The Final Piece.

One minute she’s in my sister’s belly… the next… she’s a part of the family.

Man, birth gets me every single time. Not so much in an emotional way (unless it’s mine), but in an how incredibly amazing is this kind of way. You wait and wait and wait… and imagine and imagine and imagine… and then with one final push or one little incision here they come roaring into this big world. Emma was no exception.

I’m so happy she’s here.

What a trip it was to go see her though! This is the first baby that I’ve had to take a baby of mine with me. I debated back and forth with myself until 9am this morning if I would take Leah to meet her newest cousin or not. It just seemed like such a long trip, and no additional time to see other cousins – kind of not worth it. But then while talking about Emma in general, she said she wanted to give her a kiss and a hug – so I figured I better take her.

And after a crazy, long drive we found the room, walked in very cautiously and found our baby! And Leah went right over and gave her the kiss she’d been saving for her. It melted my heart for sure, and I was happy I took her. Even if she started saying she wanted to go home 10 seconds later. And that she needed a snack. And that she wanted to see Ali and Zoey. Ugh – be quiet, Leah! Mommy has to hold this baby!

It was bad news bears, you guys. Just walking through the floor full of new babies and new mommies made me want to be in my very own room with my very own new baby. I needed someone to throw a cold washcloth on me or something. But I pushed all of that nonsense aside and focused just on holding my newest niece! Man, she is the most perfectly round little thing I’ve ever seen. And tiiiiiiny. And cuuuuuuuute. If she’s actually going to be my last niece, I’m certainly glad she came out so perfect. How much fun it was to hold her! I honestly didn’t want to put her down, ever. And I’d really like to be holding her right now. Ugh.

It was a good day. It was worth the crazy morning getting ready. It was worth taking Leah. It was worth sitting in stand-still traffic for an hour and a half. Just to see her for the short time that we did – was every bit worth it.

Then there was my sister. .. part 2 of such a big day. (Everyone always forgets the moms). This was the first time I had seen her post-birth when I had my own birth experience to really understand what she was feeling. And… yuck. She was itching her face when I walked in, a feeling I will never forget. She had the circulation things strapped to her legs, and I could remember how sweaty my legs were in them and how good it felt to take them off. The nurse had to help her sit up and I remember 1) instantly going to puke when I sat up and 2) how much it hurt to adjust myself in that bed. Her nurse was poking around on her belly while I was there, and I was actually in pain watching it. They were talking about her trying to walk later, and I instantly felt the insane burning that came with that event. Birth is not comfortable, my friends, no matter how easy it may be. But she made it look good. I can’t believe she’s done it three times. And I really can’t believe she’s done. It’s sad for me to think about (Lord knows, I’ll never be done), but I suppose it’s so very happy, too. I mean, their perfect little family is complete, and they know it. They have everyone they’ve ever wanted present and accounted for. Emma was the last piece, and she made it into their arms without incident. What a nice feeling that must be, makes me smile for them.

We held, we kissed, we bounced, we hugged, and we awwww’d our way through our visit. We were so happy to meet little Emma, but as all things do, our time with her came to an end. I inappropriately asked my sister if she wanted me to feed Emma, we both got really grossed out, and then it was time to head home.

And that’s that. Seems like yesterday I got picture of the pregnancy test and had to tell her, “yes, you’re pregnant.” And now we’ve got ourselves a new little baby in the family. Part of me is sad it’s not me this time. Part of me wants to scream, “sucker! have fun waking up all night!” But all of me is completely happy she’s my niece.

Can’t wait to watch her grow.



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