Back to Normal.


Well this is how I started my day this morning. She woke up right before Kyle left so he was able to grab her from her bed and throw her into ours – which means I didn’t have to get up at all – lovely way to start a day. And with a smiling, talking, perfect little girl no less!


Oh yes, and the toe eating. My favorite. 🙂

You guys – she’s baaaaack! I’ve got my happy, talking, sleeping kid back! I forgot how lovely she was. Wonder weeks: check. I can’t remember if it was one night or two after I wrote the last blog that things started looking up for us. She finally had two back to normal nights in a row, and then gave me one bonus night of 7:30-4:30-7:30. The naps were still short, but with the nights back to normal I had my suspicions that she was finished with whatever it was that was wreaking havoc on her brain. And just like they told me – she came out of it with a brand new skill set! If you’re not a parent you won’t care about these at all. If you are, you still might not care, but at least you’ll know what I’m talking about. But regardless, I’m about to tell you, because Lord knows when we have another one of these monsters it’ll be about this time that I pour into these blogs wondering what in the heck is going on with my poor, sweet, terror of a not sleeping baby. 🙂

So, our almost four month old Quinn can now:

  • Roll in both directions. Before it was always only to the left (to the left… it’s okay, you can sing it). Now, I’m happy to announce she can go to the right as well.
  • She can switch toys between hands.
  • She can grab her feet! Her most fun activity.
  • She can put those feet in her mouth.
  • She can stay on her belly for much longer periods of time.
  • She has greater control of her head.
  • She can hold on to toys with more control.
  • She can reach for things regardless of if we are holding them for her or not.
  • And she just seems all around… older. More talking, more moving, more “with it.”

She’s a big girl now. And do you know what happens to big girls in this house? Well, they get sleep trained. It’s controversial, and there are a million ways to do it, but around here our kids learning how to fall asleep on their own is essential for everyone’s sanity. If they don’t sleep they aren’t happy, and I sure as heck am not happy. And if I always hold her how will she ever learn for herself? And if I continue to rock this massive child for very much longer I am sure to be a hunch back in the very near future.

So she had those three good nights, and I started thinking, hey, maybe she’s done with her developing, maybe I should jump at my chance. But I didn’t really have a reason to – until I did. Sunday night rolls around and this child was a nightmare. She was fighting me rocking her and she was waking up pretty much every hour. I was about to lose my mind. Monday morning rolls around and she started to fight me rocking her – being exhausted from the night before, I basically threw her in her crib (gently), walked out, and said, “fend for yourself.” There’s only so much you can do sometimes. And ya, she cried for a little bit but nothing horrible and not for long… and then… she was silent. Fell asleep like a champ. And with that we forged ahead with sleep training. After all, she showed me she could do it (rookie mistake, Quinn). The rest of her naps were cake, and overnight she was a gem. This morning, we continued on with the success. Letting her figure out how to fall asleep on her own also means that when she wakes up after 20 minutes she can now realize that no, she’s not done sleeping, and she can get herself back to sleep. I have proof of that with all of these 1.5 hour naps she’s given me! Can I get an Amen?!

In case you think I’m cruel for letting her cry or making her sleep all by herself… this is how she wakes up…


Clearly, she’s very proud of herself. And has suffered no permanent damage.

And as further proof – Leah. She still likes us quite a bit, and we were just as tough with her. And that child can change her entire outfit or put underwear on her head and still fall asleep for her nap.

So for us, sleep training is mandatory.

Other than all of her new accomplishments and sleeping like a big girl… Quinn can also drink from a bottle! WHAT. I never thought I’d see the day. Thanks, Tommee Tippee for a great product. We’ve been practicing with her, and it wasn’t pretty at first, but she’s getting it. It’s actually really awkward for both of us. I don’t really know how to hold a baby when they’re drinking from a bottle so I’m positive I look very uncomfortable (because I am), but hey, it’s kind of fun to have this as an option. It certainly never was with Leah.

She also loves books. Brown bear, brown bear what do you see… I could recite that in my sleep. She loves when her dad does the Chicken Dance for her. She loves when Leah plays with her. She loves when we sing her Winnie the Pooh’s theme song. She loves TV, mirrors, and looking at/talking to the refrigerator. She hates riding in the car (still). She gets terrified when Duncan barks. She loves when people talk to her – she is 100% people person. And all of a sudden she loves to roll… everywhere.

I was looking at old pictures of Leah the other day and at 5 months she was sitting up by herself – that’s next month! (Assuming Quinn follows suit, and so far she is). She will also try some real food at some point this month (not the first day, like Leah). Things are definitely not slowing down anytime soon. But they are also getting more and more fun. Especially with a baby that sleeeeeeps!


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