To Our Dog.

To the dog who keeps me company while Kyle plays video games,

photo 1(9)

To the dog who eats his dinner most nights at 3am, because that’s the only time he can eat in peace,

photo 3(37)

To the dog who loves bubbles as much as any kid I’ve ever seen,

photo 2(42)

And the same goes for the hose,

photo 4(28)

To the dog who is always ready to play with his human creature,


To the dog who was under my feet constantly as a puppy,


And constantly under my feet now,


To the dog who bridles his strength with the littlest one,

photo 4(14)

And bridles it with the slightly bigger one,

photo 1(40)

But totally unleashes it with the biggest one,


To the dog who loves to ride in the car simply because of the company,


To the dog who loved to be cradled as a 10lb puppy,


And still loves to be cradled 90lbs later,


We say to you – Happy Birthday, big guy!

We love you Duncan James.


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