10 Tiny Tidbits.

Turns out – I have no time to blog. Who knew something so little could cause such a ruckus. Even when I do have time, I really just enjoy sitting in silence and staring at nothing.

Two kids is a whole new ballgame, my friends.

So here’s how today’s blog will go. I have ten little things to tell you. They are:

10: I took Quinn to get weighed a few days ago for her one month birthday. She weighs 11lbs 5oz. That’s a three pound gain and shot her to the 90% in weight. I also came home and looked at Leah’s baby book to confirm my suspicions… Quinn is bigger. One full pound heavier than Leah was at one month. Grow, baby, grow. Glad I was ready to feed a baby, cause my baby was ready to eat.

9: Leah calls Quinn “my friend baby” and it’s the most precious thing I’ve ever heard. This child screams and takes my time and is very needy – yet Leah already thinks they’re best friends. Sweet.

8: Leah fed Duncan a spoonful of shortening yesterday.

7: In the past week I have done laundry, vacuumed, raked leaves, and baked cookies all while wearing Quinn. I feel very much like those tribal women you see on National Geographic. However, I’m thankful that my duties are much easier.

6: Our beach vacation 2014 is set in stone. We are taking both sets of grandparents. If that’s not the most genius thing we’ve ever done – this ensures we won’t have to see either of our children šŸ™‚

5: My sister is having another BABY GIRL. And this Aunt Mimi could not be more excited. I officially only want girls. I love ’em.

4: Quinn is a smiling fool these days. Makes my heart so happy. Cue parents acting like idiots to see a mouth full of gums.

3: I have come to the realization that when people say, “babies are miracles” they don’t mean the actual babies. Babies are work. The miracle is that people decide to keep making them. Even when I’ve had a hard day I can still imagine little Proebsting’s 3 and 4. What kind of sick, twisted thought process is that?! I’ve never wanted to ring a little neck (ever so gently) and smother with kisses at the same time as much as I do every single day around here.

2: This little baby we have can scream. Do you remember when I said I thought Quinn would be “intense.” She just seemed that way in my belly. Well. She has not disappointed. When she is mad – she is mad. I’ve never heard a little body produce such a sound as this child can. It’s like my good friend, Kyle says, “we will have another when enough time has passed that we forget this part of it all.” Truth.

1: I miss being pregnant. Every single day. Already. Eeek! That’s not to say I want another baby right now (remember, the screaming) – but I miss my bump. And the fact that babies are much quieter on the inside than the outside.

And a bonus picture:


I debated posting it but couldn’t help myself. Love her.

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