How Did We Get Here?

Woah, baby. Almost 38 weeks now.

Kyle struck me with a very casual question last night as we were talking about the next two weeks. How did we get here? Not literally how, but just how is it already the middle of October? How is the sand running out on his studying clock? How has it already been nine months since I saw two little pink lines?

How did we get here?

And then naturally, my mind went crazy. February. Somehow we got from February 17th to October 15th in no time at all. What filled all of those months? Well, allow me to share.

How did we get here? Here’s how:

Probably literally day one, we spent an awfully fun day in the ER with an awfully sick buggie.


God bless her she was sick. They say stress is not good for a pregnant lady – sorry, Quinn.

photo(127) photo(126)

We recovered in time for Valentine’s Day. Two Valentine’s for life: Daddy (who beats her with pipe cleaners) and Dunkie.

IMG_5731 IMG_5972

February 17th. The magic day. And then the 6 magic days after that. That’s when time started racing.


With a lot of pink lines as proof – we decided to upgrade to Minivan status. They gave us a balloon for free.

photo(155) photo(177)

With a baby coming we decided to turn the first baby into a toddler 🙂


Ultrasound take 1: We saw our bean and made it official.


There was a freak, late season snow storm and Kyle hit Leah in the head with a shovel full of it.


We celebrated Easter.


We enrolled in gymnastics! (And haven’t missed a day yet!)

 533565803366724 534050023318302

We took both girls to visit Great Grandma in Buffalo.


We celebrated three happy, filled years.


We got the kids a toy.


Ultrasound take 2: We learned she was a Quinn and saw her fingers.

017 040

We celebrated America.

021 068

We celebrated our firstborn 🙂


Ultrasound take 3: We saw her face.

419634171426555 photo(189)

We celebrated our second born.


Ultrasound take 4: We really saw our girl.

photo(242) photo(240) photo(244) photo(238) photo(188)

We got prepared.


We planted a tree.

photo(276) 064

We ushered in fall with many a’ festival.

But basically…


Kyle studied.

516722251717746 photo(301)

And I grew a little girl.

And in 2 weeks and 2 days all of our hard work will be over.

That, my friends, is how we got here.

All of that.


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