The Best of the Buds.

So I was cleaning up my phone last night – and by that I mean deleting a million pictures – but I found some definite keepers that I’ve never shared. We’ve got a bit of a love affair going on over here between the two human kids and the furry one. It’s funny – I see it every day, and I know they all seem to get along (relatively well), but I just don’t really realize it until I see so many pictures of them displaying random affection. I take tons of pictures where I say, “Leah, go give Dunkie a hug” and then snap a picture. Or I plop Quinn in front of him and snap a picture. But all of the following are just moments that I had no hand in orchestrating – the best kind of moments. I’m so thankful that our big goof of a dog is so perfectly made for our little girls. I’m absolutely certain that the God that created our bugs created a dog special just for them.

These two. Sometimes I think Duncan prefers Leah (and that’s probably accurate), but on so many occasions he also chooses to sit close to Quinn.


And by close… I mean on top of.

photo 5(13) photo 2(32)

She likes to be on top of him just as much, however. I remember this one so well, because she had rolled all the way over to him just to grab his neck and rest her head on his.

photo 1(18)

But most often she just likes to tug his eyes, ears, and lips. I think he just plays dead and hopes it ends quickly.

photo 1(31)

I’m not sure Quinn will ever reach Leah status with him. Leah is his job, and he takes it very seriously. SO many times in a day he is found right next to her, whether she knows he’s there or not. He is the first to alert me that she’s awake and the last one down with Kyle when he puts her to bed.

photo 1(29)

This is one of my favorites, because he chose to sit there and she said to him, “sit down (he was already sitting) Dunkie, lemme wead you da Bible shory.” It’s a Winnie the Pooh book. But whatever book it was, he sat there and listened to it the whole time.

photo 5(16)

This was the morning we got home from vacation. She missed her pup.

photo 5(14)

(Leah has killer bed head every morning). And Duncan demands her attention as much as she demands his.

photo 2(31)

Usually when they’re quiet, it’s not gonna end well. However, on this day, well, this.

photo 2(33)

Quinn has a different kind of fun with him. She likes to zoom her little car after him until she has him pinned in the corner. She is such a mess!

photo 1(32) photo 3(29)

But she tugs with him so he lets her do anything.

photo 4(20)

They’re kinda starting to look alike, no? She really does just love to be next to him.

photo 3(27) photo 2(35)

This is still their favorite hang-out spot.

photo 5(15)

This was a, “mommy, take my pitcher with Dunkie, I’ll smile fancy.” (I get those requests a lot during a day). She is quite fancy.

photo 4(22)

But then he hugged her back! He hugs by leaning…

photo 3(28)

30lb little girl walking her 90lb lab and the leash is sagging to the ground. This only ended because Leah just let go of his leash and started off on her own path…

photo 1(33)

Intrigue towards the baby.

photo 4(21)

Intrigue towards to big one.


Dreaming of life outside walls with the big one.


And the little one.

photo 3(30)

Leah wanted to “feed Quinn.” And just like with me… Quinn gets a wet nose in her ear the entire time.


Thank you for your service, Dunkie.


Here’s a bone for your troubles.

photo 1(30)

See what I mean… I take a lot of pictures.

There’s just too much cute going on around here!


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