The littlest bug is two months old already! Wow – time just keeps on flying by. And I thought time with Leah went fast…

She’s something, this little Quinn we have.

I think I love her more than I did Leah.

Hold the phone, right?!

Here me out, I love(d) Leah so incredibly much, but… with Leah I was so concerned to do everything right. Sleep schedules, eating, changing, not getting sick, tummy-time, head control, bathing… you name it – it had to be done correctly! After all, the books said so. With Quinn, like I’ve said before, I’m just much more confident – which leaves me a lot more time to just love her. To just cuddle her, and talk to her, and play with her, and treasure everything that two months old means. But if I’m being fair, although I may love Quinn more… I certainly don’t cater to her like I did Leah. My goodness if Leah cried I was there. Don’t cry my darling girl, let me help! I’m here, I’m always here! No tears ever went unnoticed. With Quinn, well, if she gets into an uncontrollable crying fit, I just kind of look at her from across the room as if to say, “oh… you’re still screaming? Well carry on.” Ha, sorry. And I do care when she’s upset, but most of  the time I know the reason and I know that it doesn’t have to be solved right that very second – especially if I’m occupied with Leah. And if I don’t know the reason, well the best I can do is hold her and let her get it all out – I don’t exhaust all of my energy trying to get her to stop. With Leah I would have gone to the moon and back to solve all of her life’s problems. With Quinn, well, I love her – but I’m a little too busy for that. 🙂

Two months is when life starts to get a little manageable. The first six weeks you just kind of do what you can to survive. Now it gets fun. The sleep improves. The happy times outnumber the screaming times. The playing begins. She has just kind of settled in around here, and fallen in line with the rest of us. We like her quite a bit, too. I don’t care if it’s been a rough night – if she smiles at me (with that perfect dimple) all is forgiven in the morning. I’m still excited to get her out of her crib every morning even if I just saw her three hours ago. She is starting to rock the nighttime – thank goodness. She’s usually up twice and will give me, usually, two five hour stretches. That’s not to say we don’t have hiccup nights where it’s a free-for-all, but for the most part, the worst is behind us I believe. She is also rocking naptimes, thanks to the magic blanket. Man, we were having trouble getting this child to nap. She would fall asleep wonderfully in our arms, but the transfer to the crib left her wide awake and screaming. Talk about frustrating. So I started lightly swaddling her with a super soft, comfy blanket and what-do-you-know – out like a light – and stays like that! Hallelujah. Let us never lose the magic blanket!

We’ve battled a light sickness for the past couple of weeks. Someone shoot me. Sick babies are not fun. That’s the tricky part about two kids… twice the germs. Leah got the cold first… then passed it on to little sister. Ugh. I would have died if Leah had a stuffy nose at two months old. I do think it’s finally on its way out, though, thank goodness! It messed with a fair amount of sleep. And someone was not a fan of the booger sucker.

Two months means fun things, too, don’t worry. Little miss is a smiling fool. I could just eat her chubby, perfectly round head… and multiple chins. She can pick our voices out of anywhere and looks all around to find us. She’s an excellent tracker. She is really captivated by Leah, which is so fun to watch. She is now swatting and grabbing her toys, and trying her best to roll over. She has pretty good control over her head, and has even sat in her bumbo on several occasions. I’ve forgotten about tummy-time a lot with Quinn. That would have never happened with Leah. But that’s the thing, with two of them my brain is practically shot. If I remember to feed them both it’s a successful day around here. Tummy-time has taken a back seat, although, Quinn seems to be just like her big sister where strength is concerned. She finally loves her baths. Leah loved them for splashing and kicking and going crazy… Quinn loves them for relaxing. She just sits so quietly and peacefully! It kind of freaks me out. I’m used to being wet at the end of a baby bath – not the case with a Quinn bath. She looks around at everything and seems to really just enjoy being pampered. It’s quite the spa experience for a little girl. However, as much as she loves a bath she hates getting out. She has screamed at me every single night for two months. You would think she would catch on to the fact that if she’d just sit tight for a second I would get her lotioned and in warm clothes – but no – she yells at me the entire time. Someday she’ll figure it out I suppose. She lost a good portion of her hair (only on the top) around the one month mark – but it has returned with a vengeance at two months. She gets more every day, and it has stayed dark! I’m so excited to have one blonde and one brunette. Now they can be sisters… but with a twist. 🙂

Two months also means… teeth! They’re baaaaaack. I should’ve known. And actually, I kind of did. Apparently we make children that like to get a head start on a mouthful of teeth. Leah got her first two teeth at 4 months and had the entire set at 11 months. She got her two year molars at 13 months. She was a freak. And apparently Quinn will be equally as freakish. Someone get the tylenol. And hylands. If my knuckle is within a foot of her mouth she will find it and latch on like an alligator. I remember Leah doing the same thing – only it didn’t last long because she got her teeth so fast I had to put an end to it or I would’ve had puncture wounds. However, for now, Quinn can feel free to gnaw on her mama. She eats her own hands quite nicely, though. I can here her chewing and sucking from across the room. I had to smother her in vaseline tonight. Drool, chewed hands, and cold weather are not nice to a baby’s perfect skin. So onward we will go with the teething. Not like I have any other choice.

The hardest part of the past two months has been sharing my time. It’s not the sleepless nights or the teeth or the  newbabyness in general. It’s missing my big girl. Not getting to play when she wants me to. Telling her, “not right now, mommy has to take care of Quinn.” Gosh I hate it. It’s so hard. For two years it was just Leah and I every single day. We did what we wanted. I played (mostly) when she asked. We went where we wanted, when we wanted. I miss that freedom with her. I miss just playing with her and not worrying about waking you know who up. I think it’s been harder on me than her, though. At least I hope. She doesn’t seem too phased. But I feel like I say, “not right now” an awful lot – and I hate it. But at the same time – I have to keep myself in check. These first months go so fast (they already are). And then we’ll all be golden. We’ve given Leah a playmate for life – and if we can make it through this little bit of time – she’s going to be so much better off having a built in friend to go through life with. They will talk to each other when they’re mad at Kyle and I. They can get through the awkwardness of junior high together. They can play and dream and fight and talk their way through life – and that’s the best we could’ve given either of them. And then someday, when the growing up is done, they can experience raising families together. They can maybe have babies together, like their aunt Lauren and I. The advice they give each other will change from boys and clothes to “should I take my baby to the doctor.” The point being… this sister thing is forever. This baby thing is for a few months. If we can make it through this, in a few months neither of them will want me because they’ll be having too much fun together.

Soon we’ll be having dinner together and no one will be screaming (Quinnnnnn). We will have two little girls giggling and telling us all about their little lives. Soon.

But for now, we will carry on with two months. It’s been exhausting like I knew it would be and fun like I’d hoped. We will make it to three by the grace of God. Hopefully things will only keep improving in the way of sleep. Hopefully she will kick this cold for good. Hopefully she will learn that the time after a bath only lasts 1 minute. But if not, I will love her anyways.


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