Rolie Polie.

photo 1(3)

This happy, chubby, playful, talkative, one-dimpled little girl is going to be three months old tomorrow! 3! Today she is 13 weeks old; as in, thirteen weeks ago I was recovering from a c-section with a brand new little person in my arms. And snap of the fingers, here we are.

We’ve come a long way just thirteen little weeks. No more newborness whatsoever. She’s just a regular old baby now. Last night she slept from 7:30-3:30, was up for 20 minutes, and slept from 3:50-7:30. I mean, I can’t ask for anything more. She treats me well. She’s to the stage that every day is something new, and I’ve learned from Leah, this stage doesn’t end. So we are in for some fun times around here.

I remember thinking when I was pregnant, if I can just get to three months life will be so much fun. Three months is kind of the magical month. Laughing and movement and talking and less crying and something new to look forward to every day. This is the wonderful part of babies. And we made it! 3! And Quinn has not disappointed. A week ago this past Tuesday she laughed for the first time. On Tuesday of this week she rolled over from her back to her belly for the first time (and the four times after that). And yesterday she rolled from her belly to her back for the first time.

Can we talk about rolling for a second. 1) Quinn did it earlier than Leah, and Leah did it early. Well, actually, Leah rolled from her belly to her back at 6 weeks. And until she was 3 months and 1 week she tried her hardest to roll from her back to her belly. Quinn at 2 months and three weeks just kind of decided that it was time to roll over. I thought it would take her forever, because she never seemed to care at all. She never tried. But low and behold she was trying to follow Leah around the room with her eyes and she just rolled. Just like that. Easy peasy. I wasn’t even sure what to think. And then she did it twice more that day, virtually effortless. Then yesterday, she was on her belly (and not happy) and just kind of pushed up and flipped herself over. Again, very nonchalant. Leah tried and tried and tried, and when she did it… she did it, and did it, and did it. Quinn just did it. And only does it when she needs to. It’s fun how they’re different. But apparently, equally strong. We make ’em long and strong around here. I mean look at this face:

photo 4(2)

Doesn’t it just scream, “I got no where to be, I’ll roll when I want.”

She’s such a little goof. With so much personality. And so much to say. She still loves to have a conversation with anyone that will listen. She would rather have someone talking to her than to play with any of her toys. She’s a people person 100%.

She’s gotten some new toys in the past month:

photo 1(4)

A high chair so she can eat dinner with the family. (Can we talk about the size of this child?!)

photo 2(5)

And a big girl car seat so we can trash the infant seat once and for all!

Both of our kids have hated their infant seat, screaming bloody murder whenever they’re in it. I switched Leah to her big seat at 5 months and plan to do the same with Quinn. Basically, whenever she can sit up in a grocery cart. It kind of dwarfs her now, but once it’s installed properly and she’s ready we will all be in Heaven.

She also got to get in the ever popular jumperoo!!

photo 2(6)

Leah loved this thing for crazy jumping. Quinn thinks it’s the perfect seat for watching TV.

photo 3(6)

The morning traffic report is her favorite. The traffic on 70W in the morning is truly appalling.

Months 3-12 are going to go at the speed of light. We’re in the fun stage now (I’m ignoring all things teething). She’s going to learn how to eat, how to play with her sister, how to really get moving, and how to talk to us. I love babies. And I really love this baby, she’s a lot of fun. It’s fun to watch her develop in a similar, yet different, way than Leah. I thought Quinn would be behind because Leah was so crazy with everything she did. Turns out, she’s ahead – she just does things to the beat of her own drum. 🙂

But one more thing I must show you. Quinn has a pretty big fan.

photo 3(4)

“Lemme clean your ears, kid, mom didn’t get’em good enough.”

photo 2(4)

She seems to really like when I help her pet him and he has 0 awareness of personal space.

photo 1(6)

“Is she done eating, mom? Can we play? I brought her my towel.”

photo 3(7)

Look at that face! “What is it, mom? Get it away!”

He can’t leave the poor kid alone! And she is really starting to watch him. She’s trying to figure out just what in the world he is. And if he will eat her. They will have fun together in months 3-12 (and beyond).

But don’t worry, he hasn’t lost interest in his first love:

photo 1(5)

Ok, I lied. I have one more thing to show you. Look at these two!

photo 4(3) photo 3(5)

Quinn definitely fills out the seat more 🙂

Ok, now I’m done.

photo 2(7)

Have a nice weekend, everybody! When you see me again I’ll be 3 months old!!


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