Wanna go on a really corny journey with me? We’ll start out not so corny and end up total cornball in 3-2-1…

Can I get a hallelujah for Spring! She finally decided to show her pretty, warm, colorful face! We spent 96% of last week outside and it was nothing short of fantastic. I’m in a better mood in warm weather, it’s just a fact. I’m more productive, too. And my kids are in better moods, all three of ’em. It’s a toss up between who likes the outdoors more – Duncan or Leah. But not to be forgotten, that little pudgy one I carry around smiles and talks and squeals her way through any outside time. We’re just a happy crew. Spring also means band-aid season! Not that I’m happy my kid gets hurt, but I smiled a little buying a new (bigger) box of band-aids and neosporin, because that means we’re playing hard outside. And falls happen. With just one full week of spring in us, she already looks like we took a knife to her little knees. 🙂 Don’t worry… she was so happy to be playing outside she didn’t cry for even one of her scrapes. People are mowing their lawns, everyone is outside, the pollen count is through the roof, and everywhere you look – things are blooming!

Like the Proebsting’s, for example – we’re blooming right along with the trees.

Leah, for example has grown leaps and bounds in the past few weeks… days… hours. She is a soccer playing, gymnastics flipping, ABC singing, counting to 16 maniac. She’s just a big kid these days. And it’s kind of too much for me to handle. Last week we signed her up for gymnastics through the summer and that ushered in the conversation of would she be moving up a class – and the answer is – yes! Her birthday falls so that she could either stay with the 2.5/3 year olds or move in with the 3/4 year olds in a class without yours truly. The independent activities she can do these days are expanding greatly. First soccer, now gymnastics, and in the fall… SCHOOL. Someone, stop the train. Now, Leah doesn’t really need school for academia sake – but she could use it for social skills, listening to a teacher, etc. I’m sure there are some things she will learn – but we are really just putting her in it for the experience of it all. And because she puts on her backpack every day and asks to go to shool. She’s such a little learner. It just kind of seems like the natural (insanely fast) progression. And, it looks like we’re gonna try to make a Lutheran school girl out of her. 🙂 I’ve shopped around some online, and a local Lutheran school is at the top of my list. School touring, here we come!

photo 1(17)

I mean, she looks like a little shool girl, right?

photo 4(10)

Maybe my favorite picture of her ever. Ever.

Love my almost three year old and all of her insane three year old personalities. 🙂 She’s blooming into something truly special.

Naturally, if the big one is blooming – the little one must be, too, right? RIGHT.

Ahh, do you all realize that this baby has been in our lives for 5 months already. Gosh, it freaks me out. Where did that time go?! Five months ago I remember having the thought of, “wow, this time in 5 months this baby will be five months old, it will be spring, my sister will be about to have Emma!” And well, it’s Spring, my sister is having Emma in 2 stinking days, and this baby is 5 months and two weeks old! Kinda scary. Oh, my little (giant) Quinn. What a trip she is. She really is the happiest little thing. She’s a good baby for sure. She had her first 7:30-6:30 sleep over the weekend. If that doesn’t scream blooming, I don’t know what does. How nice it felt to sleep for one whole night. Beyond sleeping, we also did another big thing this weekend:

photo 4(11)

That’s right – big car seat for a big girl! I couldn’t take that darn infant seat one second longer. Her feet hung off the edge, and her head almost popped out the top. I shoved her chubby little body in there and then lugged her around everywhere we went and it just wasn’t working. She is sitting up really well these days and that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Now Kyle can get off my back for scratching up the van door as I tried to throw her car seat into it’s base. It’s much easier just to carry her and her dimple around. 🙂 Speaking of sitting up…

photo 3(16)

She’s really getting it! She can go for really long stretches without any help. Man, life gets easy when you can just plop them down somewhere and let them play. Now, I can’t leave the room or anything – but she is able to sit by herself and play with her toys like a regular big kid. Blooming.

The sibling love is also blooming around here. There have been some serious sweet moments between all three of these kids lately. Quinn is laughing at Leah. Leah is playing with Quinn. Quinn is squealing at Duncan. Duncan is sitting close to Quinn by choice. It’s just all a joy to watch. The other morning I was tugging a towel with Duncan and Quinn was laughing her goofy head off and Leah was laughing because Quinn was laughing and it was just a moment made out of pure gold. That’s the stuff that keeps me going when Leah tells me no, Quinn is needy, and Duncan eats a pair of socks and then poops them out (because he totally did that last week). They just all really love each other – and I don’t think any of them know that one of them isn’t quite human. 🙂

photo 2(19) photo 3(15)

photo 1(18)

I don’t know if you can see her head resting on his as she grips his neck – but it was priceless. He’s just happy to have someone touching him 🙂

And lastly, Kyle and I are blooming into lovely, fit people. A couple that works out together stays together? Or gets divorced? Either way, we’re giving it a shot! We are going to the beach SOON – and are gonna give it our best effort to work out really hard (the 30 day shred to be exact) to make sure we are beach angels. God help me.

Spring is here, guys!

We are blooming!


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