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Things change. In a good way.

Our trip was so fun. Leah had the time of her little life with two nana’s a papa and a poppy at her disposal. She loved the waves and jumping in the pool. Quinn had fun, too. She liked to sit in the sand, and surprisingly didn’t even try to eat it! I could tell she definitely missed her own bed, however. They get a B+ for traveling – which is pretty darn good considering the 12 hour drive and their ages. We all got sick – major bummer. I missed Duncan more than I would have ever guessed. We loved our resort and are anxious to get next years trip on the calendar!

But what I really want to tell you is how much fun I’m having watching our family grow. I love watching the changes happening in our lives right now – because thankfully – they’re all wonderful changes.

I hadn’t really seen it before my eyes like this, until now. To have then and now pictures in the exact same places really threw it into my face, and what a wonderful thing it is to watch. So that’s what this blog will be – instead of rubbing into your faces how great of a week we had – please just enjoy my growing family like I do. πŸ™‚


beach5 photo(51)

beach DSC07247

beach1 DSC07351

beach2 DSC07354

beach8 DSC07274

And a bonus. Because her smile has always been one of my treasures.


Naturally, this blog begs the question – what will our pictures look like next year?! Guess you never really know… πŸ™‚

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Six Months A Lady.

Look at me blogging almost three days in a row!

It’s been a while, you’ll forgive me, right? Life is kind of happening around here. With Leah going to shool and us getting ready for vacation and me painting rooms just because – I haven’t had a lot of time to talk about the little one! But don’t worry – she is still very much here – and very much growing at the speed of light.

Why must they grow up!?

Am I the only one who thinks that the 6-8 month period of babies is their prime? The sleep is there. The giggles are there. The cute chubby cheeks are there. It’s just all too much for me. They lose the alien like newborn looks and gain some cuuuuute smiles and actions. This is the time that catapults me into baby fever. Where life with Leah is rather difficult these days, life with Quinn is so fun. Just like Leah was as a baby, Quinn is happy as a peach 99% of the time. If she’s ever not happy, a simple game of peek-a-boo always lifts her spirits.

We are in the height of teething – but my game plan this time around is just to ignore it. If that can be done. She chews and drools and whines – but I try to focus on distraction if I can. It seems to be working okay. We’ve still got a lot of teeth to go in this stupid little game, and giving up isn’t allowed, so onward we press.

A six month old Quinn is honestly a little ball of delight. And by little ball, I mean beach ball sized ball of delight. There’s so much of her, and it’s all so squishy!

photo 2(25)

I mean, can we talk about the size of her for a second? I don’t know the actual stats because she’s hasn’t been in for her check-up yet. But I know it’s a lot of height and a lot of weight. She is wearing 12 and 18 month clothes! At this rate, she and Leah will be wearing the same size by her first birthday. I love all of her, though. The rolls on the legs, and the cheeks with the one dimple. Man, I’m glad she’s mine. Her smile absolutely melts my heart.

photo 1(23)

What do you do with a dimple like that?! You kiss it. A lot. That’s what you do! And take lots of pictures of it. Β Β  πŸ™‚

A six month old Quinn takes two long naps during the day, and sometimes sleeps through the night, sometimes doesn’t. Last night she did, the night before she woke up at 12, the night before that she woke up at 3. It’s all so random! But I don’t care. No matter when she wakes up in the night, however, it’s only once and then she’ll sleep til morning 630-7am. She’s good to me. I remember this time with Leah – I didn’t mind at all getting up with her in the middle of the night, because I’d just nurse her right back to sleep, rock her for as long as I wanted, put her in her bed, and go back to sleep. Easy peasy. And feels so good. I’m trying to soak it up even more with Quinn, because I know how fleeting it is. And how much I’ll miss it.

A six month old Quinn enjoys food. No kidding!

photo 1(25)

She likes a lot of things – except sweet potatoes and apples! What a weirdo. I was stuck in a rut for a while of, “Leah loved sweet potatoes, you should love them, too!” I’ve finally settled down on that and stopped making her eat them, realizing that she’s her own breed. She can not like sweet potatoes and love carrots, and that’s just fine. If Quinn has a worst time of day, it’s definitely during dinner. She yells at me the entire time. I haven’t figured out if it’s because she’s hungry, because she’s full, because she’s bored, or because she’s getting tired – but man it wears me out! I haven’t eaten dinner in peace in a long time! I actually make up for it by waiting to eat lunch until their in their rooms for naps – just so I can sit and eat in peace! It’s my one warm meal a day. πŸ™‚

A six month old Quinn is trying to crawl. A lot.

photo 4(16)

