Sister Bears.

Well, someone grew up overnight. The littlest someone. Just like that, she looks different. Bigger. Less newborny.

But, it has inspired me. Do these little girls of ours resemble each other? When Quinn came out (with a head full of hair) my first reaction was – No Way! I just didn’t see Leah. Now, sometimes I do. Sometimes. If I squint. When her head is cocked just so. Or when she screams at just the right volume. Or when I catch a random glance – I can see it. I can see the sisterness.

However, I still don’t think their “twins,” which is what everyone (their dad) seemed to think would happen. Leah’s got some strong daddy genes in her – she came out a female clone of his. Quinn’s got a little more of a healthy mix I believe. I tried to dig up pictures that I thought did resemble each other to be fair… And I picked them at the same ages.

I don’t know – what do you think? Twins? Sister bears? Individuals?

Let’s have a look-see:

027 DSC01209

Quinn … Leah.

190276364362338 photo(320)

Leah… Quinn (Goofs. Both of ’em).

190743734315601 photo(328)

Leah… Quinn.

013 q


192213994168575 photo(334)

Leah… Quinn. (The second one is truly edible).

196775273712447 photo(333)

Leah… Quinn. (Quinn today. Love her sweet little spirit).

195837860472855 qinnyellow

Leah… Quinn. (By now I’m sure you can tell on your own…)

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. Gosh, I don’t remember Leah being this age. Or that bald. What a squirt. So grateful to have two happy and healthy sisters.

Oh, and one more before I go because it’s my current favorite of the little one:


So you can’t see much of her face – but that’s not the focal point of the picture. Do you remember when I said she’d have hair? And her dad insisted it wasn’t possible?


I win.


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  1. Gennifer

    Loved this! I didn’t realize how bald Leah was! You can see a resemblance but they definitely have different looks. .. both beautiful!

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