What a week!

I am very happy to say, though, we are all surviving. Better than surviving most of the time, much to my surprise. I will admit I was terrified to think of Kyle leaving us. I had horrible images running through my mind. I doubted that I could handle all of this… every day. But I’m proud to report – I’m doing it!

We’re doing it.

It’s quite a group I have around here.

There’s this one. He’s the worst. He’s so needy these days! And constantly under foot. Ugh – Duncan, GIT. He gets that a lot – I almost feel bad. But, he’s a good big brother and he’s playing with Leah and being kind to Quinn so I can’t hate him too much. He just stares at me when I’m occupied… like this…


Then there’s this one. Can we talk about that dimple? And that sneaky little smile? She’s too much. I will still call her a “pretty good baby,” however, she’s found her voice. Bummer. What she likes one day (walking/pacifiers/singing) she will hate the next. She can give me a run for the money – but she’s cute – so I’ll keep her. And kiss her. A lot.

photo(326) photo(328)

And then there’s this one. My personal favorite. (Sorry, Quinn, but you can be kind of loud these days). Leah is a gem. She is sailing through big-sister-hood with flying colors. She is not jealous, or needy, or whiny. She is helping and loving and cheerful. Just what I need. She is keeping me sane. So much so, that I bought her the new Winnie the Pooh Christmas movie just because I’m so happy she’s here to help me. She can change her clothes and get her own snacks and hand me things when I’m all tied up with ^^ that one.


It was good for my soul to get back in the kitchen with her this morning.

I am virtually pain free and barely taking my Motrin – perhaps the biggest blessing. It allows me to move and bend and tend to whomever is neediest at the moment. If only I wasn’t so busy… I could really be productive.

This is all not to say there haven’t been moments of tears. Moments when we stare out the window for Kyle’s car to come around the corner. Moments when I want to run away for a second. Cause there have been. But mostly, I’m happy to be a mom of three. And I really like two of them. I haven’t snapped at Leah out of exhaustion, my biggest fear. We’re finding a good balance and I’ve got the girls sleeping at the same time – hallelujah – you will get blogs after all. I love the mornings (when energy is at it’s peak) and I crash into bed right after Quinn at 7:30. Or 8. Depending on if she’s behaving. Little miss has had great nights and not so great nights – I suppose it comes with the territory. Luckily, I know it doesn’t last long in the grand scheme of things. The worst part is that I still can’t drive so unless the whole family goes somewhere – I can feel quite trapped. But I’m thankful it’s much, much better than what I had worked up in my head. We will make it!

The biggest development came in the wee hours of the morning – Quinn’s disgusting cord stump fell off! Man, I hate those things. I hated Leah’s, too. But it’s gone now and you know what that means… BATH TIME TONIGHT.

And I will stop there and leave you with pictures because someone is starting to stir…

photo(324) photo(325) photo(329)

Leah wanted to lean like Quinn, ha. We gotta get that kid some head control.


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