She’s got the strength. And she can get her arms pushed up straight, and her butt stuck up in the air – she’s just got to put it all together and she’ll be off! Kind of a terrifying thought.

photo 3(23)

For now, she likes to try out all kinds of positions to see if they’ll get her moving.

photo 4(15)

Rolling is working out quite well for her right now, though. We’re at the stage of the game where the nice little quilts I set up for her to play on start to look kind of silly – because she’s never on them. Kids gotta move.

photo 3(22)

Maybe she could actually get somewhere if she didn’t have her sister holding her back…

Once she does get moving – she’s headed right for her brother! Man she likes that dog! She loves when we set her in front of him. She giggles and squeals and tugs at anything she can find. I’m sure he loves it, too. πŸ™‚ Except for the time that I set her in front of him and he got up and went in his cage, ha. He is so good to her, though. He lets her do any exploring she wants and has never complained. He also chooses to lay by her a lot of the time.

photo 5(11)

And he always knows where she is.

A six month old Quinn has a favorite TV show. Sid the Science Kid is her best friend.

photo 1(24) photo 2(26)

I get the best smiles when she’s watching him. I guess it’s his big, goofy head that she loves so much. (Go ahead and google him). It’s fun to see her light up when she sees him, though.

photo 1(26)Β  photo 4(18)

And last, but not least, a six month old Quinn is going on her first vacation soon!

photo 4(17)

Are you as excited as I am to see the belly in a two piece?! And the rolls?! And the beach hats? And her eating fistfuls of sand?! It’s gonna be quite a trip, guys. And considering Leah has been asking whenΒ  we’re leaving since last September – it can’t get here soon enough!

That’s all she wrote – I should pack or something.

My six month old little lady lights up my days.

photo 5(10)Β  photo 2(27)

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Lutheran Shool Girl.

Today was the big day!

Shool! (And yes, shool. Not school.)

Every day Leah takes her backpack, puts the most random toys in it, and says she’s gotta go to shool. She is definitely got the first born “learner” trait down pat. The kid loves to be quizzed. Loves to read and be read to. Loves to know the hows and whys of everything single thing she touches. Pre school is a given for her.

When I set out on this school choosing journey, I really didn’t know where to start. So what do you do when you don’t know what you’re doing… google. (And ask your sister). I knew I wanted more than a daycare. I also knew I wanted her to learn how to properly socialize (whatever that means for a three year old). I knew I didn’t want 1 teacher and 34 kids. But I didn’t really know I wanted a Christian school. Until I did.

My google search eventually led me to Catholic schools in the area. And I thought, “oh, I guess that’d be kinda fun.” A little more intimate than your run of the mill pre school and Catholic kids seem smart? But then I started seeing some of the tuition. Ha! Not paying $$$$ for my kid to learn the letters she already knows. But one way or another my Catholic search led me to a Lutheran search. And this little Lutheran school not far from us kind of seemed like a good fit. I liked the “curriculum” they posted, the pictures looked nice, and why not have her learn that Jesus loves her amongst ABC and 123?? The tuition was not that of the Catholic schools, so I knew I could safely mention it to Kyle.Β  πŸ™‚

He approved! We set up the tour.

Now. Leah has been a pill this week. I saw a word a while back that summed it up perfectly… threenager. She is everything emotional and defiant that your average 14 year old would be. God help me. I was a little worried pairing her current attitude with a Lutheran school tour. There’s just something about a Christian school that makes you think, “are we Holy enough for this?!” And Leah? This week. Not Holy.

But ready or not – the day was here. And man she was excited. She wanted to wear a dress. She wanted to take her backpack. She wanted to play with the kids.

We pull up and there is a class outside playing baseball (in their Lutheran uniform gym clothes), so immediately her little head perked up. “I wanna pay baseball, mommy!” I convinced her to come in with me first. We meet the super nice (imagine the nicest Lutheran you’ve ever met) head of the preschool department and she has two baskets of toys waiting for Leah while we chat “day in the life at school.” Leah perked up at the words, “ipad, playground, paint, and library.” It was seeming like a win in her eyes. But the tour was still to come.

We take off down the halls, and naturally, Leah wants to walk next to the director instead of her mother. At least she isn’t being a bear, was all I could think. And I had a happy Quinn on my hip. We peek in some of the classrooms, and Leah wants to walk in every one of them. Finally, we got to a three year old room and Leah walked in like she owned the place and immediately started playing with another little girl. I was shocked, not shocked. She’s like that – miss Independent – always has been. But at the same time, this is SCHOOL, Leah, you’re supposed to be a little afraid. Both the director and the teacher of that class laughed and congratulated her independence. The director asked the teacher if she and I could leave Leah while we finish the tour to see how she did.

