Another Month Down.

You may not be expecting a blog about the littlest Proebsting seeing as how this is the week for the biggest. But I assure you, her blog is coming in due time – and while we wait for that big day – Quinnie has her own big day!

8 months old!

Seriously, someone shoot me. Okay, let’s not get that dramatic – just pinch me or something. How in the world is this little thing 8 months old?! It seemed like it took Leah ages to turn 8 months – and here we are – 2/3’s of the way through the first year with Quinn. What a tremendous blessing she is. Like, seriously. This Quinn, I like her a lot. A Lot. She has bad and fussy moments, but never bad days. She is just the sweetest, happiest, most precious little (big) baby. She’s a hoot, too. She is starting to learn that she is funny, and will do things over and over to get a laugh. She’s such a little people person – already! A ham for sure.

The last month was a big one for Quinn. She learned to stand solo while holding on. She learned to pull up. She learned to mimic. She learned to chew food. She learned to crawl. She got two more teeth. And she learned to scream (squeal, yell) or cough for attention.

One of Quinn’s favorite activities right now is to zoom around the house in her car. She can get moving in that thing, let me tell you. Somedays I want to move all the furniture out and just let her at it. Somehow she’s learned to turn corners and everything – she’s quite the driver. Here she is eating her unsuspecting sister’s feet:

photo 1(34)

This is the kind of stuff that makes me love her so much. She’s just the weirdest little goofball.

But Quinn doesn’t need her car to get around – the crawling is picking up speed! Today she started exploring other rooms around the house. She loves to follow us whenever we leave her, and is getting better and better at keeping up. Can you guess who her favorite to chase down is?

photo 5(18)

Oh, Duncan. There has probably never been a dog so happy to have a cage. Him wagging his tail is like a moth to a light – she has yet to catch it, but the second she sees it moving she gets herself moving in his direction so quickly! And then right before she gets to him he gets up and moves like a big jerk. For the past 8 months I’ve imagined what it would be like in regards to Duncan when she started moving, and well, this is pretty much how I guessed it. She crawls to him squealing, he gets up and runs for the hills.

Crawling has brought on another joy in her life… just yesterday she managed to figure out how to turn the cable box on and off:

photo 3(32) photo 4(24)

So, you know, that’s fun. Either that or she is just really sick of soccer, so she took matters into her own hands. But seriously, look at toy pile she left for the cable box. She is obsessed. I suppose that’s how it goes, though. They never like toys. Only phones, remotes, cable boxes, and paper.

Crawling also means we got to break out one of Leah’s favorite toys when she was in this stage of the game:

photo 1(36)

Turns out, it’s Quinn’s too. These girls of ours can’t resist a tunnel.

Crawling is such a fun little game. I love this stage of life; it may be my favorite. Curious little explorers finding all kinds of trouble all over the house. This is where I earn my big bucks. Or at least a pat on the back for keeping them alive.

photo 1(35) photo 3(31)

An 8 month old Quinn also LOVES to be outside swinging and LOVES to play with balls. We are outside most mornings before 8am getting good use out of our swingset. Quinn flaps her arms and squeals in delight the second we walk out the door… she knows where we’re headed. A swing will always cheer her up. As will a ball of any size. She’s easily pleased. Most of the time.

An 8 month old Quinn has 8 teeth. Four on top, four on bottom. I think she’s on the cusp of getting two more on top, but I suppose only time will tell. For as many teeth as she has, it is incredibly hard to see them.

photo 2(38)

I really have to tickle her hard to get her to show me. She just has such a big, opened mouth grin it covers them all up. But that’s okay, I’ll take that dimple over teeth any day.

photo 5(17)

Quinn loves her sister, and doing sisterly things with her. Like eating markers.

She loves the moments after her bath when she gets to look at herself in the mirror. She obviously thinks she’s pretty stinking cute.

photo 4(25)

And she really loves when I put sunglasses on her.

photo 3(33)

Quinnie is my little doll baby. And my little Koala baby. A lot of times I imagine us to look like this:


Or this:


For as much as she’s moving around these days, most often she’s found in my lap. She is always somewhere on me. Sometimes I feel like I have to peel her off. I do believe she’s a mama’s girl. It’s not even that she’s cuddly, cause she’s not. She just wants to sit in my lap and squirm or play. She just always has to be touching me. But that’s okay. She’s my girl, and she’s cute. She obviously has fond memories of being in my womb :).

In this week that we celebrate three amazing years with Leah, let us not forget the 8 amazing (sorry, I’m short on adjectives) months spent with Quinn. My little koala.

photo 2(37)



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