The Big 2-0.

And it happened.

Just like that.

20 weeks.

20 stinking weeks have gone by since it was Halloween night. Kyle was celebrating finishing his last exam. I was trying to figure out how I was going to sleep. The car was loaded with two car seats. There was a crazy baby bouncing in my belly. My mom was in town. The camera was charged. I was running over our packing lists again and again. A Quinn was to be born in the morning – 20 weeks ago! And here she is:


The chubby, rosy cheeks. The one dimple. The big blue eyes. It’s all too much for me. What a happy, plump, scrumptious baby.

I’ll start with the statistics, straight from the doctor. Well, she’s perfect. But beyond that… she weighs 17.5lbs – 88% – and what Leah weighed at 6 months. She is 27.5in – 100% – and what Leah was at 6 months. And her head is 17in – 95% – hey, it’s shrinking! Yay! šŸ™‚ Basically, we’ve got ourselves a big Quinn. Everyone comments on her length. Apparently, she’s tall. Can’t wait to see her on the basketball court some day. She is wearing 9 month clothes, and even some of those are getting iffy. But the doctor says she is healthy as a horse and as strong as an ox, so I’ll take it! I’m so grateful my biggest concern with Quinn is finding clothes to fit her. Obviously, my milk has magical growing powers. šŸ™‚

She has two, beautiful bottom teeth. I would like to say, she just woke up with them, but she didn’t not. You have to sleep to wake up. And a teething Quinn is a not sleeping Quinn. God bless, I want to gouge my eyeballs out some days. Most of the past two weeks I have felt like I have a hangover. I “wake up” after a rough night of sleep with Quinn and then there’s Leah… fully rested… and raring to go. She just seems so loud at 7:30am. And the lights are so bright. Just shhhhhh. And give me an eye mask. And someone, please let me sleeeeep. But I have resolved to the fact that I won’t for some time. I suppose I just need to get over it. I remember the teething days with Leah – and they are the days that made me swear I would never have another child – and we see how that worked out for me. But, I’m proud of Quinn and her beautiful teeth. And wiping drool all day long keeps me occupied – otherwise, I would be so bored. Blah.

Happier times? Okay.

She is now eating food! I have mixed emotions on it. With Leah, I was so excited to start solids. It was a new adventure. She was the first, so I was excited to experience all of the firsts with her. With Quinn, I realize that this is the beginning of the end. The beginning of weaning. The beginning of her not needing me exclusively. The beginning of big-kid-ness. And that makes my heart sink. Granted, we still have lots (and lots) of nursing nights in our future – but this is slowly, but surely, the beginning of the end. Wait – I said happier times – sorry. She loves food! Of course she does. She’s a beast. So far we’ve just done the grains – brown rice cereal and oatmeal. But today I bought her her very first sweet potato! I have to go dig out the Baby Bullet! I love making baby food, and I really love that one sweet potato can last a week or more. As sad as it makes me that this is a step out of babyhood – it’s still exciting to share this time with her. It is fun to try new foods. And Lord knows, she’s enjoying herself.

Quinn loves to be upright at 20 weeks old. Just like her sister did. These kids are movers and shakers – they waste no time. She loves to stand, and we just discovered she can stand on her own (holding on to furniture, etc). She’s a nut. I can’t blame her, though, the alternative is lying on her back all day. That would get old. She loves to be outside! Thank you, Springtime! Please keep up the nice weather. Gosh, its nice to go outside. Most often, she falls asleep in her swing outside, but when she doesn’t, she gives me big smiles. She also loves to watch Leah and Duncan run around the backyard like a couple of crazy people. This time next year she’ll be right there with them (eeek!). She loves to be sung to, and musical toys. That is one thing Leah never cared for. She smiles so big when we sing her a song, any song. She also is a raspberry-blowing fool! She constantly blows raspberries and makes a mess all over herself and her clothes. Squealing is her conversation of choice, but recently she has added the ga-ga-ga sound. She loves when we read books to her, and just like her sister, Brown Bear is her favorite. She is really starting to take an interest in her brother, and vise versa:


I’m pretty excited to watch that develop.

But I’m really excited to go to bed, goodness knows, I’ll be up again soon. So, goodnight. It will probably look something like this:

photo 1(9) photo 2(10)

God love him.


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