The Big One.

Let’s see. I’ve given you the little one’s update. I gave you the big news on the husband front. Now it’s time for…

The big one.

I promise I don’t ignore her – she’s just getting harder to write about. Every day is something new with this child and I can barely keep up, let alone write it all down. She also refuses to let me take her picture (“mommy, no take picture of me!”) and I feel like I have to respect that… so basically, she’s incredibly hard to document at two and a half.

Two and a half?! As in she’s going to be three this year! Where did that time go? The years keep going faster and faster – and I suppose it will only continue. Two is a fun, fun age. For the most part. We experience every emotion known to man in the course of a day. This kid can go from happy to sad to mad to silly to frustrated to excited to whiny to cuddly all in the course of one hour! It’s exhausting to keep up, and a lot of times I think she leaves me more drained than Quinn. But overall she’s happy more than everything else and that leaves me so very grateful she’s mine.

The talking is non stop. Non stop, I say! From questions to statements to demands to observations there is constant chatter in our house from 7:30am to 7:30pm. In true two year old fashion, though, she says some of the funniest things! I love to hear her thoughts about a given topic. And she always has thoughts. Some of my favorites of right now include:

  • “Taking shares” – Sharing. It’s a mix of taking turns and sharing 🙂 “Me and mommy are taking shares.” Sweet, right? Too bad she doesn’t always enjoy taking shares.
  • “I’m having real fun.” Anytime we go anywhere fun (or even just target) she makes sure to let us know she’s having (or had) fun by saying, “I did have real fun!” Because fake fun just isn’t the same.
  • Snow ice cream = snowman ice cream. That’s a better name indeed.
  • She can reach Duncan’s milk bones in the pantry now and helps herself to giving him one whenever she thinks about it. After giving him one (and him continuing to stand patiently waiting for another) she tells him, “dat’s a-nuff, Dunkie, dat’s a-nuff bone. good boy.”
  • I suppose she’s seen me open too many things with my teeth, and the other day she brought me an unopened toy and told me to “here, mommy, eat dis.”
  • She calls a remote a TV.

I’m sure there are a million more “Leah-isms” but those are my favorite. She keeps us laughing for sure.

She is the most polite toddler on the planet, I can promise you that. The kid says thank you to everything. If I tell her “good job, honey” she responds with, “thanks, mom!” She has also thanked us for our house (and declared that it was pretty). And all of her meals. And if we tell her she looks pretty. Or is silly. Or when we take her somewhere (especially if she has real fun). Nothing goes unnoticed. It’s so sweet – I love her gratitude.

As far as academics go – she’s a genius. Duh. Let’s see, she knows her colors, shapes, letters, and can count to 11. 12 is just too much. The thing that impresses me the most right now is her ability to match sounds and letters. Phonics, if you will. The other day she was holding K and said, “K for cake!” Now, obviously, cake does not start with K – but I was still kind of blown away. K certainly sounds like it should start the word Cake, right? And she came up with it all on her own. I didn’t even care that she was wrong, I was so impressed I told her good job anyways (and she thanked me). And then sometime later she had a J and said “J – JAKE!” Kyle has a friend named Jake who she’s pretty fond of – and for her to think of his name to match the letter J she was holding… genius! She’ll be reading next week I’m fairly certain. She’s definitely drawn to letters.

She still loves Curious George the most, as far as TV is concerned. And actually, she picked George to be the theme of her third birthday! I loved planning her first and second birthdays, but I really love that she has an opinion on her third. And George is very fitting. It’s never too early to start planning a birthday party – at least that’s our motto. She also really loves Sid the Science Kid. She would like to enjoy Daniel Tiger, but I’d like to throw that darn Tiger and all his friends through a wall – so she doesn’t get to watch it as much as she’d like. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger are still her best friends, and honestly, I don’t see that ever changing. I think I’ll cry the day she stops wanting them.

She is still incredibly athletically inclined. She loves all things movement and all things ball. We are currently taking a winter break from gymnastics in order to keep everyone healthy (seriously, those places just breed germs and freak me out during cold/flu season). But where we miss organized gymnastics, we make up for in the bounce house. She still jumps and runs and somersaults like a complete lunatic. She loves to play basketball and baseball and just catch in general. She has incredible balance, and I will always be jealous of her flexibility and abs!

She definitely makes me appreciate the babyness of Quinn, because she’s just a big kid these days. She dresses herself, puts her own shoes on, feeds herself, gets her own snacks, lets Duncan in and out, and goes potty without me even knowing anymore (at least I’m assuming she does, if she doesn’t then she hasn’t gone potty in days). She is still fiercely independent, and I don’t think that will ever change. She loves her little sister, and is starting to enjoy showing her things and trying to really play with her. With Quinn under control as far as sleeping is concerned, I’m able to just play with this big girl and my heart is whole again. It’s so fun to watch the inner workings of her little mind go crazy.

Simply put, a two and a half year old Leah is exhausting. She can drive me nuts very easily, but I love the little (giant) personality that is emerging. I adore our big girl so, so much.


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