Back to Normal.

Well that was one heck of a weekend.

I need a vacation!

The 4th of July/birthday combo is not for the faint of heart. I do like that Leah kind of gets two big celebrations around her big day, but man. It’s exhausting. She (and her dad and I) didn’t get to bed until 11:30 Friday night, had one day of party prep (and dealing with her sisters mystery rash), Sunday was party day, and Monday was her actual birthday.


Her party was a roaring success (at least to me). There were lots of smiles and I didn’t have to do anything but capture all of those smiles. I think a “not in my house” party is the way to go from now on. This year was a big transition year in the way of birthdays. Leah is a big 3 year old now, and we were ready to give her a big 3 year old party. Less people not her age, more friends just for her. In the past we had had the big shabang at our house and invited everyone under the sun. This year, and all future years these are going to be Leah’s party’s. With Leah’s friends. Which means I don’t have to clean my house for them anymore. 🙂

Her Curious George theme this year was so fun. She had been wanting this party since October of last year, so I was a little worried that in those 8 months she would start to like George less. Good news is, she doesn’t. She loves him just the same if not more. We found a fabulous cake baker to make her biggest dream come true:

photo 1(38)

Oh, the George Cake. I’ve been hearing about this cake also since October, and I’m SO happy that it met all of her expectations.

First thing Sunday morning (I picked it up Saturday) she came downstairs and said, “mommy, is my George cake still here? Can I wook at it?”

photo 2(40) photo 3(35)

That’s a happy Leah. With crazy bed head as always.

Then, I had to cash in on my other promise since last October… her helping me make birthday cupcakes:

photo 4(26) photo 5(20)

There was a lot of baking last weekend. A lot of eating. A lot of cleaning. A lot of running (errands. I don’t run).

But we made it through… with tons of smiles and wonderful memories… and a little bit of jet lag.


With a holiday out of the way, a George party out of the way, and now a 3 year old Leah here to stay… we can all get back to normal. I don’t know about Kyle but his women are exhausted. Quinn slept til 7am this morning (usually 5:45) and Leah slept til 8:30 (usually 7). This was the birthday girl in Target last night:

photo 4(27)

And this is her dog, whom I still can’t get out of bed:

photo 3(36)

I made a promise to myself that we wouldn’t leave the house today, and so far we’re doing just that. There are SO many new toys to play with, so really, we have no reason to leave. No one is bored. I’m so happy to be back in a routine. I’m happy that everyone is getting their normal naps again. I’m happy that Quinn is back to her usual goofy self:

photo 2(41)

I’m happy that our entire 4 day jam packed weekend was a success, but I’m really happy to be looking ahead! You see, ahead we have some big things on our horizon. In 3 months we will be almost to Disney World!! Eeek. And before that can happen Leah will start SCHOOL. Man, I’m excited to take her back-to-school shopping. The fact that stores already have supplies and fall clothes is only getting me more excited. It’s gonna be so weird (and fun) to drop her off somewhere and let someone else deal with her for a few hours a day. 🙂 She has her registration at the end of this month and that is just blowing my mind. I suppose before I know it summer will be over, we will have a new routine including school drop off, and pumpkins and cool weather will be here. We better brush up on all things Lutheran. 🙂

Fun times ahead.

Glad to be doing it with my new three year old.

photo 1(39)

And her crazy sister.

photo 5(21)

And their incredibly lazy dog.



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