Hey, Baaaaaaaaabe?!

And here starts the last full week of having an only child.

That thought is kind of blowing my mind. I know I’ve been talking a lot about Quinn, and pregnancy, and two babies, etc, etc., but I promise I’m not completely ignoring Leah these days. I’m not ignoring her at all, actually. She wouldn’t dare let that happen. It’s just that so much is happening in her little life that I get overwhelmed trying to write it all down; let alone remember everything new she does in a day. I literally cannot keep up with this child. This, being two thing is no joke. I mean every single day there are multiple new skills, new words, new thoughts, new games, new ideas, new… everything. I wake up with a newer, better version of my kid every single day. And I am excited for newborn cuddles and coos, but man if I don’t think two is the best age ever.

Two means independence. At least in Leah’s world.

Me! Me! ME! ME DO IT! ME DO IT, MOMMY! She must do everything by herself from potty to eating to dressing to opening doors to finding toys… ME DO IT. It’s exhausting, and time consuming, and sometimes frustrating; but I kind of like it. A lot. She makes me laugh (on the inside) because she is so me. If I could get away with screaming ME DO IT to people my age and older, I totally would. I hate help, I’ve said that a million times before. And, well, I suppose I’m getting a dose of my own medicine with this child. Do you know that the other day she was screaming at me, “ME DO IT!” to put her pants on and I was ignoring her because we really needed to get out the door – I got them all the way pulled up and the little stinker pulled them right back off and then pulled them up back on by herself – that’ll teach me to ignore her. She’s gonna figure this world out with utter independence; her mother can just sit and watch her. Because I feel like I know what’s she’s dealing with in this area I try really hard to let her do everything. We both love the most when she is fighting and fighting to do something herself and finally pulls it out with no help – gosh, to see her little face filled with pride makes me so happy; and I know that she is over the moon pleased with herself. Big time parenting rewards in those little moments.

She’s a pretty funny little thing, though, and her personality just seems to get bigger every day. My favorite, absolute favorite, thing she does is to yell through the house at either Kyle or myself,

“Hey Baaaabe?!”

I guess she’s heard it a time or two. I yell up or down the stairs to him, or through the house when I need something. He does the same. And now when our two year old needs something we hear it – same inflection and all. God bless her; you should all be able to hear it.

I also really love the help I get when we’re grocery shopping – or if I tell her I’m going to the store. She always has a list of suggestions for me. Her list always includes the following: blueberries, grapes, hot dogs, orange juice, noodles, and coffee. Every single time. One day she threw in cupcakes and waffles – but for the most part, she always insists I get those six staple items. I don’t know if all two year olds are easy to grocery shop with, but it’s seriously one of my favorite things to do with her. She doesn’t shut up in a grocery store and keeps me laughing for sure. She likes to “read” me my list, and direct our path through the store, and pick out her dads apples, and always makes sure he gets peanuts. And, I used to think it was bad, but now I completely accept that fact that everyone from the shelf stockers to the bakery workers to the cashiers know who we are…

She loves her dad these days. And all days before these days. And all days after these days. It’s exhausting how many times a day I have to say, “daddy will be home later.” “You can play with daddy later.” “Daddy just has a litttttttle more work then you can play bay-ball.” Man, she loves him. From the second he gets finished studying she wants him… and only him. She makes sure to tell me, “no mommy,” I am not allowed to jump with them, or play with them, or the other night she took it to a new level and told me I wasn’t allowed to eat dinner with them. It would really hurt my feelings if it wasn’t so stinking precious. I suppose it’s a wonderful problem to have. She’s a lucky girl.

She’s just a happy kid. I don’t know if we’re just that good of parents (probably), or we got lucky in the personality department, or she’s actually really awful and we don’t realize it because she’s so cute – but it’s rare that she has a bad day. She’s pretty stinking happy from 7am on. I would pay big money to wake up with the energy she has every single day. She needs little discipline – but we do completely ignore the things that come out of her that are less than desirable. She’s kind of like a lab in that sense; she thrives off making us happy and if she doesn’t get attention for something she usually won’t repeat it. So far it’s an easy fix. Listening is the name of the game these days – “Leah, listen to mommy.” “Listen to daddy.” “Honey, lisssssssstennnnnnnn.” We must sound like a couple of broken records. I know I get sick of saying it, but hey, she’s two; listening when you don’t want to is part of being a two year old.

A lot of times I wonder what she really thinks about this baby we talk about all the time. Does she actually know she’s coming out? That she will be a big sister? Maybe, but probably not. However, I do know that she is excited for something. She knows something is coming, and that something is definitely making my belly get, “big, big, big!” She loves to lift up my shirt and say, “I see baby!” and then rub it like a genie will pop out. It’s pretty sweet, and makes me very excited for her to see this little thing in color. I think she will really embrace the big sister role.

There are a million more things I could write… if I could remember them all. But time is flying at the speed of light and I have a serious case of pregnancy brain so my recollection of what she did even two hours ago is pretty limited. Just know that we love her and think she is pretty stinking funny. The things that roll out of her mouth are golden. I’m grateful to Kyle every single day that I get to be here with her every day to watch her little life unfold – and even to remind her to lisssssten! I’m excited to soak up the next 10 days with an only child before this little intruder comes around and ruins our fun :).

Leah Lately…


Miss independent making her own sandwich. And yes, this was lunch. And yes, she’s using the knife. And yes, she’s wearing her pajamas still. And yes, she eats lunch ON the table most days. We do what we want 🙂

photo(304) photo(310)

She still likes her dog quite a bit.

photo(306) photo(309)

She loves to be outside. And pick her outfits. She’s currently training to climb Everest.

photo(305) photo(307)

Happy. Almost always. The other day I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me, “dance and clap our hands.” Ha. So we did.


Just hangin’ out with her sister.


She was confused by what I was doing so I told her my back hurt… She went to get her doctor kit to help 🙂

Sweet, sweet girl we have.


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