How do you think she did?

She didn’t know I was gone.

When we came back she was playing happily like she had been there the entire year. It was definitely fun to watch her in that setting. I don’t care so much about ABC and 123, given that she already knows them. But I do care that she learns how to make friends, and gets used to a school setting in general before the big Kindergarten comes around. The teacher asked me if Leah could stay with them and go to the playground. Of course I said yes. First, the class was asked to clean up – and Leah participated! Look at that, she can do what she’s told, Kyle!! I hadn’t seen that in a while! Then they had to line up, and she walked right to the front of the line – but don’t worry, the kid at the front of the line quickly put her in her place. πŸ™‚ She didn’t even look back at me as they marched down the hall in a perfect little Lutheran line. Outside she went. And upstairs Quinn and I went to talk enrollment.

Obviously, it wasn’t going to be a question of whether or not Leah would fit in or enjoy her time. I got a few more questions answered, learned what to sign and where. And back outside we went to get Leah. As we were walking towards the playground I could see her mixed right in with a group of kids. All these kids seemed so nice! To include her for the 20 minutes she was with them kind of blew my mind. Must be the Lutheran.

When we got there, the teacher again let me know that her independence is remarkable at such a young age. And then she said it, she told the director that if we choose to send Leah there in the fall that she wants her in her class, to write it down. Talk about proud mom. I guess, threenager and all, she’s not so bad of a kid. And hey, if she’s not going to listen to someone, I guess I’d rather it be me so she can save all of her good listening skills for shool.

We got our enrollment packet, Leah asked the director if she could come back ‘morrow, and with that we were off. A successful school tour. And suffice it to say, we probably won’t be touring any more shools.

As soon as we got all buckled in the car she licked some hand sanitizer and snapped her head band in half. Now that’s the Leah I know.

We gotta get some more Lutheran in her!



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Motherhood Means…

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Kind of. In honor of the impending, day of the Mother’s, I’ve got a little list for you. I’ve learned so much in just the three years that I’ve been a mama to someone. Some of these may be universal, some you may not agree with, but all are what being a mom to Leah Caroline, Quinn Charlotte, and Duncan James means for me.

Being their mom means:

  • Not eating warm food when it’s warm, or cold food when it’s cold.
  • Not thinking twice about wiping snot with bare hands or drool with a clean shirt.
  • Making a PB&J per request for lunch; then making a hot dog… because… she doesn’t like PB&J.
  • Putting to bed at 8pm. Then 8:04. Then 8:13. Then 8:29.
  • Always vacuuming with a friend.

Β  photo 2(21)

  • Going to the bathroom with little eyes peering in through the cracked door, because they are learning that privacy means they can’t be in there, too.
  • Having food stains all over your shirt even though you haven’t eaten yet today.
  • Sacrificing body and mind to calm fears, wipe tears, fly like a butterfly, and ring around the darn rosie.
  • Knowing who pooped when. And what it looked like.
  • Being the most sought after play-doh food critic in the country.
  • Deciding to let her use a cup without a lid. And then mopping the floor.
  • Not sleeping through the night even though they do.
  • Knowing that there will be a day when you can have nice things, but that today is not that day. Or tomorrow.
  • Over thinking everything, and doubting yourself even more.
  • Having an endless supply of band-aids for scraped knees, belly aches, sore noses, and Pooh-bear.
  • Thinking that you can’t do any more. And then you do.
  • Realizing that a Hallmark card has nothing on a construction paper card.

Β  photo(47)

  • Knowing exactly what your two year old said while everyone else stares blankly. (Uh-bawa = granola bar, duh).
  • Crying. Because it’s hard, because it’s awesome. Because they’re sick, because they crawled, because they said Mama. Because they ripped your magazine. Because they’re delighful, because they suck. They were born… You cry.
  • Staring at them in beautiful awe as they dream. Staring at them in complete bewilderment as they dance naked in front of you.
  • Going on a “short little day trip” with 8 small bags.
  • Singing the Frozen theme song all the live long day.
  • Giving out a healthy bowl of blueberries, and then immediately sneaking their Easter candy for yourself.
  • Putting on jeans and hearing, “where are we going?” Because let’s face it… that’s what it means.
  • Sitting in a quiet house with a warm lunch, cold drink, and the remote. And then someone cries.
  • Worrying. Always.
  • Reading through this list and realizing that being someone’s mama is the best darn gift on the planet… But not understanding at all why you think that.


Happy Mother’s Day.

Dedicated to the three silly, beautiful loves of my life.

photo 3(17) photo 1(19)

photo 5(5)

Yes. I wipe his drool, too.

But not with my bare hands.





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