Oh, 2013. You were fun.

I remember this exact day last year so well. I was so sad. Devastated, really. I learned that month three of trying for a (Quinn) was unsuccessful. I took myself shopping to drown my sorrows. I wasn’t sure whether to be sad, mad, or take myself to a high risk OB – certain that I was now infertile. I was a miserable mix of all three of those emotions. I hated 2013 already.

But it’s okay! It turned out pretty well! I just put that sweet baby girl we tried so hard for to bed – and I’m fairly certain she will be my midnight kiss in a few hours. It sure would have been handy to see into the future that day. To calm myself down, and get a grip.

2013 was a ride. Starting the year trying so hard for a baby… then landing pregnant and spending almost the rest of the entire year with Quinn in my belly. That’ll take up a year, let me tell you. In the mix, however, we also took a fun family vacation. My big girl turned two, and my big boy turned one. Kyle studied… a lot. The year just seemed to revolve around two days… October 31, and November 1. So much anticipation for those dates. And we made it. And we have glided through the holiday season with two little girls. And now we forge ahead.

I’m actually very excited for a new year. Sure, tomorrow will be almost identical to today – but there is something very exciting about the calendar’s all flipping over. Starting new. Fresh. Anything can happen kind of feeling.

I am 98% certain there will be no babies in my belly this year. (I must leave 2% as room for error). If everything goes the way we are so desperately praying it will… Kyle will not study in 2014 – that hasn’t happened since 2007! The two of us will celebrate four happy and filled years. My big girl will turn 3, my big boy will turn two, and my little girl will turn 1. What?! Did that freak any of you out? A three year old?! Eeek. And a one year old! Man, I loved the one year old age. I will meet Emma Kathryn, perfect little Asian niece number 3. We will go to the beach! A little someone will start rolling. Then sitting. Then crawling. Then standing. Then walking. She will get teeth. And words. And personality.

And those are just the things I know. The unknowns that await us in 2014 are scary maybe, but exciting absolutely. This year is setting up to be a fun one, filled with many blessings. I’m happy to have my guy by my side for a 9th New Year. To have my girls tucked safe and sound in their beds. And even my pup snoring in his cage. I’m thankful for another year and am excited to put a dent in it!

Happy New Year, friends!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bed. 2014 will start whether I watch the ball drop or not… so I choose not.

Goodnight. 🙂

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