The End.


Well, Leah counted the doctor’s for the last time today. A little sad, a little… wonderful. I was greeted by the receptionist with a, “alright, you don’t get to come back anymore.” Good! I can’t believe it actually, can you?? I mean… 2 freaking days. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. I guess nothing. I guess I’ll just sit and stew with Kyle.

Actually, my life should be pretty smooth sailing for the next 2 days. Nana moves in tomorrow! Which means Duncan and Leah will be fully occupied… and I will have someone to talk to while Kyle is a shut-in in his office. Eeeeek! That test! You’re saying your prayers, right? Cause that’s still pretty stinking high on the priority list. I’ve got an anxious husband.

So here’s where we are at 2 days before D-Day:


I told Kyle I deserved some sort of reward for carrying this thing around. He told me I’d get it on Friday :). Although, I’m not sure if she counts… she’s just gonna yell at me for the next three months…. and not let me sleep… and demand food. Doesn’t sound like my kind of reward. Regardless. She’s a heavy girl, but she’s happy (I’m assuming) and crazy active. She’s been a fun one. Her heartbeat today was 155; at least she’s slowed a little. I gained a grand total of 37lbs. Blah. I gained 29 with Leah; the good baby. Although, I still came out 2lbs under my ending weight with Leah… that’s gotta mean something, right? Here’s to losing weight at a record speed like I did with Leah. It shouldn’t be too hard considering I’m about to deliver a 28lb baby :).

Everything is finished. Done. DONE. I realized over the weekend I hadn’t gotten a nightlight for her room – gasp! Don’t worry, I took care of it ASAP and now we can all breathe easy.

Here it is… this time next week it’ll probably be a mess, so enjoy:

photo(313) photo(314) photo(315)

A room fit for a Quinn. Get it, like a Queen. A little 39 weeks pregnant humor for you on this Tuesday. Her room makes me so happy. “Quinn” screams purple to me. And well, it’s purple. And light. And airy. And sweet. Everything little girls should be. Please ignore the dog; he loves to lay in the sunlight in her room. It’s actually very sweet – can’t wait to see him with a newborn! God help us all. Leah helped me get out the diapers and fill her changer the other day. 1) It was weird seeing diapers again (especially tiny diapers) and 2) that kid is so stinking excited to help me change a diaper and to throw it away. I can’t wait for this big-sisterness.

I don’t have much else to day besides that our bags our packed. Our doctor said see you Friday. Kyle’s finished with work for quite a while. Nana comes tomorrow. Duncan goes to camp for a special new baby sister bath Thursday. We’re having a baby, ya’ll! Another baby. Family of 5 status. But I will leave you with this because it’s doing such crazy things to my heart that I have to share:


Joan and Jenna… you have made me one happy Mama. I love people with talent.


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