had a T shirt and pj pants on…


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