Motherhood Means…

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. Kind of. In honor of the impending, day of the Mother’s, I’ve got a little list for you. I’ve learned so much in just the three years that I’ve been a mama to someone. Some of these may be universal, some you may not agree with, but all are what being a mom to Leah Caroline, Quinn Charlotte, and Duncan James means for me.

Being their mom means:

  • Not eating warm food when it’s warm, or cold food when it’s cold.
  • Not thinking twice about wiping snot with bare hands or drool with a clean shirt.
  • Making a PB&J per request for lunch; then making a hot dog… because… she doesn’t like PB&J.
  • Putting to bed at 8pm. Then 8:04. Then 8:13. Then 8:29.
  • Always vacuuming with a friend.

  photo 2(21)

  • Going to the bathroom with little eyes peering in through the cracked door, because they are learning that privacy means they can’t be in there, too.
  • Having food stains all over your shirt even though you haven’t eaten yet today.
  • Sacrificing body and mind to calm fears, wipe tears, fly like a butterfly, and ring around the darn rosie.
  • Knowing who pooped when. And what it looked like.
  • Being the most sought after play-doh food critic in the country.
  • Deciding to let her use a cup without a lid. And then mopping the floor.
  • Not sleeping through the night even though they do.
  • Knowing that there will be a day when you can have nice things, but that today is not that day. Or tomorrow.
  • Over thinking everything, and doubting yourself even more.
  • Having an endless supply of band-aids for scraped knees, belly aches, sore noses, and Pooh-bear.
  • Thinking that you can’t do any more. And then you do.
  • Realizing that a Hallmark card has nothing on a construction paper card.


  • Knowing exactly what your two year old said while everyone else stares blankly. (Uh-bawa = granola bar, duh).
  • Crying. Because it’s hard, because it’s awesome. Because they’re sick, because they crawled, because they said Mama. Because they ripped your magazine. Because they’re delighful, because they suck. They were born… You cry.
  • Staring at them in beautiful awe as they dream. Staring at them in complete bewilderment as they dance naked in front of you.
  • Going on a “short little day trip” with 8 small bags.
  • Singing the Frozen theme song all the live long day.
  • Giving out a healthy bowl of blueberries, and then immediately sneaking their Easter candy for yourself.
  • Putting on jeans and hearing, “where are we going?” Because let’s face it… that’s what it means.
  • Sitting in a quiet house with a warm lunch, cold drink, and the remote. And then someone cries.
  • Worrying. Always.
  • Reading through this list and realizing that being someone’s mama is the best darn gift on the planet… But not understanding at all why you think that.


Happy Mother’s Day.

Dedicated to the three silly, beautiful loves of my life.

photo 3(17) photo 1(19)

photo 5(5)

Yes. I wipe his drool, too.

But not with my bare hands.






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