Things change. In a good way.

Our trip was so fun. Leah had the time of her little life with two nana’s a papa and a poppy at her disposal. She loved the waves and jumping in the pool. Quinn had fun, too. She liked to sit in the sand, and surprisingly didn’t even try to eat it! I could tell she definitely missed her own bed, however. They get a B+ for traveling – which is pretty darn good considering the 12 hour drive and their ages. We all got sick – major bummer. I missed Duncan more than I would have ever guessed. We loved our resort and are anxious to get next years trip on the calendar!

But what I really want to tell you is how much fun I’m having watching our family grow. I love watching the changes happening in our lives right now – because thankfully – they’re all wonderful changes.

I hadn’t really seen it before my eyes like this, until now. To have then and now pictures in the exact same places really threw it into my face, and what a wonderful thing it is to watch. So that’s what this blog will be – instead of rubbing into your faces how great of a week we had – please just enjoy my growing family like I do. πŸ™‚


beach5 photo(51)

beach DSC07247

beach1 DSC07351

beach2 DSC07354

beach8 DSC07274

And a bonus. Because her smile has always been one of my treasures.


Naturally, this blog begs the question – what will our pictures look like next year?! Guess you never really know… πŸ™‚


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