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I sent that picture to my mom this morning as sort of an SOS. You see, this is our 8:15. It was 8:15 on the dot. Leah came downstairs from her slumber at 8. Quinn had been up since 5:45, and was happy to be finally getting breakfast. We are disheveled at 8:15. We are not groomed, we are hungry, and we are lazy. BUT. In two weeks at 8:15 Leah will be IN her classroom starting school!


How do we get from the picture above which is filled with bedhead, oatmeal stains, and sleepy eyes – to INSIDE a classroom groomed, filled bellies, and ready for the day?!

You working moms who do this every day… Kudos. KU-DOS. Now, tell me how you do it?? I’m assuming a different schedule should be my first objective (duh). Breakfast will have to be pushed way up. Way.up. Jammies will have to come off before 10am; a rarity in this house. My goal will have to be to be out of this house at 7:45, which will give us a few minutes buffer (a necessity). Darn the fact that Quinn and I have to walk her into her classroom every day or the two of us could rock the PJ’s by ourselves. But alas, we also have to look bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Guys. This is an overwhelming feat. And I will spend much time in angst over it in the next two weeks.

But I will also spend much time in eager (eager!) anticipation! School is starting! Do you want to know what Leah’s dad asked the other day…

“is it like real school?”
“Ummmm, yes? What did you think we’re doing?”

“I thought it was just like a month or something.”

Who is this man? Does he not live under the same roof as the rest of us? Does he never check my facebook statuses (statusi?) Or read these blogs?? Of course this is real school – this is where the journey begins. We have registration and meet the teacher this Thursday, then a ‘new families’ picnic on Sunday, then pre school orientation next Tuesday – and by then we should be well acquainted and ready to go!  This is real school you guys (Kyle) – with a real calendar, real spirit week, real yearbook pictures, real snow days, real Christmas programs, real school supplies list, real schoolness. And I know I’m excited. And I know Leah is excited.

photo 1(42)

She loves to put her backpack on and pretend. God love her, I’m not sure school is ready for her and those glasses. It’s a very scary thought to drop her off somewhere a few days a week. Not really because I don’t think she can hack it in school, but because I’m not positive we’ve raised her well enough. Have we prepared her for the real world well enough in these three years?! Eeeek. She doesn’t always have an “attention span.” What happens if she’s asked to walk in a line and does this:


Like she did on a walk with our family. I have nightmares of all the little Lutherans walking in a perfect little line… and Leah. Walking on her hands, sticking her feet in the air, saying she’s going to “crawl” instead. God help me. God help them. God help Leah.

What happens if I can’t get her out the door because she wants to dress herself “like mommy” like she does so often at home.

photo 2(43)

(This is her “mommy” look. I mean, I know I’m fashionable, but I didn’t know I looked that good)!

There are just a million variables to a successful day with Leah, and I will sit here biting my fingernails for three hours every Tuesday and Thursday in hopes that she is being a model citizen in class. And not throwing things, running away, or eating glue. I just want her to listen and be kind. That’s all I need out of her. Surely. Surely she can give me that.

If things do go sour, however, I blame her father. He can talk to the principal. He’s the one that taught her to spit and taught her to say “POW, right in the kisser!” when hitting (usually me) in the face with a ball. I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got around here.

I do have this image to pump my spirits…


This was at Bible school last week. (I blurred the other kids to avoid a lawsuit :)) She looks harlmess there, right? Obviously participating. Obviously not eating markers. Seemingly happy. Not spitting. All good things! We can do this. We can get out the door at 7:45 (OMG, NO WE CAN’T). Leah will be the little peach that I know she can be. Yes, yes, yes. Positive thoughts. Two weeks to prepare. School is coming for us! 8:15 is coming for us!


We got this.


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