Off the Charts.

Oh, I love my Quinn. Like, a lot.

I think we’re out of the newborn crap. The hard stuff. The times where I pass out on the couch at 6pm, and tell her she sucks. Is that wrong? Because it got me through some rough nights :).

Today Quinn is 11 weeks old. She is sleeping most nights from 7:30-1 or 2. And then til 7 or 8am. Can I get an amen?! We have transitioned from the times of having lots of long nights with a few good ones mixed in to having lots of good nights with a few long ones mixed in. Life is just running smoothly. I’m used to two of them, and although it’s not always the easiest set-up, we’re making it work. We’ve got a new, wonderful normal.

Quinn is happy 95% of the day. She just kind of goes with the flow around here. Her 5% unhappy time is usually between 6 and 7 when she has to stay awake in order to be ready for bed. But even that is improving. With such good days and such good nights, however, I’ll look past a little screaming. Or better yet, I’ll hand her to her dad. 🙂

I love having two girls. Or really, two kids in general. I love that we were able to make two of these little people and now we’re able to see how they are different and alike. On a daily basis I compare them at everything. Not in a “who’s better” kind of a way, but just in a, “oh that’s different” kind of a way. Leah was my mover. She never sat. She never slept. She cared very little about human interaction. Sure, she liked to talk to us and laugh and smile and all of that – but she really was happiest when we left her alone to figure out how to move. She rolled at 6 weeks. She crawled at 5 months. She walked at 8.5. She just had to get going with her little self. But Quinn, Quinn is my playful little girl. She loves when we talk to her. She smiles and coos and talks with the best of them. It’s becoming more apparent now that I have two, how little Leah cared about talking and how little Quinn cares about moving. Quinn is happiest just lying on the floor carrying on a conversation with us –  or her lion friend. She’s in no hurry to move. She blows raspberries with us, sticks her tongue out when we do, kicks in delight at silly noises and loves a smiling face – real or stuffed. She is such a happy little bug (unless she’s tired). She’s just pleasant. And playful. I think where Leah was advanced with moving and all things physical, Quinn will be out of control with talking. She’s quite a plump little chatter box.

Did you see that, plump.

Quinn is my talker. And my big girl.

And I thought Leah was big.

I’ve been saying for weeks that I want to cut all the feet off of Quinn’s three month footies. I stuff her in these things every night and just have to laugh. They turn into v-necks and her toes look like they’re just gonna bust out. But she’s two months old – six month jammies just seem ridiculous. Until today. Today we went to the doctor for a two month check-up. And she got measured. And they confirmed my suspicions… she is, in fact, a beast of a baby.

First of all, her perfectly round head full of chins and cheeks is 16.5in. 100th percentile. Her head is bigger than 100% of babies her age. Leah’s was 15in. This is the head we’re talking about:

photo 4

She’s just delicious, no?! Ahhhh. Love that giant head.

Then we got to her length. 26 inches. 26 inches! Everyone today had a comment (or 5) about how long she is. This was also 100th percentile. And Leah was 26 inches at 5 months. This is the length we’re talking about:

photo 3(1)

And last, her weight. A little bit of normalcy here – 14lbs. Still big, bigger than 85% of babies her age – but unlike her head and her height, some babies out there do weigh more than her. He made comments like, “if you want to start solid food a little earlier to keep up with her you can,” and “wow, she could play volleyball,” and, “how tall is dad???” and, “she might not be as active as Leah because there’s more of her to move.” Ha! Grow, baby, grow.

You know what’s my favorite about having a big girl? Feeding a big girl. Breastfeeding is maybe more fun (and miraculous) this time around. Remember when I was starving all of pregnancy, and I was sure Quinn would be huge. Well, she is. And turns out, I probably needed to eat like I did to grow her. And now that she’s out my body is in overdrive making milk for this little (big) thing. I swear I’m carrying 20lbs of weight in my chest alone… all for her. I never felt like that with Leah, but turns out, Leah didn’t require it. She was always perfectly average. Quinn requires a lot of calories to keep on keepin on – and my body is up for the challenge. I love it. It’s just so cool to me that I can grow two very different babies and feed two very different babies and without doing anything “my girls” have adjusted to feed each one of them according to what they need. But enough on that – you don’t care.

Quinn is not completely immobile, don’t you worry. She is very good at sitting and holding her head up, which, given the size of her head is a major feat :). Take a look:

photo 1(1)

She’s not a big fan of tummy time (unlike Leah) but she will entertain the idea and is pretty good at it. Leah lived for tummy time.

photo 3(2)

Now, sitting in her bumbo watching TV… that is much more her style. She could sit there for days. Leah never watched TV as a baby.

photo 5

This one’s just for fun. I captured this at the exact moment Duncan was shaking his big body… Quinn got a little startled :). She is definitely noticing him more and more. He better look out, she’ll be tackling him like a line backer in no time.

So here we are. 11 weeks ago today I was holding her for the first time. Today she is a talking, raspberry blowing, sitting, big headed, playful little girl. She really is quite delicious. And delightful. Now that she knows how to sleep I am fairly certain that we will be keeping her around for a while longer. Oh, and one last thing about Quinn at 11 weeks:

photo 1(2)

She loves her dad.

photo 2(3)

Loves her dad.

photo 3(3)

Loves her dad.

And in that way she is exactly like her big sister.


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