Kids Aren’t For Me.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past week or so, and I’ve come to a conclusion: Kids just aren’t my thing.

You guys. Help.

I don’t even know where to start. I suppose I’ll start with the little one. This one has put me through the ringer the past week. Do we remember when she was sleeping 8 hours at a time? Only waking up once? Was my favorite child? Well – forget that. Quinn. Really starting last week this one’s sleep plummeted. A day or two and I chalk it up to growing/teething/just being a baby – and all is forgiven. A week or more and I pull my hair out demanding someone fix this child! By Sunday I was yelling at Kyle to tell me what was wrong with his child. Why wasn’t she sleeping – ever?! Monday I was begging my mom and sister to tell me what was wrong with her. I needed a solution, but I really needed a reason for the madness. I can accept that babies are babies and sometimes they suck, but I really need to know what’s going on to make them so sucky, especially for so long. Was it her teeth? Time for sleep training? Ear infection? Did I eat too many cookies and thus my breastmilk was hyping her up? Something was wrong. A lot of times I would hear this blood curdling cry only to run upstairs and find her asleep and screaming! She would give me these little 20 minute cat-naps, that weren’t naps at all, but more like sick jokes. By the end of the day she was so exhausted she would just fall apart. However, she still woke up 3 and 4 times a night – worse than her newborn phase! This was not my Quinn. She sucked during the nights and she was not easy during the days.

About at my breaking point I called the doctor to get her an appointment to check her ears. Really, I just wanted him to give me some medicine to fix her. However, I knew that her ears were fine. Minus sucky, sucky sleep – she just didn’t seem sick. She seemed off. Whatever off meant. But not sick. Three hours later I called and cancelled. I just couldn’t do it – I knew it would waste everyone’s time. In the meantime, I poured into Leah’s old blogs. Was she the same way? I was dying for answers. Turns out – yes! I even read a blog when Leah was 17 weeks in which I made her a doctor’s appointment to check her ears knowing in my heart that she was fine! What?! The things I was reading blew my mind – not sleeping, fussy,  and I was confused and didn’t know how to help her. It gave me great relief to know that it at least was normal for my kids. Now… what is the problem.

What do you do when you need an answer? Google. And I found it.

The Wonder Weeks! Have you heard of them? I had not. It is also called the 4 month sleep regression which I had heard of but never really looked into. Again, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I found blogs of distraught parents taking their babies to the doctor to have their ears checked. Babies not sleeping. Not eating. Acting… not themselves. Everything I read lined up 100% with Quinn. I was practically shouting YES at my phone as I was rocking this sweet baby in my arms and reading about her. I had my reason for the madness. And although it won’t help anyone sleep – it gives me great peace of mind to know that I have a label for this baby, and she’s not a terror – she’s going through… the wonder weeks!

So what is it? Well, apparently starting around 3.5m babies kind of “wake up.” The world becomes much more alive to them, and their little brains go into overdrive. They think and feel and develop in ways that are far beyond their comprehension. It is a time of mass developmental advances, and they just can’t shut down and rest. I’ve read over and over that it’s likened to the night before a wedding, or big event – you toss and turn thinking and dreaming and the longer you’re awake the more riled up you get. Well, that’s my Quinn right now. Developing. It usually starts at 15w (last week for us, whatdayaknow), peaks at 17w (next week) and by 19w these lovely little babes have a whole knew skill set and should return to normal! Can I get an amen?!

So I have forgiven her. I feel kind of bad for her now – it’s gotta be hard to be a baby. She’s only been breathing air for 3.5m and I expected her to have it figured out by now. I’m 27 and still have a lot to learn about the world. So I suppose crappy sleep comes with the territory. However, she better be the best developed baby on the planet at the end of this – I’m expecting her to be walking and talking. And in the meantime I will continue to be at her beck and call to get us through it. For now. Sleep training is in her future just like it was for her sister. But not today.

Speaking of her sister. Is there a 32 month regression?!

She has been working out some issues of her own lately. She’s suddenly back into the emptying phase. We’re talking, unrolling toilet paper, emptying her package of teeny tiny pony tail holders, squeezing toothpaste everywhere, giving her dog his entire box of bones (while I was upstairs fighting with Quinn to sleep). She’s started coloring on couches and walls which is great fun. She also doesn’t like anything. “I don’t like purple, mommy.” “I don’t like dinner.” “I don’t like pants.” “I don’t like pizza.” “I don’t like candy……….. I DO like candy.” She couldn’t quite commit to that one. 🙂

She’s also very demanding – “mommy get my socks.” “Get my oatmeal.” “Stop talking.” “Put Kin (Quinn) down.” “Chase me!” And she’s back to sleeping butt-naked. I feel like we’ve returned to when she was a one year old.

She’s a piece of work.

Put her destruction and demands together with Quinn’s lack of sleep and neediness… And Duncan is my favorite! That’s saying something.

That’s where I’ll leave you – I’m beat.

Proebsting girls: 241 Mom: 0


All three of them. They might look harmless. Don’t be fooled.

(P.S. – Leah said she was going to feed Quinn).



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